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   Chapter 40 No.40

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'Yeah' Aubrey smiled, 'I'd like that.'

'Oh no' Ben sighed then, coming to a stop.

But Amelia had already noticed and was already offering Haru a tissue she had brought with her, she prepared for the moment.

'I'm sorry' Haru mumbled into the tissue, dapping at his eyes. 'I just.... I don't want to lose any of you.'

'Its ok we're not going anywhere' Amelia smiled. 'Not yet anyway. We'll still always be friends Haru. Don't you worry.'

'I'm so glad that uh....' Haru began.

'What is it?' Amelia smiled, holding onto Sasha's arm.

'If I hadn't been brave enough to speak to Aubrey in the beginning' Haru said turning to him, 'then I would never have met all of you.'

He remembered his mother's words then, and he heard her voice in his head.

It just takes one act of bravery, a single breath, a heartbeat……just say the words……

'I never got a chance to thank you' Haru said to Aubrey, turning to face him now. 'It was because of you' he beamed. 'You opened up my world.'

'No' Aubrey smiled warmly back. 'It was because of you.'

Haru grinned at that. He had stopped crying now.

'I uh.... I was scared to talk to you at first' Haru awkwardly admitted. 'But um... I'm glad I did.'

'Good' Aubrey grinned. 'I'm glad you're glad. Now let's get going. I'm hungry.'

He strolled away suddenly, and Sasha and Ben continued on with him.

Amelia and Haru lingered back for a moment, exchanging a glance.

Amelia put her finger to her lip teasingly, winking at Haru before following after Sasha.

Haru felt happy as he watched her run to catch up with Sasha, her friend and secret lover. Haru felt so happy that Amelia trusted him with this secret. He would never tell anymore.

'Hurry up slowpoke!' Aubrey called back to him. 'We're not waiting for you!'

'I'm coming' Haru fumbled, before jogging after the others.

They sat at a café a short time later, the five of them gathered around the little table just outside the door, eating and drinking happily together.

'This is the life' Ben sighed happily, staring down at his sandwich.

'It sure is' Sasha beamed. 'I'm just glad I don't have to go home' Sasha sighed. 'Its such a drag.'

'You don't want to go home either?' Haru smiled at her.

'I love my family' Sasha replied, 'but.... I don't know.... they are a little suffocatin

g sometimes. I just...' and as Haru watched her closely, he noticed the glance she sent towards Amelia, the slight body language. 'I like being with my friends' Sasha finished.

'Yeah' Haru agreed. 'Me too.'

'Ah shit I have to go now' Ben fumbled, quickly finishing his drink and rising to his feet.

'Where are you going?' Aubrey asked.

'I'm going to meet my girlfriend.'

'I didn't know you had a girlfriend?' Haru said to him.

'She's new' Ben winked back before turning away. 'I said I would meet her here, and there she is.'

They all glanced around then to see a young woman walking towards them and smiling.

'I'll see you around' Ben said hastily to them, gathering up his things.

'Have fun' Aubrey waved.

Haru frowned slightly as he watched, seeing the girl that was waiting for Ben. He didn't know her, but she reminded him of someone he knew.

She had long auburn hair...

Haru bowed his head, staring at his lap, but the others didn't seem to notice as they watched Ben and his new girlfriend walk away, hand in hand.

'They're so sweet together aren't they?' Sasha sighed happily.

'Yeah they are' Amelia beamed, 'so lucky.'

'Anyone want dessert?' Aubrey voiced then.

'Yey' Amelia clapped her hands happily.

Aubrey moved off to get them all dessert while Sasha and Amelia talked together happily. But Haru now was in a world of his own.


'Are you alright Haru?'


Haru glanced up suddenly then caught off guard.

'You seem a little distracted' Sasha said to him. 'Is everything alright?'

'Oh yes of course!' Haru spoke hastily then waving at her. 'I just.... drifted off for a second......sorry I was.... just thinking about things.'

'Anything important?'

'No not at all' Haru smiled.

Sasha frowned at him in amusement.

'You're really funny sometimes' she said to him.

'Am I?' Haru replied worriedly.

'I'm back' Aubrey declared, appearing suddenly, strategically carrying four plates of dessert, one for each of them. 'Haru you didn't say what you wanted so I got you chocolate. Is that ok?'

'Oh, thank you' Haru said. 'Yes, that's fine.'

Aubrey put the plates down carefully before he dropped them, sitting and handing each of them a fork.

Haru took his gratefully with thanks, and the four of them began to eat.

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