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   Chapter 42 No.42

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'Did you get permission to plant on the school grounds?' Ben asked her.

'Of course' Sasha replied, waving her tiny spade at Ben. 'I'm a good student. They were happy for me to plant these. See? It pays off to be a good student.'

'Yes. It's a shame Aubrey couldn't be with us' Haru sighed.

'Well he should stop breaking the rules' Sasha scowled.

Her eyes widened then as there came a commotion some distance away, across the field, something was happening.

Haru turned, gasping at what he saw.

Kyle was in trouble. He was in a confrontation with another man, one who looked terrifying, far taller and muscular than him, he practically lifted Kyle off the ground.

Haru rose to his feet, suddenly tense and very afraid.

The first time someone was in danger, he did nothing to help. When Sasha ran to help him the day Haru was pushed down the stairs, he could only sit and stare in horror, because he was too weak to move, too afraid.

He didn't want to be that person. He wanted to be a stronger person, a better person.

Haru shook his head at what he saw, breaking himself out of his trance and gritting his teeth.

He ran forwards, without fully realising what he was doing. Ben and Sasha staring after him in horror.

'Haru what are you doing?' Sasha screeched after him, rising sharply to her feet.

'No wait!' Ben called out, grabbing her then to stop her.

Sasha stared at him in alarm, before looking back at Haru.

'What is he doing?' she gasped.

Haru grabbed the arm of the bigger man, trying to break his grasp on Kyle.

'Let him go!'

The bigger man shoved Kyle back onto the floor. Kyle picked himself up then, kneeling and staring wide-eyed up at the both of them, as Haru put himself between the two.

'Leave him alone' Haru called out.

'Why are you protecting him' the larger man said, 'everyone knows how much he picks on you?'

'I don't care' Haru snapped back. 'You don't bully people.'

'You know I could snap you like a twig.'

'I don't care' Haru balled his fists, hunching his shoulders tense. 'Just leave him alone!'

'He deserves what bad he gets' the other guy said to him, as people all around in the field stopped to stare, seeing what was going to happen next. 'He's an arrogant little shit, and I'm gonna pummel him.'

'Then you'll have to get through me.'

'You're joking right?' t

he guy frowned.

'I don't care what he's done' Haru spoke firmly. 'You don't hurt people. Even if they hurt you first.... it doesn't justify it.'

The guy before him gave him a level stare, looking past Haru then to Kyle still on the grass.

'You should thank him' he said to Kyle. 'I'd have killed you.'

The guy turned suddenly without another word, stalking away.

Haru let out a sigh, knees beginning to tremble.

No, I'm not going to collapse, I'm not going to collapse.

He brought his hand to his mouth then, feeling sick, feeling suddenly as if he were to throw up.

It just takes one act of bravery, a single breath, a heartbeat……just say the words……

Haru gritted his teeth, blinking back his tears furiously.

He lowered his hand, letting out a deep breath, forcing himself to remain in control.

Haru quickly rubbed his eyes dry with his sleeve, before straightening and turning around to face Kyle, who stared up at Haru in shock and disbelief.

Haru smiled.

'Why did you do that?' Kyle demanded, rising slowly to his feet.

'I just.... wanted to.'

'But why?'

'Because...... you needed help' Haru finished awkwardly. 'That's all.'

It was at that moment that Sasha and Ben rushed up to him.

'Idiot what are you doing?' Sasha hissed. 'You could have gotten seriously hurt!'

'But I didn't' Haru smiled, more confidently now. 'I'm alright.'

'Haru what were you doing?' Ben demanded. 'Why would you do that?'

'If Ben hadn't held me back...' Sasha spoke angrily.

'It would have been a lot messier' Ben finished. 'You're not always the best at calming a situation.'

'What do you mean?' Sasha snapped suddenly flustered.

'See you're doing it now.'

'Can I speak alone with Haru?' Kyle voiced suddenly.

The others fell quickly silent, staring at him in surprise.

'Oh no, I don't think so' Sasha said after a time. 'You can shove your head up your own ass for all I care.'

'Rude!' Ben spoke up then.

'Its ok you guys' Haru spoke tentatively, 'I don't mind.'

'I want to talk alone' Kyle pressed.

Sasha looked even angrier at that, but Ben quickly calmed her with a few soft words.

'It's fine' Haru smiled. 'I'll be ok' he said. 'I'll be back soon, I'll just be gone for a minute.'

'If you do anything to upset Haru again' Sasha glared at Kyle hatefully, 'I'll rip off your balls.'

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