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'I'm so lucky to have found such kind people' he said to himself, 'and Aubrey especially so. He's opened the world up for me. He's helped me, and for that I am grateful.'

Chapter Six

The next day, Haru was allowed to leave the nurses office. He felt happy, feeling like himself again. He didn't go to class, instead went straight to the drama hall, heading to his dormitory briefly to get his bag and some books beforehand.

It was deserted in the hall when he got there, and eerily silent.

Haru took one of the chairs from the stack at the edge of the hall, placing it close before the stage and sat facing the stage.

He let out a sigh, sitting back in his chair and putting his bag on his lap. He intended to read a book he had brought with him, in order to pass the time, but then suddenly he heard a sound coming from backstage.

Haru froze, book still on his lap as he stared in alarm.


He waited a few moments, gasping then as he saw Aubrey come from around the curtain, stepping out from backstage.

'Oh my god hey!' he cried out, smiling. 'I didn't expect to see you here. You're feeling better then? I'm sorry I couldn't come and see you.'

'Oh no no' Haru fumbled, closing his book and putting it away, back into his bag. 'I feel much better thank you, and don't worry I understand.... Sasha said you got in trouble with the teachers. I'm sorry about that.'

'It's not your fault' Aubrey replied, stepping lightly offstage and moving over to him.

'I'm sorry' Haru replied awkwardly, putting his bag on the floor and rising to his feet, 'I still feel like it is my fault.'

'Nah' Aubrey waved him away with a smirk, 'it's my fault, I am a delinquent after all.'

Haru stared at him, giving him a strange look.

'You're very odd sometimes' Haru said smiling weakly at him.

'Am I? I'm sorry...I don't mean to be...'

'No, its fine' Haru waved at him, hunching his shoulders. 'I rather like it.'

'You like it when I'm weird?'

'Oh no you don't have to say it like that!' Haru panicked then. 'I mean, you're a really nice guy and uh....' he averted his gaze, scratching the back of his head. 'I just like it when you act like yourself you know?'

'Are you blushing?' Aubrey asked him then.

'Oh no I'm not!'

'Yeah you are' Aubrey replied with a teasing smirk, leaning back with

his hands in his pockets. 'You look like a little strawberry. Hahaha!'

Haru flushed an even brighter red, hiding his face in his hands now, just wanting to cry.

'Oh no don't do that' Aubrey frowned at him, reaching out to him. 'I'm sorry I'm only teasing.... I know I shouldn't.'

Haru gave a slight gasp as he felt Aubrey touch his wrist, moving to pull his hands away from his face.

'There' Aubrey smiled. 'That's better. I like to see your face.'

Haru stared back at him frozen, tears of anxiety in his eyes.

'You cry too much' Aubrey noted, letting go of him and allowing his hand to drop. 'You really shouldn't do that.'

'I'm sorry' Haru mumbled, staring at the floor. 'I don't mean to I...'

'Its fine you don't need to explain yourself' Aubrey interrupted him. 'Anyway' he said putting his hands back in his pockets. 'What were you reading?'

'Oh' Haru started, 'it's um....' he bent down, reaching to pick up the book from his open bag. 'It's another play' he said showing Aubrey. 'I thought I'd read more about plays since... you know I just want to become everything really.'

'That's cool' Aubrey said, taking the book from Haru gently and staring at the cover. 'The Only Name' he read the title, 'I know that one.'

'You do?' Haru gasped then, suddenly excited.

'I don't like it' Aubrey gleamed.


'So do you wanna do something fun to pass the time?' Aubrey offered, handing the book back to him. 'There are some board games in the cupboard. The others will be along a little later, but they're still in their classes right now. What a bunch of loses right?' Aubrey laughed.

'Uh......yeah' Haru murmured.

'Come come come' Aubrey said enthusiastically to him them as he danced away. 'Come one! Hurry hurry!'

'I'm coming' Haru blurted, stumbling after him as Aubrey made his way towards the corner of the hall.'

'Look at all these sexy board games' Aubrey declared, standing back after he had thrown the cupboard doors open. 'This is gonna be totally awesome. We have to find something that will work as a two player only. How about hungry hungry hippo? Or how about a game of cards?'

'Why don't we read poems together?' Haru suggested shyly.

'What?' Aubrey said in surprise, turning to him.

'I'm sorry' Haru spoke quickly then. 'That's a stupid idea...'

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