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   Chapter 37 No.37

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Haru sat beside Amelia in front of the stage, Amelia was writing notes in a book, and beside her, Haru watched, feeling sick and dizzy.

His left hand twitched involuntarily, and he lifted his eyes to the stage, watching Aubrey closely, and feeling an ache in his heart.

Haru attended his next class, beginning to feel much much worse.

He sat at his desk, swaying slightly, eyes out of focus as he stared down at his lap.

Haru glanced up then, looking across the room. He spotted Kyle, who had turned back in his chair to smirk at him.

Haru's heart began to race, and his palms began to sweat in fear.

He felt sick to his stomach, and as Kyle looked away again, facing the head of the class, Haru continued to stare at him, beginning to feel physically nauseous.

Haru missed his last class, feeling too unwell to attend, he went straight to his dormitory, lying down on the bed.

Haru only woke when Nate returned from his last class.

'Haru? Are you feeling alight?'

'Mmmmm' Haru groaned, turning slowly over in bed. 'I feel a little sick.'

'Is there anything I can get for you?'

'No thank you' Haru mumbled, not opening his eyes. 'I....just want to sleep.'

Nate left him alone after that, and Haru slept peacefully, his cheeks flushed as he breathed slowly.

The next morning Nate woke early, but Haru still remained in bed.

'Haru?' Nate voiced. 'Are you alright.'

Haru opened his eyes, lifting his hand and brushing his grey hair back.

'I think I'm....just going to stay in bed.'

'Still feel sick hu?'

Haru smiled weakly. 'I just.... can't go to class today. I um.... mmmmmm....' he never finished his sentence, closing his eyes and falling silent.

'Can I get you anything?'

'Nah' Haru answered feebly. 'Thanks.'

'Do you want me to get a nurse?'

'Nah' Haru said again. 'Thanks.'

'Ok then' Nate said turning away. 'I'll see you.'

Haru opened his eyes as Nate closed the door. Haru stayed in his bed, listening to the ringing silence.

He let out a sigh, closing his eyes again, and falling back to sleep.

Despite the fact he had slept peacefully the entire night, Haru slept that entire day also, waking only briefly to visit the bathroom, before going back to bed, without even having anything to eat. Though

he made himself drink plenty of water, not wanting to become dehydrated.

He lay back against his headboard now, reading from his book the script from the play.

Many hours later towards the end of the day, Nate returned to the dormitory again.

'You're back early' Haru smiled at him.

'Yeah it was just a revision class' Nate mumbled. 'And you're still in bed?'

'Yeah' Haru laughed awkwardly.

'Have you had anything to eat?'

'Not really.'

'I'll get you something.'

'Oh no you don't have to' Haru fumbled.

'I gotta go out again anyway, I left my book in class. Do you want me to get you something from the vending machines?'

'Only if you're passing one' Haru said. 'I don't want to be any trouble for anyone.'

'It's no trouble. What do you want?'

'I don't mind. A sandwich or something. I got money in my bag.'

Nate rifled through the bag, taking out the wallet and taking a few coins.

'I won't be long' Nate said.


'See you in a bit.'

Haru sat back in bed, turning to glance out of the window towards the grounds of the boarding school.

He felt no surprise then, when he saw the ghostly figure of a young woman outside.

Haru stared, blinking slowly. He felt no fear or uncertainty as he watched this figure, as it drifted forwards, wandering listlessly across the grounds, until she was out of sight.

Nate returned shortly after.

'I hope this is alright' he said, handing Haru an egg cress sandwich.

'Yes, that's fine, thank you so much.'

'You've had nothing to eat all day?'

'I've not been hungry' Haru replied.

Nate began to gather some of his things.

'Where are you going?'

'I'm going out' Nate replied. 'The teachers know. I have special permission to leave the school. I'm going to see my family. There know...personal family stuff going on.'

'I understand' Haru said to him. 'I hope everything is ok.'

'Sure' Nate said dismissively. 'It'll be fine. I just need to be with my family right now.'

Haru watched him go, Nate paused at the door.

'See you around' he said, carrying his bag over the shoulder, 'I'll be back maybe tomorrow.'

'Bye Nate' Haru smiled, and Nate closed the door.

Haru was alone again, glancing out of the window one last time, but saw nothing.

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