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   Chapter 32 No.32

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Haru lowered his hand then, smiling back at Sasha.

'Um....thanks for coming to help me. You didn't have to do that.'

'Of course I did. You're my friend.'

Haru stared at her frozen for a moment wide-eyed. He then began to sob into his hands.

He did not see the tissue Sasha offered him, not until she tapped his shoulder.

Haru glanced up, barely able to see through the tears.

'Oh...' he whimpered, 'thanks' he started laughing then at himself. 'I'm sorry I'm just...I'm just so grateful.'

Sasha tutted at him, rolling her eyes as he took the tissue from her, wiping away his tears.

'You're hopeless you know that?' she said to him, frowning and folding her arms.

'I don't mean to be.'

'It's quite pathetic really' Sasha spoke loudly, turning away and lifting her chin. 'Having a girl come to your rescue.'


'Relax' she said turning back to him. 'I'm just teasing you.'

'O-oh' Haru said awkwardly. 'I um.... ha' he smiled then. 'You sounded kinda like Aubrey then. He um.... likes to tease me too.'

'If he's picking on you just tell me' Sasha said grabbing the air with her fist and speaking suddenly with anger. 'I'll be more than happy to kick him in the balls!'

Haru hid his laughter behind his hand now, unable to hold back his sniggers.

'I'm sorry' he gasped for breath. 'You're funny.'

Sasha smiled back at him. 'We'll I'm glad I can make you more at ease' she said, relaxing her body now.

'Yeah' Haru said straightening up. 'I like having you around.'

'You do?' Sasha answered quickly.

'I mean...!' Haru fumbled, going suddenly red then. 'Not like that it's know you're so nice know a good person you know?'

'Yeah' Sasha raised an eyebrow at him. 'I know.'

She smirked at him.

'You're so awkward' she mumbled turning away, but she spoke clearly so that Haru could hear.

Haru only averted his eyes.

'Aww man I wish Amelia was here' Sasha sighed. 'If I hang out with you just by myself then people might start to think we're a couple or something.'

Haru felt his heart skip a beat in his chest as he remembered Amelia's words.

'Sasha and I are lovers. We keep our relationship an absolute se

cret. She would kill me if she knew I had told you.'

'What are you looking at?' Sasha said, frowning at him with her hand upon her hip.

'Oh no! Nothing! I wasn't staring.' Haru let out a sigh, forcing himself to relax a little more. 'So, Amelia is in her music club.'

'Yeah' Sasha waved casually. 'She plays the flute. She's pretty good. Maybe you'll hear her play one day.'

'I would love that' Haru beamed, clasping his hands together.

'Do you play any instruments?'

'Um I play the...violin...' he told her, 'and the piano.... I mean a little...'

'Are you any good?'

'I guess...I mean...I think I am.'

'Hmph' Sasha turned away in amusement. 'I wish I could learn an instrument.'

'Why don't you?'

Sasha shrugged carelessly. 'No particular reason, I just never got around to it.... never had time. I want to sit down' she voiced suddenly, pointing ahead of them towards an empty bench.


'Did you bring any food with you?'

'Yeah I got some.'

'Good, I'm starving. I brought my own food but I'd hate to eat it and have you watch.'

'Ok' Haru laughed.

They went over to the bench, sitting down together, a short gap between them.

Haru pursed his lips then, feeling a little awkward. He glanced over at Sasha who was ignoring him now, rummaging through her bag.

'Oh woah' Haru mumbled, seeing Sasha pull out a plastic bag full of food. 'That's a lot.'

'I share with Amelia sometimes' Sasha explained. 'Or I share with others in the drama hall when we practice. Why do you want something?'

'No no I'm good' Haru waved her away. 'I was just saying.'

'Do you think I'm fat?'

'Of course not!'

'Relax I'm just teasing' Sasha laughed at him. 'No need to get defensive.'

Sasha leaned back, beginning to eat her pasta pot, as Haru took from his bag an apple, but he didn't start eating it yet. He was too nervous, thinking he would make a mess.

'It's really cleared up hasn't it?'

'What? The weather?' Haru replied.

'Yeah, it's actually turning out to be quite nice now. It's not cold anymore' Sasha said, tilting her head back towards the sky.

Haru bowed his head, smiling down at his lap.

'What are you smiling at?' Sasha asked.

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