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   Chapter 44 No.44

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'Lets all go to the hall then' Aubrey spoke, 'I'm hella-hungry.'

'Yeah my stomach is growling a little too' Haru smiled bashfully.


'What are you doing?' Haru spoke nervously then to Aubrey.

'Dude, don't touch people's stomachs' Ben said. 'Its weird.'

'Not sorry' Aubrey grinned, straightening up then and putting his hands back in his pockets.

Haru glanced at him briefly, blushing slightly before quickly looking away.

'Are you ready to act your heart out little sprout?' Aubrey winked.

'Sure' Haru mumbled.

'Stop teasing people' Ben said to Aubrey, who only grinned cheekily back at him in response.

They made their way down the corridor, walking slowly together.

'Have you read any more of the play?' Aubrey asked Haru as they walked along.

'I've been reading it a little everyday' Haru gleamed proudly.

'That's great' Aubrey said merrily.

'I feel a lot better onstage' Haru went on, 'I want to be like Sasha' he said, 'she spoke so confidently onstage before, like you' he added to Aubrey.

'Me?' he blinked.

'Sasha is pretty good' Ben remarked. 'She's been doing it for a long time, she used to be in drama clubs in her previous school.'

'Really?' Haru said. 'Did you go to the same school as her?'

'Yeah' Ben replied as beside him Aubrey took a pen out of his pocket and began to play with it, twirling it in the air. 'I've known Sasha for a long time.'

'I'm jealous' Haru smiled awkwardly.

'Why?' Ben asked.

'Well you're just all such nice people, thanks to Aubrey I met you all and....well I was always.... you know...'

'Yeah you don't have to keep reminding me' Ben laughed. 'You're getting a lot better, I can't believe you stood up to that guy yesterday, and to protect Kyle of all people.'

'What's this?' Aubrey asked abruptly, dropping the pen he had been balancing on his nose.

'Haru ran to help Kyle when he was in trouble' Ben smiled. 'He could have gotten really hurt, Sasha was...not happy' he finished. 'But Haru did an amazing thing.'

'Oh, please don't' Haru began to flush brightly then in embarrassment. 'You're making me sound like a superhero or something.'

'Well not all heroes wear capes' Ben replied.

'Oh no please don't!' Haru cried out panicing now. 'That was so cringy!'

Aubrey beside began to laugh hysterically.

'You look like a cherry' he pointed to Haru.

'Please don't' Haru fumbled, turning a brighter red.

By the time they reached the end of the corridor, Aubrey had stopped laughing, and Haru's face h

ad returned to its natural colour.

'You're so mean to me' Haru told him glumly, pouting a little.

'I'm sorry I don't mean to' Aubrey sighed. 'It just happens you know? I just can't help myself…'

They stepped out of the main doors of the building, walking down the steps.

'What are you going to do next time we have a break?' Ben asked them, 'do you-'

The body hit the ground right before them. There was silent horror. Aubrey screamed.

Haru stared frozen at the body of Amelia as she lay before them, facing away, blood pooling around her head.

Her fingers were still twitching.

Ben stumbled back silently, hand going to his mouth as if he were about to be sick. He glanced about him as more people began to scream, seeing what had happened.

Ben turned and ran away to get help.

Chapter Twelve

The others were with Sasha when she was first told, and she fell to her knees in despair, crying openly, hysterically into her hands, trying to deny what had happened, saying over and over again how it could not be real.

'This can't be real. She's still alive! She has to be!'

Aubrey embraced Haru, crying silently into his shoulder as Haru stared at Sasha, speechless, beside them Ben stood alone, eyes wide and to the floor in shock.

'Sasha' the teacher spoke tenderly, 'I'm so sorry...'

The funeral was a few days later, all classes were closed that day, and her friends and family gathered at the church.

It was cloudy, and the air was heavy with moisture. It threatened rain, but for the longest time it held off.

Sasha approached the coffin before it was lowered in the ground, leaning over it and sobbing, grasping at the wood as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Haru glanced up at her, eyes teary and heart twisting in his chest.

He watched as an older female figure he did not recognise stepped forward then, grasping Sasha lightly by the arm and pulling her gently back.

Sasha straightened, stepping back and burying her face in her hands, her body trembling all over.

When the ground was covered, and the headstone stood there before the fresh dirt, Sasha approached the grave, placing a bouquet of purple tulips before the white headstone.

After that, when most of the others had gone, Sasha and her friends still remained.

Haru found Sasha at the edge of the graveyard alone, sitting back against a tree, eyes red from crying.

Haru approached her.

'W-we're going home now' Haru said to her. 'I mean.... back to school. The cars are waiting… and um....'

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