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He drew a deep breath, blowing out the tiny flame.

'Yeeeeeey' Aubrey began to clap then. 'Now tell me what you wished for?'

'I can't say that' Haru teased. 'It's a secret. If I tell you then it might not happen.'

'Oh, I see' Aubrey gleamed, bringing his finger to his lips. 'It's a secret. Keep it close.'

Haru began to flush brightly then, feeling embarrassed. But Aubrey had turned away towards his own slice of cake.

'I can't stay long I'm afraid, but we'll be back at lunchtime to see you, all of us.'

'But you're supposed to be practicing for the play at lunchtime' Haru argued.

'No' Aubrey spoke firmly. 'You are more important. We were all so worried about you yesterday, and the others want to see you. Plus we want some of your cake.'

Haru began to laugh at that. 'I'm glad anyway that you came.'

'That's cool.'

Aubrey ate quickly, taking a drink of water before turning away.

'Ok then see you around.'

'That was quick' Haru told him sadly.

'I gotta go' Aubrey waved at him. 'I'm on kinda a thin line right now. My teacher......ach......such a pain. Anyway toodle-ooo! We'll be back at lunchtime to visit the cake. Bye!'

He slammed the door shut and Haru stared at the door, feeling sad now that Aubrey was gone.

He began to cry silently to himself, feeling so happy that Aubrey had visited him, and at the same time, worrying for Aubrey, and the secret about him, the secret that Kyle now knew.

'There's still time' Haru uttered to himself. 'I....I love Aubrey but......' he frowned to himself, feeling a strong longing in his heart, 'I have to accept that he may never love me... he may not feel that way...not ever…'

At lunchtime, they all came back to visit Haru, and Haru was happy.

Sasha and Ben talked together happily, as Haru and Aubrey and Amelia played cards together, and between them, they finished the cake off.

The next day, Haru was feeling much better, and was able to attend his classes as usual, but he still continued to worry. He worried about meeting Kyle again, worried about him spilling his secret, and he feared people finding out. But it seemed that for now at least, Kyle was keeping it to himself. But Aubrey was always on Haru's mind, and he could not help thinking about him, throughout the day, every single day.

He was in love with Aubrey but didn't know what to do about it.

Aubrey only likes girls Haru thought, glancing over at him as they spent time together in

the drama hall that lunchtime. He may never feel the same way towards me. It could be that we may never be more than just friends.

Chapter Eleven

A few days later, they were allowed to leave the grounds of the boarding school.

It didn't happen very often, but every once in a while, the school would have a short break, like a sort of holiday. It lasted for only a few days, but some of the student left the school to visit their families, most however stayed behind.

Haru and the others wandered together through the town just outside the boarding school. It was a pleasant and warm place, the sea not far away blew towards them a salty and fresh breeze.

'Oh, this is awesome' Haru breathed, tilting his head back. 'The air is so much better out here.'

'Yeah' Sasha agreed. 'You really don't notice it as much back home. Did I say home?' she suddenly realised. 'Waw I guess I've been in school too long.'

'Well it won't be home for much longer' Aubrey reminded them all. 'Don't forget, our time in that place is limited. One day it will be over, and we may be separated by circumstances, as we each go our separate ways.'

'It's a scary thought' Haru mumbled sadly to himself. 'I.... I like things the way they are now. I don't want things to change.'

'Yeah I know' Aubrey sighed. 'I don't want things to change either, as much as I dislike is a sort of home.'

'Do you really feel that way?' Haru asked him as they walked along slowly through the town, Ben and Sasha and Amelia listening to the discussion silently.

'What do you mean?' Aubrey asked him.

'Well that uh....' Haru began, scratching the back of his head. 'About school being like home?'

Aubrey's expression grew tender then as he smiled sadly at Haru.

'Yeah' he said. 'I do kinda think of school like home. Even though I hate it. I have friends you know? My own home is just.... unpleasant...' He ran his fingers through his black hair then, an action that caused Haru's heart to flutter. 'I am looking forwards to leaving school' Aubrey said, 'for my own freedom if nothing else. But I will always remember the good times I had with my friends, but the thing is.... life is always changing. You cannot hold onto the past, you have to move with the times, and take on the challenges that life brings.'

'Well said' Sasha smiled at that. 'But no matter what happens, I'd like to think that we will all still be friends, even if our paths diverge.'

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