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   Chapter 29 No.29

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'You're not stupid.'

'Yes I am.'

'No Haru. You're not.'

Amelia frowned at him, taking a seat beside him.

'What's brought this on all of a sudden? Was someone picking on you again?'

'No no....nothing like that....'

'Then what?'

Haru looked over at her, his eyes still teary.

He gritted his teeth, turning away sharply, annoyed at himself.

'I'm so stupid.'

'Tell me what's wrong' Amelia spoke gently.

'You can't help who you fall in love with.'

Amelia blinked in shock at that, staring at Haru for a moment.

'You're in love with Aubrey aren't you?'

Haru gasped, frozen then. He bowed his head, continuing to cry into his hands.

'Dammit am I that obvious? I hope the others don't know too. I'm so stupid. I never cared for anyone but when I first saw him perform on stage.........ah… he was so confident...and that's when heart I.....oh god....'

He grasped his hair tightly, nails digging into his scalp.

'I hate myself sometimes. I'm always so weak, so pathetic. And Aubrey is so confident and strong. I want more than anything to be him. But more than that...I want him.... I want...him to care about love me but.... he only likes girls.'

Haru blurted out the last part, unable to stop himself and he dissolved into hysterical tears.

'Oh Haru' Amelia sighed miserably.

Amelia hesitated for a moment, before continuing.

'Do you want to hear a secret of mine?' she said teasingly then.

'A secret?' Haru mumbled, dabbing at his eyes with the tissue.

'Yeah.' Amelia shuffled up to him then, resting her chin on her knees and tilting her head at Haru teasingly.

'W-what secret?'

'Sasha and I are lovers.'

'What?' Haru breathed.

'I know' Amelia whispered excitedly. 'You would never have guessed. We keep our relationship an absolute secret. She would kill me if she knew I had told you…well…. maybe not you. She trusts you.'

'She does?'


Haru blinked at her tentatively.

'So, um…you mean to say that…you and Sasha are um…. lesbians?'

Amelia smiled at his awkwardness.

'Yeah' she whispered happily. 'We do all the things a regular

couple do.'

'You do?'

'Yeah. We kiss and stuff, we…make love.'

'Really?' Haru breathed, eyes beginning to shimmer.

'Yes, but you must tell no one' Amelia said, putting a finger to her lips. 'You must keep this an absolute secret, do you understand?

'Y-yes' Haru fumbled. 'I would never tell anyone. I swear.'

'I know' Amelia smiled. 'I trust you.'

Haru smiled at her briefly, before turning away again, looking sad.

'I know what it feels like to be different' Amelia said to him. 'I know what it feels like to be an outcast, to have the world not accept you. My family they.... don't like what I am. They....' she laughed then. 'It's been tough, but Sasha, I love more than anything else in the world. You shouldn't care what people think. But uh.... I'm kinda being a hypocrite here but, we keep our love a secret for fear of what the world would say. Though I know it's wrong to keep silent about it.' She frowned to herself then, bowing her head. 'I love Sasha more than anything, and I feel sad that we have to keep our love a secret, but my family....' Amelia shook her head then. 'It doesn't matter, it's all going to be ok in the end. I know it is.'

Haru stared at her wide eyed, before turning away again.

'I....had no idea.'

'That was the point.'

'What should I do?' he whined. 'I…. I can't tell Aubrey how I fell I…um…he……already said that he didn't…doesn't like boys.'

'Maybe if you tell him he would feel different?' Amelia shrugged.

Haru hunched his shoulders, hugging his knees closer to his chest.

'I want you and Aubrey to be together' Amelia said to him, 'that would be so cool. Live a happy life, tell him how you feel and be happy with him, even if he doesn't feel the same, you should let him know at the very least. Don't live with regret.'

'I…. I don't want to force any expectation on him. Mmmm' Haru groaned. 'I really do like him, I have done for a while now and…I……. don't know what to do about it.'

He stared off into nothingness for a moment, his eyes glazed over.

'The truth is' Haru said to Amelia, 'I was kind of jealous of you when I saw you kiss him before.'

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