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   Chapter 19 No.19

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They were all here in the drama hall, they had been waiting for him.

'Are you alright Haru?' Ben worried.

'Aubrey told us what happened' Sasha said, concern written over her face.

Haru glanced past them all now as they gathered around him, seeing Aubrey a short distance away, the bruises on his face more pronounced now.


Haru felt an ache in his heart at that moment.

He looked back at the others, blinking tearfully back at them.

'Why are you all so nice to me?' he began then. 'All I asked was to be friends with you, I feel you're doing too much and that I cannot pay back your kindness.'

'It's not about debt or paying back' Aubrey told him as he approached.

'Why would you let yourself get hurt for me?' Haru sobbed, 'to see you get hurt….' He wiped away his tears angrily.

'I'm helping you because I know what it's like' Aubrey spoke, reaching for his pocket and bringing out a packet of tissues, offering them to Haru. 'It may be hard to believe but I was really shy once upon a time, and I was picked on a lot. But I forced myself to become stronger, to grow, and I did it on my own.'

'You did?' Haru mumbled, lifting his head again, voice breaking. 'Really?'

'Sure' Aubrey nodded.

'That's amazing' Haru whimpered still dabbing at his eyes. 'I wish I could be like that.'

'You can' Aubrey said. 'Maybe someday' he added in a teasing voice, ruffling Haru's hair. 'Now come on' he said moving away. 'Let's start practicing.'

'Are you sure you're ok?' Sasha asked him as the other moved away towards the stage.

'Yeah I'll be fine' Haru said, straightening then as he gathered himself. 'I'm good…really!'

'If you say so' Sasha frowned, unconvinced.

She turned and walked away, Haru following after them.

They practiced for a short time before sitting to each their lunch.

'Are you alright' Aubrey asked Haru as they ate. 'You look a little flustered.'

'No I'm fine' Haru gasped. 'It's just a little hot in here.'

He bowed his head quickly, returning his attention to his food, avoiding the stares of the others as they watched him closely, suddenly feeling very self-conscious.

'So how did you end up at this school?' Ben asked him, changing the subject. 'Did your parents want you to come here?'

'S-something like that' Haru mumbled. 'I came here a few years after my mother passed away.'

'Well I'll tell you why I'm here' Aubrey began. 'Neither of my parents have any interest in me. They just sent me here to get rid of me.'

'Surely you don't mean that' Haru said, straightening then.

'When I was about eight' Aubrey replied, 'my mother pushed me from a moving car. I still have the metal plate in my head.' He tapped his head then with a nail, Haru heard the distinct metallic noise as he did. 'I was returned to my parents afterwards' Aubrey continued.

'That's awful' Haru whined.

'Its fine' Aubrey waved away with a smile. 'I don't care about them anyway. My life is my own, I'm not going to let them bring me down. They sent me here to get me away from them, and I'm happy with that. I live across the waters. I took ferry to get here.'

'Well I for one wanted to come here' Amelia said. 'I think this is a wonderful school.'

'Meh' Aubrey said, leaning back against his palm. 'It's ok. It feels kinda like a prison some days.'

'I came here because of Amelia' Sasha beamed happily, looking over at her. Amelia returned the gaze with a shy smile, before looking down at her lap.

'My family moved here so I got stuck here' Ben grumbled.

'You don't like it here?' Haru asked him.

Ben shrugged. 'I miss my old friends' Ben replied, 'but in life you move on and meet new people. Now I have wonderful new friends, but I will never forget the people I left behind.'

'That's really sweet' Haru replied.

Ben turned to Haru then with a smile.

'What do you want to do when you leave this school?'

'I don't really know what I want to do' Haru admitted. 'I just…I guess I will just get any job so I can pay the bills. I would love to just get a small place to live…find a partner and…you know…have some children?'

Sasha squealed in delight then, clapping her hands excitedly.

'That's so amazing' she cried. 'Little Haru-children running around. What fun!'

'Well what about you?' Haru asked Sasha. 'Do you like children?'

'I do' Sasha gleamed. 'I would love to be a nursery school teacher.'

'I'd like to be a nurse' Amelia spoke up.

'What about you?' Haru asked Ben. 'What do you want to do when you graduate?'

'I'm not sure really' Ben replied, 'I guess I would like to travel the world and get any work I can to pay for it.'

'That's so cool' Amelia smiled. 'But I'm going to be sad to see you go' she said.

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