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   Chapter 18 No.18

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Sasha smiled at him warmly.

'It was almost too late for me' she said.

'Maybe we shouldn't be talking about this' Ben voiced. 'It's very dark.'

'No' Sasha spoke firmly. 'I want to. I'm trying to help. I don't want Haru doing the same thing.'

'I wouldn't never…' Haru began in shock.

'As I thought I would never' Sasha interrupted. 'I'm just trying to help you, I'm just trying to make you see.'

Haru closed his mouth then.

'Why did you do it?' he asked.

'I was severely depressed' Sasha answered. 'It's not something I can really make anyone understand. To feel so awful in life that you wish for death…to not care what your death would mean to your friends and family…but I was given a second chance.' Sasha smiled to Aubrey then, who looked reluctantly back at her. 'I realised afterwards what my death would have meant to those around me' Sasha said. 'My younger sister was horrified…I remember my parents both crying by my hospital bed. Just think how much worse it would have been if I had died' Sasha said.

Haru bowed his head, biting back a sob, his eyes brimming with tears.

'That's awful…' he whispered, not trusting his voice to speak. 'I could never….'

'Aubrey was the one to find me' Sasha said, raising her head. 'He tried to stop the bleeding, he tied something tight around my wrist to stop it and put pressure on the wound. My parents were out of the house, I think they were taking my sister to the doctors because of a throat infection, so I was home alone to do what I wanted.'

Haru lifted his eyes then to Aubrey, feeling so out of place suddenly as he wondered what it must have been like.

'The blood was soaked into the carpet' Sasha mumbled, 'I…. I had bled a lot and cut deep. I had lost a lot of blood, I should not have survived, but I did.'

As she continued to speak, Aubrey watched her with a forlorn expression.

Ben and Amelia came over to them then, pulling up chairs beside the stage and placing food upon several of the chairs, sitting beside the stage.

'My point is' Sasha began, 'that you are not just living for yourself in life. You are living for your parents, your friends and siblings and if you have any, your partner or children. You understand?'

'Yeah' Haru humbled. 'I do.'

The next day, the teasing for Haru got worse, as the boys turned physical with him.

Kyle shoved him forwards onto the ground, Haru coughing as the dust was kicked up in his face.

'How does the floor taste?' Kyle laughed standing over him. 'Pretty good for yo

u I think.'

Haru immediately began to panic, sitting back on his heels and clutching as his chest painfully, gasping and wheezing as he began to hyperventilate, struggling to breath as his face turned red and flushed.

He heard sudden movement approaching fast and turned just in time to see Aubrey running up to one of the boys, swinging a punch at the one nearest him and barrelling into him.

Haru bowed his head again, closing his eyes and hugging himself, teeth gritted as he fought to control himself, tears streaming down his cheeks as the scuffle continued behind him.

Aubrey managed to fight the boys off, but not without getting hurt himself. It was not that he was stronger than the others, just more aggressive.


Aubrey knelt before him, grasping him by the shoulders as Haru continued to wheeze, his breathing panicked, he was unable to speak.

Aubrey put his hand over Haru's nose and mouth then, forcing him to stop breathing, Haru opened his eyes in alarm, grabbing onto Aubrey's hand, trying to pull it away.

'No' Aubrey spoke sharply, holding Haru tighter. 'Control your breathing. Just calm!'

Haru stared back at Aubrey, eyes wide and teary, he closed them tight, fighting to control his breath until Aubrey finally took his hand away.

Haru began to cough violently, head bowed and shoulders hunched, but his breathing was regular now.

'I'm sorry' Haru gasping, maintaining control again. 'I…get so scared I…have panic attacks easily….I just get so uneasy and nervous.'

'I know' Aubrey replied calmly.

Haru raised his head, looking at Aubrey properly now.

'Your face!'

'I know' Aubrey smiled, showing no pain for the cuts and bruises he wore now. 'They look pretty don't they? I can already feel them. I'm gonna look so badass.'

'You got hurt because of me' Haru sobbed, becoming upset again.

'I had to protect you' Aubrey replied seriously. He looked past Haru at that moment, seeing one of the teachers approaching. All around them people were staring. 'Its what friends do' Aubrey finished. 'I have to go' he added hastily, rising to his feet. 'Meet you later in the drama hall.'

He ran away then before the teacher could catch him, disappearing within the trees at the edges of the school grounds and out of sight.

The teacher arrived seconds later, and Haru explained what had happened. He visited the nurse briefly, before going away again, heading to the drama hall when it was lunchtime.

'Haru!' Amelia cried upon seeing him. 'You're here!'

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