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   Chapter 30 No.30

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Amelia chuckled lightly at that, her smile a friendly one.

'Oh, you don't need to worry about anything' she told him. 'We have no interest in each other, not in that way anyway. It's all for the show.'

Haru went to his dormitory shortly after that. The day was growing late, and Haru was feeling tired.

He trudged up the stairs, heading slowly down the corridor towards his room, carrying his bag over his shoulder.

When he opened his door, he was surprised to see Nate there.

'Oh...hey' Haru said, catching himself then. He had completely forgotten about Nate. 'How are you doing?'

Nate had been lying back on his bed, reading a book.

'Hey Haru.'

Haru closed the door.

'You alright?' Nate asked, as Haru made his way to his own bed.

'Uh...yeah' Haru said, putting his bag down on the floor, 'I'm good.'

He watched Nate, but Nate had turned his attention back to his book, falling silent.

Haru watched him for a few moment, before catching himself, realising he staring. He looked away quickly, turning towards the window.

He furrowed his brow, seeing something outside then.

Haru leant closer to the window, seeing a pale figure outside. It appeared to be a girl.

Haru watched this figure for a few seconds, before the figure turned away, disappearing into the cover of the trees. Haru blinked in confusion.

'Are you alright?' Nate asked him then, looking around.

'Uh....yeah' Haru mumbled. 'I um.... I think I'm going to go to bed. I'm feeling a little tired.'


Haru dressed quickly, changing into his pyjamas, he brushed his teeth quickly before getting into the bed.

He lay on his side for a moment, before reaching into his bag and taking out his book.

He began to read the script for the play, thinking about Sasha, who was able to read the script from heart so beautifully.

I want to do that Haru thought to himself. Sasha was so amazing.

And as he lay on the bed, he thought of Amelia also, and what she had told him.

'I want you and Aubrey to be together, that would be so cool. Live a happy life. Don't live with regret.'

Haru hunched his shoulders slightly, gritting his teeth. He continued to read the script, the tiredness washing over him.

He fell asleep with the book by his side, resting peacefully.

He woke the next morning, his alarm sounding.

Haru sat up, rubbing his eyes. The book he had been reading fell off the edge of the bed and onto the floo


Haru instantly glanced out of the window, the room was bright now, the morning sunlight shining in. Haru's eyes roved over the grounds, wondering if he would see the strange girl dressed in pale clothes again. But the grounds where empty.

The bed opposite him was empty. Nate was already gone, his bed was made, and Haru was alone.

Haru went to his first class, and everything was normal. During his lunchbreak, Haru went to the library, wanting to read his book in a quiet environment.

It was Wednesday, and they were not gathering at the drama hall this lunchtime, because of Amelia having her music lesson, which happened on Thursdays also.

And so Haru decided to continue reading the script of the play. He would have sat outside, but it was cold on this day.

Haru had just reached the top of the stairs, glancing about. The door to the library was further down the hall. Haru clutched the strap of the bag tighter, grimacing then before taking a step forward.

He paused, pulling back suddenly as he saw a figure step out from around the corner, talking to his friends that followed him.

It was Kyle.

Haru froze where he stood, unable to move, his mind suddenly becoming foggy.

Kyle looked ahead then, suddenly spotting Haru.

'Oh' he said, a slow smile spreading across his face. 'It's you.'

Haru gritted his teeth, eyes growing wider.

'What are you doing here?' Kyle spoke in a very unfriendly and hostile manner.

Haru's breath caught in his throat as Kyle took another step towards him, as did his friends.

'Why are you even here?' Kyle said, walking around Haru, making a full circle around him before stopping before him again. 'You're just stupid.'

'Wh-why would you say that?' Haru fumbled back, shoulders hunched and body tense.

'Wh-wh-wh-wh-hahaha' Kyle took a step back, laughing at him. 'Why do you talk like that? Fucking idiot.'

'Why don't you just leave me alone?' Haru snapped, forcing himself to speak.

Kyle began to laugh, reaching out to Haru and flicking his ear.

Haru smacked his hand away, glaring at him now.

'Am I scaring you little rabbit?' Kyle laughed, as his friends stood behind him watching silently.

They were all amused by this, staring at Haru with a disturbing sort of hunger, like he was prey being teased and played with before being hurt.

'Why do you cry all the time?' Kyle sniggered.

'I'm not crying!'

'You're so weak it's hilarious.'

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