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   Chapter 33 No.33

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'Oh nothing.'

'You shouldn't do that' Sasha told him. 'People might start thinking you're simple, if you start smiling at nothing.'

'I'm just happy that's all.' Haru froze suddenly, staring at Sasha.

'What's wrong?' Sasha asked.

'I know I've only just noticed but....and its bad of me...'

'What is it?'

'You've got scratches on your face' Haru said, 'and one of your eyes is red.'

'Yeah' Sasha smiled, facing ahead and touching a hand to her sore eye. 'When I was fighting one of them scratched me and caught my eye.'

'This is all my fault' Haru began to despair.

'Not it isn't' Sasha spoke shortly. 'I wanted to kick their asses and I'd do it again.'

'But what if you got seriously hurt?'

Sasha shrugged. 'I'd do it again anyway. 'I'm not going to put up with their crap. Just give me an excuse to crack their nuts again. It would be my absolute pleasure.'

Haru began to laugh lightly behind his hand.

'You're really funny you know that? You kinda remind me of Aubrey.'

'Yeah you said that. And I'm not like that jerk!' Sasha glowered.

Haru only smiled back.

'Oh, wait is that Ben?' Sasha voiced suddenly.

Haru glanced up.

'Oh yeah I think it is.'

Ben could be seen approaching them from a distance. They watched him drawing closer.

'Hey I thought it was you guys when I saw you from a distance' Ben said, sitting on the bench beside them.

'How are you Ben?' Sasha said to him.

'I'm good. What happened to your face?' Ben asked.

'Something wrong with my face?' Sasha said sounding defensive.

'He's talking about the scratch on your face....and your eye.'

'Oh that' Sasha mumbled, having seemingly forgot. 'Well its fine' she said. 'Some guys were giving Haru some trouble. I just uh...well...' she shrugged. 'It doesn't matter.'

Ben tilted his head at her, pursing his lips, but didn't say anymore.

'Where is Aubrey?' Haru asked him.

'Oh' Ben said. 'He's in detention.'

'What again?!' Sasha cried. 'What for this time?'

'General attitude...apparently' Ben trailed off.

'Awww' Sasha groaned. 'I wish he would stop. He's going to get expelled. That stupid idiot. I wish he would just stop.'

'He really hates it here that much?' Haru asked timidly.

'Yeah' Sash

a sighed. 'I don't blame him. I don't like it here that much but...I love my friends.'

Haru sighed.

Ben spoke to Haru then. 'Was someone picking on you then? Is that why Sasha fought with someone?'

'Yeah' Haru mumbled, 'something like that.'

'You know they only do that because you're weak. That's why they pick on you. I don't mean to sound horrid but...'

'I understand' Haru smiled at him. 'I want to be strong. I will try again. I'll try to be stronger next time.'

Ben smiled encouragingly at him.

'We should hang out again here tomorrow' Ben said. 'We're not going to the drama hall tomorrow, Amelia will be in her music class again.'

The next day it rained.

Haru stood by the window, staring outwards at the grounds. The skies were grey, and the rain pattered gently against the window.

'Come and sit down' Sasha said to him.

'I thought I saw something out there' Haru mumbled.

'Like what?' Sasha said, glancing up from her book.

'I....don't know. It looked like a girl.'


'It's nothing' Haru mumbled, turning away from the window and walking up to their table.

He sat down in one of the seats, leaning forwards and staring at Aubrey, who lay on his back across the table.

For some reason Aubrey didn't want so sit in a seat, but wanted to be on top of the table instead.

Beside Haru, Ben turned the page of his book, reading silently.

'Is that a good book?' Sasha asked Ben.

'Yeah it is' Ben replied.

'What is it about?'

'It's really cool' Ben said, closing the book and glancing down at the cover. 'It's about a merman who falls in love with a human, who turns out to be a man, but looks like a woman.'

'Is that what you call a trap?' Sasha said.

'Something like that' Ben frowned. 'It's an interesting story' he mumbled, 'the merman Tristan didn't know that the human Historia was actually a man, he was shocked at first, but loved him anyway.'

'That's really sweet' Sasha smiled. 'It doesn't matter who a person is, you fall in love with their heart and personality.'

Haru raised his eyes then, glancing over to her. But Sasha had her eyes down now, reading from her own book.

As he watched her, Haru thought of Amelia, and the secret she and Sasha shared.

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