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   Chapter 31 No.31

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'N-no I'm not!' Haru glared at Kyle, blinking rapidly the tears from his eyes.

He began to back away, and as soon as he did, the others, Kyle and all of his friends, advanced on him, which made Haru even more afraid.

'I'm just trying to mind my own business' Haru fumbled, 'I...' suddenly his foot slipped as he stumbled back, having reached the top of the stairs and having not realised.

Kyle's hand shot out automatically to catch him, grabbing Haru by the front of his shirt.

Haru stared back at him in shock, eyes wide and terrified as he held Kyle's wrist with both hands as Kyle grasped the front of his shirt.

And then Kyle smiled, shoving Haru back sharply and letting go of him.

Haru fell backwards down the flight of stairs.

Chapter Eight

Haru fell hard, tumbling backwards down the stairs and smacking his head against the wall.

Haru clutched his arm to his chest, having hit it as he fell down, landing awkwardly. He tried to prop himself up, mind trying to collect itself and process what had just happened, when a figure rushed past him.

Haru glanced up to see Sasha tearing up the stairs towards Kyle.

Kyle stepped back in surprise as she lunged towards him, swinging her leg and kicking him hard in the groin without hesitation.

Kyle instantly fell to his knees, body hunched over in pain as his friends turns on Sasha.

At the bottom of the stairs, Haru stared upwards, as Sasha and the other boys began to fight.

She was outnumbered, but as Haru watched, he was unable to think, the eyes glazed over as Sasha was shoved backwards.

Sasha stumbled, fighting at the top of the stairs. She was relentless in her attack, lashing out at the boys. But she was no match for them. One of them slapped her hard, grabbing her by the hair and jerking her back. She swung at the guy who held her, aiming for his eye and cutting him with her nails.

He cried out, letting her go.

Instead of continuing to attack her, the others remaining turned to their friend, seeing that he was hurt.

'Are you done yet you worthless scum?!' Sasha snarled fearlessly.

One of the friends glared at her, turning towards her to approach, but Kyle called out to them then.

'Stop! Enough!'

People were beginning to gather in the corridor now, having heard the commotion, many had stepped out into the hallway to see what was going on.

'Leave the bitch' Kyle groaned, rising to his feet. 'I'll kick your ass next time' Kyle said to her, straightening.

'Real brave of you to hit a girl' Sasha sna


'You're not like a normal girl' Kyle spoke dangerously, 'you attacked us first.'

'You attacked him' Sasha said, pointing at Haru who still sat at the bottom of the stairs where he had fallen. 'You're a bunch of cowards who pick on those weaker than you. You're all tough in a group, I'll still fight your ass.'

Kyle said no more, turning and walking away, his friends followed after him.

The corridor was filled with people, even more now than before.

Sasha glared at the group of boys, turning away only when they were out of sight.

She hurried down the stairs, back to where Haru was.

'Are you alright?' she asked hastily.

Haru glanced up at her, eyes wide.

'Can you stand?' Sasha asked, reaching a hand out to him.

Haru raised his hand, taking Sasha's in his own, and she helped him to a stand.

'Let's go somewhere else' Sasha spoke to him quickly. 'It's too crowded here.'

The pair left the building, walking side by side through the grounds of the boarding school.

Haru glanced away then, towards the large fences that ran around the school. At times this place felt like a prison to him, and he felt trapped here, wishing at times that he could leave. But he had begun to believe that he was making friends. And for that, it was worth staying.

They walked in silence at a quickened pace for a short time, until they were far away from the buildings, and any other people. They had wandered out into the open field, and no one else was around them.

Finally, Sasha had slowed in her pace, walking leisurely now, Haru had struggled to keep up with her.

'I'm sorry about that' Sasha voiced, laughing then to cover her annoyance.

'It's not your fault' Haru replied sounding uncomfortable, 'You don't have to apologise.'

'I'm just so mad at those jerks' Sasha growled under her breath, glaring back towards the buildings behind them.

She let out a sigh, forcing herself to be calm.

'Are you ok?' Sasha said to him. 'I hope they didn't hurt you?'

'Oh no I feel fine' Haru spoke hastily.

Sasha stared at Haru unconvinced, frowning with displeasure.

'P-please don't look at me like that' Haru mumbled, hunching his shoulders and glancing away.

'Do you want to go to the nurse's office?' Sasha spoke tenderly.

'No, I feel fine. I swear'

Sasha reached out to him, touching him at the back of the head, Haru flinched as she did this.

'You've got a bump on the back of your head.'

'I do?' Haru said, touching his head tentatively. 'Oh I....I didn't realise.'

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