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   Chapter 43 No.43

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'Sasha knows how to hit here it hurts' Ben laughed awkwardly then. 'Ok' he said steering Sasha away. 'We'll talk to you later Haru. Bye!'

Haru watched them with amusement for a few moments, before turning back to Kyle, feeling suddenly a little nervous.

'Can we uh....' Kyle began, 'go somewhere a little more private?'

'Sure' Haru said. 'No problem.'

Haru left the field with Kyle trailing slowly after him.

They stopped at the edge of the field, blocked from view by the trees that grew here, Kyle averted his gaze, staring at the ground.

'Why did you do that?' he asked Haru sullenly, 'after the way I treated you.'

'I don't care about that' Haru mumbled, 'I just.... didn't want to see anyone get hurt.'

'Not even if it was me?'

'Of course not.'

Kyle smirked then, turning away. 'I wouldn't care if someone I didn't like got hurt. Especially if it was someone like me who deserved it.'

'I don't care' Haru said again. 'I'm not that way. You don't mend violence with violence.'

'You see that's where you're wrong' Kyle said.

'And that's where we differ' Haru replied.

Kyle stared at him for a few moments, before his expression relaxed.

'You're so weird, so different, but you're not as weak as I thought you were.'

'Well I'm trying to be better' Haru laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of his head. 'I um.... well... I am trying to be stronger.'


'I won't lie though' Haru admitted, 'I was a little scared.'

'You were terrified.'

Haru froze, staring back at Kyle.

'You were a lot scared' Kyle went on, 'and you still came to help me.'

'I would have done it.... I mean I would have tried to protect anyone, no matter what they did.'



'I'm gratefully anyway' Kyle said to him.

'Um....thanks' Haru replied a little uncertain.

'Listen' Kyle said. 'I won't tell anyone about.... your secret.'

Haru swallowed nervously.

'Its not my business' Kyle went on, 'your personal life...I should not have said anything. I'll keep in a secret.'

'Do you promise?' Haru spoke up then, his voice trembling. 'I....I'm not ready for him to know.'

'Well if he finds out' Kyle said, 'it won't be from me.'

'Thank you.'

'I have to go now' Kyle said, 'I said what I needed to say, I won't bother you a


Haru raised his head as Kyle turned and walked away suddenly, watching him go.

He let out a sigh, feeling his heart beat painfully in his chest. He was so nervous it hurt, and he swallowed the lump in his throat, trying to force himself to be strong as his legs trembled, still afraid for what had just happened. Not truly believing even now what had happened, that he had found the courage to do what he just did.

He let out another sigh, breathing calmly, blinking slowly.

I have to get back to the others he thought to himself. My friends.

Haru turned on his heel and made his way back to Sasha and Ben who waited for him, watching him closely from the bench they had been sitting on.

Haru approached them and hugged them both simultaneously.

'What?' Sasha blinked in surprise. 'Is everything alright Haru?'

'Yes' he breathed, tears coming to his eyes then. 'I'm absolutely fine' he smiled.

He suddenly thought of something at that moment. The figure he had seen lingering in the school grounds, He wondered if he would see her, and he glanced about for her, but she was nowhere to be seen.

'It's a shame Aubrey and Amelia aren't with us' Haru lamented, letting go of them and straightening.

'Amelia yes, Aubrey? No.' Sasha spoke.

'Always so mean to him' Haru smiled in amusement.

'Anyway' Sasha frowned. 'I have to finish planting these tulips. I want Amelia to see them. She's going to be so happy.'

The next day, Aubrey found Haru in the corridor, seeking him out just as lunch was starting.

'There you are squirt!' Aubrey called out happily.

'Squirt?' Haru repeated, frowning at him.

'You going to the drama hall now?' Aubrey asked, leaning forwards with his hands in his pockets and wearing a teasing expression.

'Um.... yes, I was' Haru said.

'Aubrey there you are' Ben huffed, running to catch up behind him. 'Don't run off like that, I was in the middle of talking to you.'

'Sorry bean' Aubrey said grinning back at Ben.

'Bean?' Ben repeated in confusion.

'Yeah, its your new nickname' Aubrey grinned. 'Haru's is squirt' he said happily, leaning on Haru's head and making him very uncomfortable.

'P-please don't call me that' Haru mumbled.

'What did you say?' Aubrey asked him.

'Nothing' Haru glanced away.

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