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   Chapter 22 No.22

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'I feel a lot better' Haru smiled up at him. 'I want to leave here, and start practicing again.'

Ben smiled back at him warmly.

'You've not forgotten about the play hu?' Sasha gleamed, leaning forward.

'No of course not!' Haru fumbled, 'I uh....' he laughed awkwardly then, scratching the back of his head. 'I really enjoyed being on stage, I uh...more than anything I want to...I want to be good enough. I want to.... more than anything I want to make myself a better person, I want to...I just wish I had more confidence, in myself I mean. I just...I want to do so much but uh.... I always think that I'm never good enough. I feel that there is so much that I want to do but I always feel in my mind' Haru clenched his jaw, eyes becoming distant, 'I always doubt myself' he finished in a whisper.

'Oh Haru' Sasha sighed, dropping heavily on the end of the bed. 'You need to stop being so weak.'

'I don't mean to be' Haru whimpered, hanging his head, 'I .... I never wanted to be this way, I always wished I was stronger' Haru swallowed.

'Oh Haru I'm so sorry' Sasha spoke hastily then, throwing her hands in the air. 'I didn't mean to upset, you I'm sorry if my words sound harsh....'

'Oh no I....' Haru spoke weakly.

Sasha moved closed towards Haru then as he sat up in bed, embracing him firmly, wrapping her arms around him. Haru fell quickly silent, blinking in surprise, eyes wide, frozen for a time.

His body relaxed, and he raised his arms, holding Sasha back lightly.

'Stop being so hard on yourself' Sasha told him, still embracing him. 'We are your friends. We care about you. Don't be so hard on yourself. Don't be afraid to ask others for help, because we will always be here for you.'

Haru let out a sob, holding Sasha tightly now.

'I'm sorry' Haru gasped, ' you.'

Sasha let go of him, pushing him back lightly and smiling at him.

She took a tissue from the box, wiping away his tears.

'You're hopeless' she sighed, shaking her head at him, as Haru stared back at her with teary eyes.

Sasha tilted her head at him, her long purple hair falling about her shoulders.

'We'll be back here later' Sasha said to him, as nearby Ben and Amelia watched silently. 'And Aubrey will be with us next time.'

'I don't think there will b

e any need for that' Haru waved away at her, having gathered himself now, 'I uh......I think I will be better soon. I just want to talk to the nurse and ask her permission to leave.'

'Ok' Sasha said giving a nod. 'We look forward to seeing you again when you're better, we can continue practicing the play again together.'

'I....' Haru breathed, 'would like that.... very much......I would like that very much.'

Sasha frowned at Haru in amusement.

'You are so awkward at speaking' she told him.

'I am?' Haru mumbled looking concerned.

'Don't worry about it' Sasha said to him, rising to her feet. 'Oh, and Amelia has brought something for you.'

Haru glanced around then, eyes wide as Amelia stepped forwards.

She held her hands out to him, handing him a single purple tulip in a tiny vase.

Haru stared at it in surprise for a few seconds, before gathering himself, realising he was expecting to take it.

'Oh' Haru exclaimed, 'oh my god... um....' he took the vase from her, staring down at the flower. 'Thank so you much. It's beautiful.'

'I like tulips' Amelia answered sweetly, holding her hands behind her back. 'I think they are the best flower, so pretty.'

'That's from both of us' Ben spoke up then, and a confused silence followed.

The others stared at him. Finally Sasha broke the silence, tutting and folding her arms.

'Anyway' she frowned, raising an eyebrow as she glanced towards Amelia, her expression softening a little. 'We should get going. Get better soon' she added, looking back at Haru with a playful and teasing expression. 'You'll be able to see Aubrey next time, then we can all be together again. Wouldn't that be fun?'

'Yeah' Haru replied, feeling light at heart. 'That....I would like that very much, I would love that.'

'Ok let's go!' Sasha spoke, clapping her hands energetically then, ushering the others out the door. 'Haru has to rest. And we gotta get to class.'

Ben and Amelia both protested feebly as they were shoved out of the room, Sasha turned one last time and waved back at Haru who stared at her with surprise.

'Bye Haru! See you when you're better! It better be soon.'

And with that she slammed the door, leaving Haru in silence.

Once he was alone, Haru began to laugh quietly to himself, smiling.

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