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   Chapter 24 No.24

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'No no it isn't' Aubrey said closing the cupboard doors and turning to him. 'If that's what you want to do, let's do that.... I don't have any poems on me though.'

'I... I do' Haru said glancing back. 'I have some books in my bag. The thing is I was just thinking.... that if you let me read to you, it might help me you know....'

'You want to boost your confidence?'

'Yes' Haru spoke quickly. 'I would like to lean to be more confident. I was thinking that if you let me read a poem to you...then it would help me.'

'I would love that' Aubrey clapped. 'That would be so super cool!'

'Do you really think so?'

'Of course' Aubrey gleamed. 'You need to work on your confidence a little more.'

'I know' Haru spoke in barely a whisper, glancing away shyly.

'And you cry a lot. I should get into the habit of carrying tissues on me just for you' Aubrey winked. 'Oh wait, I already do.'


'It's ok' Aubrey chuckled. 'I'm only teasing, but not really. Come on' he said, moving away and ushering Haru to follow him. 'I'll listen to you read.'

They moved back to the front of the hall before the stage. Aubrey sat on the edge of the stage, watching Haru as he knelt before his bag, reaching into it and pulling out one of the books he had brought with him.

'Here' Haru mumbled then, rising and moving towards Aubrey.

'Sit next to me' Aubrey offered, patting the empty spot beside him happily.


Haru sat beside Aubrey, maintaining a short space between then, and as Haru glanced tentatively around at Aubrey, he saw him grinning confidently back at him.

Aubrey was completely relaxed.

He's always so calm Haru thought to himself as he quickly looked away. How, how does he do it? If only I could be like that...

'So, are you going to read then or not?' Aubrey said.

'Oh!' Haru caught himself. 'I'm sorry yes...'

Haru began to flick through the pages hastily, 'I um......uh......'

'Just pick anyone' Aubrey offered. 'I don't mind hearing any.'

'Ok cool' Haru spoke to his book, not daring to look up. 'Uh....'

His heart began to rise in his throat, and his stomach flipped over several times.


'You don't know which one to pick?' Aubrey said.

'I don't know' Haru mumbled,

turning the pages.

'How about that one?' Aubrey offered, sticking his finger out and stopping him on one of the pages at random.

Haru looked at the poem.

'I could read that one' he said, the edges of his lips twitching nervously. 'Um...ok I'm going to do it.'

Aubrey continued to stare at him, waiting for him to read. But something happened in Haru's mind, and he became suddenly stuck.

'It's ok' Aubrey said to him. 'You don't have to get nervous around me, just read when you're ready. Go on, pretend like I'm not here.'

'Ha' Haru chuckled awkwardly, clutching the book a little tighter in his hands and not tearing his eyes away from it. 'I....I got this....'

Ok he thought in his mind, closing his eyes tightly then. I got this.

He opened his eyes then, letting out a breath and forcing his body to relax.

He began to read.

'Sister of the earliest light, Type of loveliness in sorrow, Silver mists thy radiance borrow, Even as they cross thy sight.

When thou comest to the sky, In their dusky hollows waken, Spirits that are sad, forsaken, Birds that shun the day, and I'

Haru clenched his teeth, feeling his throat begin to tighten.

Beside him Aubrey continued to watch silently.

'Are you alright?' Aubrey asked quietly.

'Yes' Haru whispered, trying to control himself. 'I got this...'

He let out another breath, forcing himself to continue before he could stop himself. He didn't want to get caught up in his anxiety. He didn't want to let it drown him again.

'Looking downward far and wide, Hidden things thou dost discover.

Luna! help a hapless lover, Lift him kindly to thy side!

Aided by thy friendly beams, Let him through the lattice peeping, Look into the room where, sleeping, Lies the maiden of his dreams.'

He paused at the end of this, glancing towards Aubrey. He felt a little calmer, though his heart still beat painfully in his chest.

Aubrey this time did not speak, and Haru continued again, continuing with his momentum.

'Ah, I see her! Now I gaze, Bending in a trance Elysian, And I strain my inmost vision, And I gather all thy rays.

Bright and brighter yet I see

Charms no envious robes encumber;

And she draws me to her slumber

As Endymion once drew thee.'

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