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   Chapter 36 No.36

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Haru was unable to move, his mind foggy, unable to even think, he had frozen in fear.

'Oh waw' Kyle said, 'you're fucking gay?' he laughed. 'Are you fucking kidding me?'

Haru covered his face with his hands then, beginning to sob.

His knees trembled, feeling weak.

Kyle let go of him then, and Haru sunk to his knees, crying into his hands.

'You're fucking pathetic. Dam queer.'

'Please don't tell anymore' Haru sobbed. 'Please....I'm begging you.'

Kyle stared down at him, grimacing then.

'Tch. You're pathetic, how do you live with yourself.'

Kyle threw the book at Haru suddenly, turning and walking away

Haru fell silent then, tears continuing to roll down his cheeks. He watched as Kyle walked away, striding with his hands in his pockets.

Haru began to gather up his fallen books, putting them back into his bag and rising to his feet, feverishly wiping away his tears with his sleeve.

He gritted his teeth, feeling a pain inside his chest. He didn't want to have a panic attack, not here, not now.

He waited for a moment, glancing around to make sure that Kyle had gone.

He was nowhere to be seen.

Haru turned, running now as he headed towards his dormitory.

When he got there, he found Nate already sleeping in bed.

Haru stared at him, turning to close the door quietly.

He put his bag down quietly, washing himself in the shower quickly and getting dressed in his pyjamas. He glanced over towards Nate who was fast asleep still, having not stirred.

Haru reached down to pick up his book, the one he had written his feelings in, his feelings for Aubrey.

Haru stared down at the book sadly, tears coming to his eyes again.

He got in bed, resting on his side and facing the wall. He clutched the book to him, crying silent tears as he hugged himself, he bowed his head, feeling so frustrated, and hating himself.

Hating himself for being so weak.


Chapter Ten

The next time Haru saw Aubrey, was the next day in the drama hall.

It was lunchtime, and as usual they expected to meet up in the hall again to practice the play, but Amelia and Ben had not showed up.

'Man, where are they?' Aubrey groaned. 'It's rude to keep people waiting, what's the deal?'

'I hope everything's alright' Sasha worried.

'Are you alright?' Aubrey asked Haru then. 'You look a little upset.'

'Oh no I'm fine' Haru smiled.

'Ok good' Aubrey beamed merrily back at him, before quickly turning a

way again.

But Haru's attention lingered on Aubrey just a little longer, and he began to wonder then, did he dare to speak what was on his mind?

Sasha and Amelia act as a couple if not in secret, would it be possible that Aubrey could ever accept me?

Haru let out a sigh, bowing his head. He stared at his lap sadly.

'Aubrey' he began, his heart beating painfully in his chest. 'Um...I wanted to ask you something.'

'What is it squirt?' Aubrey replied happily.


'' Haru mumbled.

'I can't hear you' Aubrey said.

Haru closed his mouth again, blinking back nervous tears.

I can't do this...

Haru glanced nervously up, seeing that Aubrey was already losing interest.

'Oh look here comes Amelia' Aubrey called out then.

'Is she crying?' Sasha worried, seeing he coming closer. 'Amelia what's wrong?'

'It's Ben' she sobbed, 'he's in the hospital...nurse's office...he's sick....'

'I promise I'm fine' Ben told them a short while later. 'I just had an asthma attack.'

'Wait what? Someone attacked you?' Aubrey gasped.

Sasha immediately smacked him over the back of the head. 'Idiot. Open your ears.'

'Don't you strike me!' Aubrey bellowed back.

The two began to wrestle in the background as Amelia leant forwards, hugging Ben tightly and completely ignoring the commotion going on behind her.

'I'm so glad you're alright' Amelia sobbed.

'I promise I am' he laughed, holding her back.

'I uh......didn't know you had asthma' Haru mumbled awkwardly then, as Amelia let him go, straightening up again.

'Yeah well...' Ben glanced away, 'it's not something I like to talk about. I feel great now though' he told the others, grinning widely. 'Really I fact...' he swung his legs off the edge of the bed then, rising to his feet. 'I feel myself again.'

Haru stared at Ben wide eyed, feeling great admiration in his heart for his character then.

He's so cool.

'So, when will you be able to continue practicing with us?' Aubrey asked Ben.

'Now' Ben replied. 'Best get a move on. We've only got a bit of time left.'

They left the nurse's office, heading quickly back to the drama hall to practice the play.

Ben was in the centre of the stage now, wearing a great purple feathered hat, reciting lines and gesturing dramatically as Aubrey followed his lines from the sheet, correcting him where necessary. Sasha stood beside them, listening closely and offering feedback and advice.

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