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   Chapter 45 No.45

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He broke off, glancing away.

'We were worried' Haru went on, 'we were wondering where you went.'

Sasha still did not respond, but continued to sit back against the tree, staring up at the clouds.

She gasped then, a tear running down her cheek.

'It just isn't fair' she breathed, her voice weak and rasping. 'I can't believe this has happened.'

Haru approached her, kneeling before her, 'if there is anything I can do for you' he began, 'I mean......we're all here for you and... I'm sorry I'm not good at this.'

'I tried to help her' Sasha breathed slowly. 'I..... I'm sorry Amelia' she spoke to the air. 'I'm sorry I was not good enough to save you. I'm sorry I couldn't do enough.'


She gritted her teeth, grasping at the hem of her dress, pulling her knees up to her chest.

'I love Amelia....I loved her.'

'I know about.... you two' he said.

'What?' Sasha gasped, eyes wide with shock. 'I never...told anyone.'

'Amelia told me' Haru said to her sadly, tears in his eyes. 'I.... the truth is I..... I was crying one day, can you believe it?' he spoke, the edges of his lip twitching. 'She found me in the drama hall, and she comforted me. I told her...' Haru broke off then, eyes becoming distant as he thought back to that day. 'I want to tell you something' he said to Sasha, 'but I want you to keep it a secret.'

'Ok' Sasha mumbled, 'what is it? I won't tell anyone.' Her voice was raspy as she spoke.

'The truth is' Haru began, 'I am in love with Aubrey.'


'I was crying because... well I can't fully explain it' Haru uttered. 'I.... my feelings are just so conflicted. I don't know what to think or how I should feel. It doesn't matter, this isn't about me. But...Amelia found me, and she comforted me, then she told me...about you.'

'She did?'


Haru swallowed the lump in his throat, it hurt to speak Amelia's name now, after what had happened, after losing her so suddenly. It still didn't seem real.

'Amelia helped me' Haru said. 'She....' but he couldn't finish.

Haru bit his tongue, bowing his head and shoulders trembling.


He leant forwards, embracing S

asha, holding onto her tightly.

'I'm sorry' Haru gasped. 'I'm so sorry.... I know what its like to lose someone.'

She held him back, eyes wide and red.

'Let's go' she whispered to him after a time, 'we should get back. I don't want to keep the others waiting.'

'Ok' Haru breathed, letting her go.

'Can I hold your hand?' Sasha asked. 'It would make me feel better.'

'Of course, ' Haru said reaching out to her, and Sasha took his hand tentatively.

'Thank you' she mumbled, fresh tears spilling down her cheeks. 'Let's go.'

It began to rain lightly as they made their way back to the waiting cars, walking slowly across the graveyard.

Sasha paused then, glancing up at the clouds.

'It's falling at last' she smiled weakly, tilting her head back further and feeling the raindrops upon her cheeks. 'It's been holding off for so long.' She let out a sigh then, blinking slowly. 'Amelia always loved the rain.'

She looked ahead again, seeing Haru smiling at her, still holding hands.

'Come on' Haru prompted, and as they continued on, reaching the main gates, they found Ben and Aubrey waiting for them.

'Hey guys' Sasha smiled weakly at them.

'How are you doing?' Aubrey asked her.

Sasha frowned.

'Let's go back' she said. 'I feel a little tired.'

Days passed, and a memorial was help for Amelia at the school, and Sasha spoke at the podium, but Haru was not there to see.

Shortly after the funeral, he became very sick, running a high fever again, and spending most of his time in bed for many days after that.

Aubrey had tried to visit, knocking on his window and speaking his name.

But Haru would not wake.

'He's probably just stressed' Ben spoke in a monotone to Aubrey when he said about this. 'You know what he's like. He's weak' he finished in a small voice.

Aubrey glanced at him, biting his lip, before looking away, bowing his head and staring at his lap.

'I feel sick' Aubrey mumbled.

'Yeah' Ben said. 'Me too.'

'It just doesn't seem real.'

'Maybe we shouldn't think about it' Ben said.

'No' Aubrey shook his head. 'We all have to grieve, we.... all have our own ways of coping.'

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