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   Chapter 34 No.34

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I wonder what it feels like to have a secret like that, to keep something so special hidden from the world.

And then Haru's attention drifted down to Aubrey, who still lay on his back on the table.

'Are you feeling ok?' Haru said to him.

'Uh' Aubrey groaned. 'I have a really bad stomach ache. I think I'm going to die.'

'Well maybe if you hadn't eaten two whole packs of muffins you would be fine' Sasha said to him without glancing up. 'You're such an idiot. What were you expecting? Honestly.'

'I did it for a bet' Aubrey groaned. 'And I won.'

'Moron' Sasha sighed, still keeping her eyes down on her book. 'Seriously though, that was like eight whole muffins.'

'Uuuuugggghhhhhhh' Aubrey replied.

Haru's eyes travelled down Aubrey's body then as he lay on the table, slowly moving down to his feet, before going slowly back up again, up his legs and chest.

Haru jumped suddenly when he noticed that Aubrey was watching him closely.

'Are you staring at me?' Aubrey asked him.

'No way!' Haru panicked. 'I wouldn't. I mean I wasn't!

Aubrey frowned at him. 'I think you're protesting too much. Why are you staring at me?'

'Just leave him alone' Sasha glowered. 'You know how awkward he is.'

'Oh no please don't make excuses for me' Haru fumbled, feeling even more awkward.

'Look he's going red' Aubrey teased.

'Just knock it off all of you' Ben spoke angrily then. 'I'm trying to read, I can't hear myself think.'

'Yeah Aubrey shut up' Sasha mumbled, turning her attention back her book.

Haru continued to stare down at his lap, wishing Aubrey would look away, which he eventually did.

Haru could feel his face burning up, his cheeks red. He hated being like this, and making it obvious for everyone, but he couldn't help it. He was so envious of Aubrey and the others because of their confidence and wished he could me more like then. Especially Aubrey.

Haru dared to glance up again. Aubrey lay across the table with his eyes closed now. Haru's attention lingered on Aubrey's face for a moment, before he looked away.

He let out a slight gasp, silent enough so that the others did not hear. He was something again outside, he saw, a pale figure on the edge of the trees outside, standing in the rain.

Haru stared at the figure for a moment in confusion, wondering whether what he saw was real.

'Hey what's that?' Aubrey asked suddenly, opening his eyes.

'You see it too?' Haru mumbled.

'Is that a girl?' Sasha asked frowned, transfixed now.

Haru sat in class after that, wishing he was sitting closer to the wind

ow. He wondered whether the pale figure was outside again, wondering who she was, and why she was there.

It was still raining outside, and as Haru glanced to the side, resting chin on his palm, he saw the grey and heavy clouds.

Haru let out a sigh, his attention drifting as he continued to stare through the window towards the sky. He was unable to hear the teacher now as she continued her lecture, reading from a textbook and turning to write on the whiteboard.

Haru heard a slight noise then, snapping him out of his trance he glanced around, seeing Kyle glaring at him.

Kyle smirked cruelly, looking Haru up and down critically.

Haru stared at him nervously, feeling his stomach tighten as he began to fear what Kyle would do next. He wondered what he would suffer.

Kyle looked ahead of him again, and Haru lowered his eyes to his desk, straightening in his seat. He swallowed the lump in his throat, before daring a glance over towards Kyle again, but Kyle did not turn for the second time.

Haru let out another sigh, his shoulders lowering as his body began to relax a little. He began to think of Aubrey, and of Sasha and Amelia, and their secret relationship together.

Haru was envious of them, wishing he could be that way with Aubrey, though perhaps not in secret.

Could he ever feel that way for me? Haru thought to himself.

He frowned silently to himself unhappily, feeling negative emotions stirring inside him.

I want to tell Aubrey how I feel. I want it so badly but.... I am afraid.

Haru lifted his pen, beginning to write in his open book. No one sat beside him, and he was able to write without being noticed. He began to write his feelings down in the book, trying to express himself in words, to alleviate the pressure on his heart.

When he was finished, he felt so much better, staring down at the page in his book.

At the bottom of the page, he had written Aubrey's name, and a heart around it.

Haru smiled to himself, turning the page over to hide what he had written, looking up towards the teacher again.

The class went as normal, and Haru sat alone, keeping to himself, and keeping his head down.

When class was over, Haru hung back, putting his books and pencils away slowly. He took his time, waiting for the others to exit the class before him.

Haru glanced up, seeing only the teacher waiting for him to leave.

He lifted his bag over his shoulder, walking quickly out of the class now.

Haru was just making his way out of the building, when he heard a sound that made him stop dead in his tracks.

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