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   Chapter 27 No.27

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'Are you going to talk all day?' Aubrey asked them with a frown, standing there with his arms folded. 'Break isn't long enough to practice as much as we would like.'

'Don't be impatient' Sasha hissed at him.

'No he's right' Haru fumbled. 'I got this.'

Ben and Amelia moved away, going to stand at the front of the stage side by side, as Aubrey moved towards the edge of the stage.

Sasha indicated to the empty spot beside her on the bench, and Haru moved over to it, sitting awkwardly, maintaining a short space between them.

He leant forwards, resting his elbows on his knees.

'You said you wanted to speak to me' Sasha spoke to him delicately.

Haru glanced towards her, before looking away again, glancing at the page of the open book in his hand.

'I had to see you' Haru answered. 'I couldn't be away from you much longer.'


'My life is falling apart, my world all around me, and you're all that's left.'

'You shouldn't let yourself become a victim.'

'I don't want to be' Haru said, not taking his eyes off the page, 'I feel there is no option left to me, but to make a new start.'

Sasha stared at Haru for a time, not speaking.

'You are all that I want' Haru continued after a few moments. 'I want to create a new life with you, to move forward, I don't want to be hurt by my past anymore. I don't want to look at my feet anymore, I want to look at the stars.'

Haru glanced down at the script again, seeing the word [pause] written there.

Haru glanced towards Sasha again.

'I want you in my life' Haru told her, 'I never want to lose you again.'

Haru tensed suddenly, feeling a strong wind behind him.

Aubrey had appeared behind them then with a large sheet, waving it at them to create a breeze.

'Wooooooooooossssshhhhhhh' Aubrey said.

Sasha turned to him, gritting her teeth in anger.

Ben appeared behind Aubrey then, grabbing him by the collar and dragging him back and off the stage again.

Sasha turned away from him, returning her attention back to Haru.

Haru caught himself, glancing back down to the script.

'I believe that we can do this' Haru spoke with sincerity, 'no matter what bad happens in the world' he said, 'we will always have each other.'

Before them Amelia clasped her hands together as she listened, watching the pair as they continued to rehearse, while ignoring Aubrey and Ben who had begun to wrestle offstage.

Chapter Seven

Afterwards, Haru fel

t exhausted.

The five of them sat around the bench on the stage, continuing to eat the food that Aubrey had brought.

Sasha still wore the purple dress, the little purple tulip still in her hair. She ate her food ungracefully.

'Could you make any more mess?' Aubrey asked her casually.

'Could you just shut your face?' Sasha snapped quickly.

'Oh no please don't fight' Amelia worried.

'Will you two just knock it off' Ben groaned, speaking to Sasha and Aubrey. 'I'm too tired for this.'

'Lessons are going to start soon' Amelia grumbled, glancing at her watch, 'we don't have much time left.'

'That's too bad' Aubrey replied, speaking in a teasing manner.

'Are you even going to turn up to your next class?' Ben asked Aubrey, as Haru who sat on the bench, watched them silently.


'Oh, come on Aubrey' Amelia frowned at him.

'Alright alright' Aubrey waved. 'I'll be there.'

'You're pushing your luck' Ben warned him.

'Yeah I know' Aubrey grumbled.

Haru glanced down at his lap, balling his fists and clenching his teeth. He blinked several times, to try to keep the tears away, hoping no one would notice.

'How are your drawings coming along?' Aubrey said to Sasha then.

'Fine' Sasha replied sounding sullen.

'Your drawings are always so cool' Aubrey sighed, leaning forwards and resting his chin on his palm. 'Maybe one day you could draw me for some practice. Could you do that? Draw me like one of your French girls Jack?'

Sasha jerked her head towards him, looking utterly livid.

'It's ok just ignore him' Amelia said trying to calm her.

'You like to draw?' Haru voiced, speaking before he could stop himself.

'I do' Sasha replied, turning away from Aubrey at that moment. 'I'm not actually that bad' she winked.

'I love art' Haru spoke in a feeble voice barely audible. 'I... love all things creative.'

'Don't say that Sasha' Amelia frowned at her, 'your art is incredible.'

'I wouldn't say incredible' Sasha raised an eyebrow.

Amelia just smiled at her, before looking back at Haru.

'So, you like art as well?' she said to Haru, as beside her, Aubrey began to poke Ben's cheek with his finger.

'Dude, stop touching me.'

'I do like art' Haru replied, 'though I uh...I don't really um.... I don't....'

'Do you draw at all?' Aubrey asked, having finally left Ben alone now.

'Not really. I mean.... I do yes but.... not very often. I rarely but...I enjoy it.'

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