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   Chapter 28 No.28

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Haru's left hand twitched involuntarily then, and he smiled weakly to himself, feeling a longing in his heart.

No one seemed to notice the movement.

'You know what?' Aubrey spoke up suddenly, pointing at Haru. 'You and Sasha look like a couple.'

Haru gasped in shock at that as beside him Sasha spluttered in outrage, Amelia had a hand over her mouth in disbelief.

'Aubrey you idiot' Ben groaned wearily.

'What?' he shrugged carelessly. 'Don't say you weren't thinking it too.'

Ben only grimaced, turning away then.

'So, you have a girlfriend?' Aubrey asked Haru then.

'Me? N-no!'

'Are you sure?' Aubrey teased. 'It would be a waste if you were single.'

'What?' Haru blushed furiously.

'Aubrey, shut your face and stop teasing the poor boy' Sasha said, leaning forwards on her elbows.

'I think you're protesting too much' Aubrey said to Haru. 'Are you sure you're not hiding a girl on the side?'

'That's enough' Ben sighed at him. 'Just because you've had a girlfriend before.'

'You have?' Haru uttered nervously, glancing up and trying to force his voice not to waver, his expression to remain casual. But his heart was tightening in his chest.

'Yeah a few' Aubrey replied offhandedly. 'Nothing serious' he added with a laugh, 'I can't get them to stay! Hahaha!'

'Oh, I see' Haru forced a smile. 'You like girls then?'

'Uh, yeah' Aubrey said as if it were obvious. 'Don't you?'

'I've never had a girlfriend before' Haru admitted a little bashfully. 'I'm just….so awkward around people.'

'Yeah, I know' Aubrey frowned with amusement, leaning on his knee and resting a chin against his palm. 'There's no rush' Aubrey told him. 'Find someone you want, someone who takes your heart, and build a relationship slowly, one that has meaning. My relationships were passionate and we were both crazy about each other in the beginning, but they all burned out fast.'

'Oh, I see' Haru mumbled again. 'So, um….' He hunched his shoulders then, balling his fists in his lap. 'Have you ever um……made love?'

Haru bowed his head, his grey hair covering his eyes.

Aubrey turned to him, watching him closely.

'You want to know if I took any of the girls to bed?' he asked him.

Haru flushed brightly, gritting his teeth, the edges of his eyes crinkling nervously.

Aubrey let out a sigh, turning away again.

'I uh…. I did' he said. 'They were crazy' he laughed.

Haru dared to raise his head, lookin

g over at Aubrey, wanting to say more but not knowing what.

The others watched silently, Ben and Amelia and Sasha. They all felt suddenly like they should keep silent now, some shared instinct, and so they just listened.

'Did you…. ever love any of them' Haru asked after at time.

'What's all this coming from?' Aubrey laughed then, becoming serious. 'Why are you asking me these questions, you're not falling for me are you?'

'I…n-no' Haru fumbled.

'Haha' Aubrey laughed then, slapping him roughly on the back. 'That's great' he said jovially. 'You know I don't sit that side of the fence. Now come on' he said rising to his feet. 'We've got a show to practice' Aubrey said.

'We don't have time you fool' Sasha voiced then. 'We gotta go, class is starting in a few minutes.'

Aubrey just stood there silently, but the disappointment on his face was clear for everyone to see.

They parted ways after that, each going to their own class. Amelia and Sasha however were in the same class, and often spent most of their days together.

When the last class had finished, Amelia realised she has forgotten one of her books.

'I think I must have left it in the drama hall' she said, rummaging through her bag not finding it.

'You clumsy idiot' Sasha laughed at her.

'I'll be back' Amelia said, straightening up and hoisting the bag over her shoulder.

'I'll see you later then' Sasha called out to her as she skipped away.

'Bye' Amelia waved back, before turning and making her way off.

She made her way quickly across the grounds, entering the building where the drama hall was.

She entered the hall, jumping lightly onto the stage where the bench still sat in the centre. Amelia bent down to pick up the book, pausing suddenly when she heard a sound.

It sounded like crying.

'…..Haru?' she whispered.

She turned, moving backstage and stepping carefully around the curtain, seeing in the dim room, Haru sitting on the floor, hugging his knees to him as he leant back against the wall, crying into his arms, his sobs muffled.

Amelia approached him slowly, reaching out to touch his shoulder gently.

Haru raised his head, looking up at her with eyes red and skin blotchy.

She slowly knelt beside him.

'Oh Haru' she spoke softly, handing him another tissue. 'We're going to run out of these soon.'

'Sorry' Haru whimpered pathetically. 'I know it's stupid of me…. I'm stupid…. I can't help it.'

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