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   Chapter 41 No.41

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And Haru was happy.

Afterwards they went to wander about the town itself, and it was a beautiful place.

Sasha jumped up to walk along one of the walls by the pavement, balancing carefully with her arms out, Amelia walking beside her and smiling, careful to catch her if she were to fall. Sasha lost her balance and tumbled to the side, falling into Amelia's arms who caught her. The two began to laugh together happily, Sasha straightening up as Amelia put her down carefully.

Walking after them was Aubrey and Haru, who both smiled at the sight of the two having fun.

'Come on guys' Sasha called out excitedly, 'I want to see the fish.'

Near the edge of the town closer to the sea, was a large courtyard garden that was carefully managed, little ponds elevated on short platforms where you could sit and watch little goldfish swimming in the clear waters.

Aubrey sat on one of the walls, overlooking one of the ponds. He put his fingers into the water, smiling as he felt the little fish nibbling his fingertips.

'It kinda tickles' he said. 'You should try it' he said to Haru. 'Its really cool.'

'Ok' Haru began tentatively, stepping up to the platform and putting his fingers into the water. 'Oh waw' he beamed, feeling so happy then, 'it does tickle, it feels kinda weird.'

'Have you never had goldfish before?'

'Not really' Haru said, drawing his hand back. 'I was never really allowed pets.'

'My family had pets. Mostly cats. And they're assholes.'

Haru giggled behind his hand at Aubrey.

'What's so funny?'

'Nothing...its just...' Haru straightened up again, lowering his hand. 'You're funny that's all.'

'I don't mean to be.'

'That's fine' Haru said to Aubrey. 'I like you that way. Please don't change.'

'I don't plan on it' Aubrey said raising an eyebrow.

Haru stared back at Aubrey, feeling a glow in his heart.

I love you Aubrey he thought silently in his mind. I love you.

'You're a great friend' Haru said to him.

'Why do you say that?' Aubrey asked sceptically.

'No reason' Haru replied, glancing at Sasha and Amelia who were together a short distance away, standing before another little pond. 'I'm just happy that's all' Haru said.

'Good' Aubrey replied. 'I'm glad you're happy. And you're a good friend too. All in all today is pretty good.'

'Yeah' Haru sighed. 'It is.'

This break lasted for only a short time, and soon enough, Haru, Aubrey, Ben, Sasha and Amelia were all back in school.

The lessons went as usual, and Har

u, still very conscious of Kyle still glaring and shooting him unfriendly looks, tried his best to ignore him, and to not let it bother him. But it did, and Haru feared that any day now Kyle would tell everyone his secret.

Would it even be a bad thing? Haru wondered to himself as he began to daydream, resting his chin on his palm as he stared out the window. Maybe Aubrey should know...

He wasn't at all surprised then to see the figure of the girl outside the grounds. He watched her for a time, wondering whether or not he was really seeing her, until he was brought abruptly out of his thoughts.

'Haru' his teacher said firmly. 'The lessons in here, not outside, now what was the answer to my question?'

Haru flushed brightly then, glancing down at his open book.

'I....d-don't know.'

'Please pay attention' the teacher told him patiently, as Haru tried to ignore the stares from the rest of the class.

He glanced up tentatively after a time, noticing Kyle was still staring at him.

As soon as they made eye contact, Kyle smirked and just turned away.

Haru glanced back down to his book sadly, suddenly wanting to cry.

He didn't understand bullies and didn't understand how they could get pleasure from tormenting others. But they did.

Haru furrowed his brow, staring tiredly at his desk.

He wished only to be with his friends now.

That lunchtime, they did not go to the drama hall, because Amelia was in her music class. Aubrey once again, was in detention, because he had missed so many classes and had been made to catch up on all the work he had missed. The teachers as usual, were not pleased with him.

It was just Haru and Sasha and Ben together now, sitting outside in the sun. Ben was paying attention to his lunchbox now, picking at his sandwich. Haru sat on the bench beside him, an open book upon his lap, but Haru was not reading now, instead he tilted his head back, staring at the sky, the light breeze upon his face, blowing back his grey hair.

'What do you think?' Sasha voiced then, and Ben and Haru both glanced over at her.

She was a short distance from them, kneeling before a flowerbed, planting many purple tulips.

'I bought these from town the other day' Sasha voiced happily, sitting back on her knees and wiping her brow. 'Amelia is going to love this.'

'You've got a gift for her?' Haru smiled.

'Yes' Sasha smiled happily back, 'she loves tulips, especially purple ones.'

'They are so pretty aren't they?' Haru agreed happily.

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