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   Chapter 20 No.20

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'Yeah, me too' Sasha sighed. 'That sounds like an incredible thing, you'll remember us won't you? Please don't forget.'

'Of course, I won't forget' Ben laughed.

'What about you?' Haru asked Aubrey then. 'What do you want to do?'

'Me?' Aubrey echoed. 'I…I don't really know. I don't really want to do anything.'

'Oh come on' Haru smiled, 'you have to want to do something?'

'Nah' Aubrey smiled. 'I'm a delinquent. I don't really plan for the future, I just like to mess around and have fun.'

'Do you like children?' Haru asked him.

'Sure' Aubrey shrugged non-committedly. 'Why not?'

They continued to practice a little longer after that, Haru in the centre stage performing one of the scenes as the lead role. He had remembered his lines for this scene and did not need to read from the paper. He acted now as the others watched him, sitting on chairs facing the stage.

Haru raised his arms, speaking loudly and clearly.

'It just takes one act of bravery' he said, 'a single breath, a heartbeat……' he glanced down at the others before him as they watched him silently. His heart beat heavy in his chest, and a wave of dizziness washed over him. 'Ah…' he gasped, 'a single breath, a heartbeat. Just…just say the words……' he lowered his arms, bowing his head then.

The others tensed slightly, brows furrowed.

'Haru are you alright?' Sasha voice nervously.

'I uh…' he brought his hand to his head then, wavering on the spot, 'mmmmm.'

He fell to his knees suddenly, the others cried out in shock, rushing up to him.

'Haru! Whats wrong?'

'Go get a nurse!' Sasha ordered Aubrey, who turned on the spot and ran out of the hall without pause.

'Haru…' Amelia whined, pressing a hand to his forehead. 'He's burning up.'

Ben kneeling beside him caught him in his arms as he fell into him, holding him firmly. 'Haru?'

Haru did not answer, breathing slowly, eyes closed as his chest rose and fell gently, his cheeks flushed brightly.

'He has a very high fever' the nurse told them afterwards as they stood huddle outside the door to the room in which Haru rested. 'He's sleeping now' the nurse continued.

'Can we see him?' Amelia asked timidly.

'It's best to just let him rest' the nurse replied.

Amelia looked back towards the door worriedly.


Will he be ok?' Aubrey asked.

'He should be fine.'

'Why can't we see him?' Aubrey pressed.

'I've already said' the nurse turned to him, speaking a little more firmly now. 'He needs to rest. You can visit him tomorrow.'

Aubrey glared at his feet in annoyance.

'I want to see him now' he mumbled.

'We shouldn't annoy him' Sasha voiced. 'He's needs to rest. Just let it go.'

Aubrey turned to face her with a surprised expression.

'Let's go' Sasha said turning away. 'Are you guys coming?'

The others slowly drifted after her, doing so only reluctantly.

When they were outside again, Sasha spoke to Aubrey.

'We should leave him alone' she pressed. 'If I hear you've been visiting him in secret I'll be pissed.'

'What?' Aubrey said defensively.

'Don't give me that' Sasha snapped back. 'You never listen to what anyone tells you like…ever!'

'I do!' Aubrey snapped back. 'I'm just…' he turned sharply away then before looking back. 'I'm just worried about him, and I'm irritated with myself for not realising something was wrong. I should have seen…'

'If you care for him then you should give him what he needs right now, which is rest.'

'I just…' Aubrey mumbled.

Ben who had been silent up until that point moved to stand beside him.

'He'll be fine' he spoke encouragingly. 'Why are you so worried?'

'I guess…' Aubrey murmured. 'I don't know…he just seems so weak…'

'He's not going to die' Ben laughed. 'It's just a fever. He'll be alright.'

'You really think so?'

'Yes I do' Ben spoke firmly.

Aubrey groaned unhappily, looking back to the floor again.

'Anyway' Sasha voiced, 'I'm going back to my dorm, are you coming?' she asked Amelia.

'Uh…yeah I'm coming.'

'I'm going back to my room too' Ben mumbled, scratching the back of his head. 'See you guys around?' he said to the others.

The girls moved off as Aubrey waved to them. 'I guess I'm going to just hang around outside' he said to Ben. 'I…need the fresh air.'

'Sure' Ben replied flatly. 'Seriously though, let Haru rest, he'll be ok.'

'I promise I'll leave him be' Aubrey replied. 'We can all visit him tomorrow.'

Ben nodded briefly before moving off. 'I'll see you tomorrow then' he waved briefly as he walked away.

'Sure' Aubrey replied flatly. 'Bye.'

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