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   Chapter 38 No.38

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He turned over again, lying back in bed and closing his eyes. He rested for a time before eating and going back to sleep.

He slept that night peacefully, and was not interrupted or woken from his dreams, not even when someone tried to visit him.

Aubrey had been climbing the outside of the building, up the stone wall and using the ledges to hold onto. He came to the window of Haru's room, glancing in.

He saw Haru sleeping in his bed, utterly still.

Aubrey clung onto the ledge outside the window, lifting his hand and knocking lightly on the glass. But Haru did not wake.

Aubrey let out a disappointed sigh, lowering his hand, as he continued to stare into the room at Haru's sleeping figure.

He went away after that, climbing back down the building carefully.

Aubrey let go, landing lightly back down to the ground. He straightened then, glancing up to the window of Haru's room one last time, before turning and walking away.

The next morning Haru heard a knock at the window, hearing it first in his dreams, before waking slowly, and hearing it again, clearer this time.

Haru sat up in bed, glancing around towards the window. He stared at the figure on the other side of the window, hardly surprised to see Aubrey hanging there outside the window smiling at him.

'What are you doing?' Haru asked him, once he had opened the window.

'I wanted to see if you were alright' Aubrey replied with a happy sigh. 'It's so good to see you. I was getting worried when you didn't turn up to the drama hall yesterday.'

'Oh, I'm fine' Haru laughed, 'I was just feeling a little unwell......uh......maybe you can come in? Instead of climbing up the building maybe you should use the doors? It's dangerous what you're doing.'

'Hey that's a good idea' Aubrey mused. 'Hang on a second. I'll just climb down.'

Haru leant forwards out of the window, watching as Aubrey clambered awkwardly back down the side of the building.

Aubrey jumped down lightly, shooting Haru who still watched him a grin and a wave, before turning and jogging away.

Haru felt his heart skip a beat, feeling butterflies in his stomach. He clutched his hand over his heart, stepping back and closing the window.

He sat on his bed, waiting nervously for Aubrey to appear. It took him a long time it seemed, but Aubrey finally appears.

'So hi' Aubrey began, a mischievous smile upon his face.

'You know you could have just climbed in through window…. I mean…. since you wer

e already there. Why did you go back down and around?'

'Oh right' Aubrey mumbled, frowning to himself, 'I didn't think….'

'Shouldn't you be in class?' Haru asked him tentatively.

'Those are unnecessary details' Aubrey winked, standing there suspiciously.

'What are you hiding behind your back?' Haru asked him cautiously then.

'You're not allergic to anything are you?'

'Not that I know of' Haru answered quietly.

'That's great' Aubrey cried out happily. 'In that case......happy birthday!'

Haru stared at Aubrey in shock and he revealed what he had been hiding behind his back, which was a plain grey box.

'How did you know?' Haru asked him seriously, as Aubrey went over to the table, putting down the box and opening the lid carefully.

'I went into the main office and read your files remember?' Aubrey sang happily.

'You shouldn't have done that' Haru spoke seriously.

'Oh relax' Aubrey turned grinning to him. 'I didn't read anything personal, just the first page, and I saw that your birthday was today.'

'Thank you' Haru said, as Aubrey began to rummage through the plastic bag he had brought with him.

'I got some paper plates and plastic cutlery. We can eat it here if you like.'

'I.......would like that very much' Haru mumbled, blushing slightly.

'I hope you feel better' Aubrey spoke seriously, pausing for a moment.

Haru hesitated, glancing up at Aubrey and meeting his gaze.

Haru broke into a smile suddenly, feeling happy inside.

'I do' he told Aubrey. 'I feel much better. Thank you so much.'

'Can I share cake with you?'

'Of course you can.'

Aubrey cut a small piece for each of them, putting them on the paper plates and handing Haru his piece.

'I hope you like chocolate?'

'I love chocolate' Haru said happily.

'That's great. Ok hold on before you eat it.'

Haru went back to the plastic bag, quickly opening a pack of candles and taking one of them. He turned, sticking one of the candles on top of Haru's slice and lighting it with a match.

'Make a wish' Aubrey smiled.

Haru began to cry then, unable to stop himself.

'Haru' Aubrey frowned at that.

'I'm sorry' Haru said, turning his head up at Aubrey then, smiling through his tears. 'I'm just so happy.'

'That's awesome. As long as they're tears of joy. Now hurry up and make a wish and blow out your candle.'

Haru looked down at his slice of cake, glancing up briefly to Aubrey before looking back down to the cake.

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