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   Chapter 17 No.17

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'Why is that?' Nate asked.

'Ah' Haru breathed. 'I just don't understand it.'

'I'm going to sleep' Nate told him. 'I'm very tired. I just got in, and my first class starts tomorrow.'

'Oh right' Haru said as Nate turned away from him, lying back in bed and becoming still.

Haru glanced nervously towards the window then, fearing Aubrey might appear again, not wanting to have to explain himself to Nate, he wished for Aubrey to stay away, which he did.

Haru slept uneasily that night, getting very little sleep. His alarm next morning went off, but Haru was already awake.

He sat up, surprised for an instant to see Nate there, forgetting for a moment that he had a roommate.

'Mmmoring' Haru spoke in a tired voice as Nate sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes.

'You didn't sleep well?' Nate asked.

'My mind wouldn't switch off' Haru said. 'I just…'

'I get days like that' Nate said casually rising from his bed. 'Now turn around, I need to get changed.'

Haru endured his first classes, struggling to stay awake. His body and mind became sharper towards the end of his class, becoming himself again as lunchtime came around.

He hurried to the drama hall.

He was the first to arrive, sitting nervously upon the stage, his left-hand twitching involuntarily as he waited.

Sasha was next to arrive after him, and she did so alone.

'Hey' Haru said to her, straightening as she skipped up to him.

'Aww, no none else is here yet?' Sasha said disappointed.

'They'll probably be here soon' Haru replied.

Sasha sat on the stage beside him, turning towards him and leaning into him with a smile.

'So how are you then?'

'I'm good' Haru replied nervously.

'You're looking a little flushed.'


Sasha touched his cheek then, feeling his body heat.

'Are you ok?' she asked him seriously.

'I-uh…. I'm fine' Haru replied, blushing a little with nerves. 'I didn't sleep well.'


'I guess I had a lot on my mind.'

'Aubrey mentioned that there were some boys giving you a hard time' Sasha noted.

'He told you that!?' Haru said, mortified. 'Why did he say that?'

'He's only saying it out of concern. Don't keep things to yourself, it will only be worse.'

'I just don't like the attention' Haru mumbled in reply, looking back down to his lap, hunching his shoulders awkwardly.

'In all seriousness' Sasha told hi

m. 'If you have something in life that's troubling you…you should say something.'

'Ok' Haru smiled.

'No you're not taking me seriously' Sasha scowled.

'No, I am.'

'No you're not' Sasha spoke angrily then. 'If you keep everything inside…just think of a wall of a dam breaking, and all the water coming out and flooding everything. Is that a good example? Oh, I don't know…' she said suddenly frustrated, hand going to her head. 'Look.'

She showed him the inside of her wrist then, and Haru felt a stab in his heart at what he saw.

There was a straight line running over the vein in her wrist.

Haru's eyes flickered back up to hers.

'How could you….do that?'

Sasha smiled sadly.

'There were these kids' she said, 'back in my old school. They would make my life a living hell every single day. The only reason in think that they targeted me…was because I was poor.'

The doors to the drama hall opened then, and Aubrey, Ben and Amelia walked in.

'Sorry we're late guys' Ben grinned, lifting a plastic carrier bag he carried. 'We got food for everyone. We were thinking of eating first and practicing after if that's alright with everyone.'

'That sounds great' Sasha said loudly. 'Haru's looking a little unwell.'

'Are you alright Haru?' Amelia asked with concern.

'I'm fine' Haru answered hastily, waving his hands at them defensively. 'I just didn't get much sleep.'

'Something on your mind squirt?'

Haru glared up at Aubrey in annoyance.

'I'm not a squirt' Haru said sullenly.

'I was just in the middle of a discussion with Haru' Sasha said.

'Is something up?' Aubrey asked.

'No' Sasha replied, 'we were just talking about those boys that were giving Haru a hard time' she told him, 'and then I showed him this' she said, exposing her wrist again.

Haru glanced nervously up at Aubrey.

'It's ok' Sasha spoke reassuringly, they already know.'

And as Haru glanced towards Ben and Amelia who were unpacking the food they had brought with them, he saw that they were watching him.

They do know Haru realised, seeing their expression.

'It's just' Haru began speaking to Sasha now, '…um…'

'Go on' Sasha prompted. 'You can tell me.'

'If I did such a thing…I would be horrified if anyone found out. If I became so unhappy that I resorted to….um…you know' he said glancing towards the scar on her wrist again.

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