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   Chapter 46 No.46

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Aubrey straightened then, looking across the sunny grounds.

'Is Sasha out again?' he asked.

'Yeah' Ben said. 'She's been leaving the school. Its not allowed but... the teachers are turning a blind eye.'

'I wonder where she's going?' Aubrey lamented.

Ben said nothing.

The entire school felt very subdued and hushed now. Many people had known Amelia, and even those that didn't were affected by her loss too, for everyone knew someone that suffered depression. Everyone knew someone that self-harmed or had suicidal thoughts at least once in their lives, even if they didn't know it.

'Do you think things will ever go back to the way they were?' Ben said to Aubrey.

'Of course they will' Aubrey replied. 'Things won't be exactly as they were before, but there is always a new normal. Life is always changing. None of us are who we were a few years ago, and we will be different again come next year, and the year after that. Even if the change is only small...'

Ben dipped his head, listening to Aubrey, and considering his words.

'She would want us to continue' Aubrey spoke quietly. 'She would want keep on living, to live a happy life, a life to the fullest.'

He looked across the grounds to the other students, and even now things seemed hushed.

'Do you believe in an afterlife?' Ben asked.

'No' Aubrey replied. 'And that's why, this one life we know we all the more precious...'

Ben rose to his feet then.

'Where are you going?' Aubrey asked him.

'It's time.'

'Oh.' Aubrey looked down again. 'How are they going?'

'Its going fine I guess.... I just.... never really saw a counselor feels kinda weird opening up to a stranger.'

'Yeah I get that.'

'I just.... I suffer night terrors now, I can't get that.... what I saw out of my was just so horrible...'

Ben covered his face with a hand, beginning to cry now.

'Oh god' he said swallowing, 'it was just so horrible. I've never felt this way before, I've never...'

Aubrey stared at him calmly, saying nothing as he remained where he was sat on the grass.

Ben let out a sigh, controlling himself. He straightened and lowered his hand.

'I uh.... I'll see you around then' he spoke quietly to Aubrey.

'Ok' Aubrey said, his

voice husky. 'See you.'

Ben walked slowly away, Aubrey staring after him.

Ben did not look back.

Aubrey bowed his head then, staring at the grass beneath him, sitting cross-legged.

He began to pull at the grass lazily, twirling it between his fingers, before pulling up a few of the daisies and beginning to make a chain.

He didn't go to class after that, not bothering to care.

When he grew bored of making daisy chains, he just lay back on the grass, staring up at the blue sky, and feeling the warm sun upon his face.

'Its too nice to go to class' he said to himself, 'too nice......'

He closed his eyes, beginning to doze off.

He only woke hours later when Ben came to find him.

'You're still here?' Ben said.

'I can't go to class' Aubrey said groggily. 'What time is it?'

'Classes are over' Ben replied.


'Do you want to come to my dorm with me to hang out?' Ben asked him. 'I don't want to be alone.'

'Maybe we could watch a film' Aubrey spoke to the sky. 'Its starting to get dark' he added in a mumbled, speaking to himself. 'Its starting to get cold.'

'I feel like you're all I have now' Ben said to him. 'Haru is sick, and Sasha...she's coping on her own.'

'I'll be here' Aubrey said to him, sitting up. 'I'm not going anywhere.'

'I just want to take my mind off it all. I wish I could forget everything.'

Aubrey rose to his feet, jogging after Ben as he turned to walk away.

'How did the meeting with the counselor go?' Aubrey asked.


'Anything you want to talk about?'

'Nah' Ben smiled, walking with his hands in his pockets. 'I'm good.'

'You should eat something' Aubrey told him firmly. 'Don't think I haven't notice.'

'Ha' Ben breathed. 'Alright then.'

'Let's go to the canteen first and get something for both of us.'


Chapter Thirteen

It was many weeks later, that Haru was well enough to start attending classes again.

He rested his chin on his palm, staring out of the window. His cheeks were still a little flushed. His eyes were out of focus and his mind began to wander. The teacher within the room was silent now, sitting at her desk quietly as the class got on with their work, talking quietly amongst themselves.

'Did you hear about the ghost girl?'

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