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   Chapter 16 No.16

Love Lost By Lady Lilium Characters: 4997

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'N-nothing' Haru fumbled, hugging the notes to his chest.

One of the boys on his other side that he did not see snatched the notes suddenly from him.

'What are you working on, is this a play?'

'Give it back' Haru said indignantly.

'We don't want to' the boy said with an unfriendly smirk.

'Are you in that stupid little club with the rest of those losers?'

Haru turned to the boy that had spoken. There were three of them before him now, and the one that had spoken was the tallest. He had fiery orange hair and was very handsome.

'Th-they're not losers' Haru protested, cheeks flushed.

The boys around him immediately began to make fun of his stutter.

Haru looked down, grasping his head and gritting his teeth, tears beginning to shimmer in his eyes.

'Hey!' a voice called out then.

The boys looked around then towards the figure, Haru couldn't see him clearly through his tears, but he recognised the voice.

'Aubrey?' he whimpered sadly.

'Get out of here Kyle' Aubrey snapped, his voice commanding.

'Oh, it's you' the boy with fiery orange hair said turning towards him. 'Why are you here?'

'I can go wherever I want' Aubrey answered sharply. 'Now get out of here before I break your legs.'

'I'd like to see you try' Kyle grinned spitefully, standing there with his hands in his pockets. 'I think it may be a bit difficult for you to fight all of us' he said in a jovial voice, his expression happy.

The other boys had turned towards Aubrey now, and behind them, Haru looked on in fear, unsure of what would happen.

'I bet I could take you on' Aubrey gleamed slyly, standing to the side.

'N-no please don't fight' Haru cried out, his voice breaking, 'please!'

Aubrey smiled to him then, looking past the other boys. 'I will always stick up for my friends' he spoke kindly, before his expression turned dark again.

'Now get out of here' he said to the boys, 'I won't say it again, and I won't hesitate to fight you either.'

Kyle and the boys either side of him watched him with level expressions, lingering for a moment, before turning away.

'You're not worth the trouble anyway' Kyle muttered under his breath as he stalked away. 'Stupid scum.'

He left.

Haru let out a heavy sigh, watching the boys go, before turning back to Aubrey, who approached him.

Aubrey bent down, picking up the papers the boys had dropped and handing them back to Haru.

'Are you ok?' Aubrey asked him.

'Yeah' Haru replied sullenly, tak

ing the papers back from Aubrey. 'Thanks' he said sniffing. 'I'm sorry….' He breathed beginning to sob.

Aubrey frowned at him, taking out a pack of tissues from his pocket and offering him one.

'Thanks' Haru whimpered, dapping at his eyes. 'I'm sorry' he whispered again.

'You need to stuck up for yourself' Aubrey told him seriously.

'I know.'

It looked for a moment that Aubrey would continue, but he simply sighed, looking down at the papers Haru clutched in his hand.

'You've been reading over the script?' Aubrey asked.

'Yes' Haru said. 'I…wanted to read through it. I enjoy it.'

'That's great' Aubrey mumbled. 'I've got to go to class now though. Are you going to be ok?'

'Yeah' Haru gasped, smiling then, 'I'll be ok, I promise.'

'Alright then' Aubrey said. 'I guess I'll see you tomorrow at lunch for more practicing, are you looking forward to the play?'

'Yes I am' Haru said enthusiastically, 'a little nervous though but….'

'Everyone is a little nervous when they first go on stage' Aubrey replied. 'I'll see you around' Aubrey said turning away then. 'Bye!'

Haru watched Aubrey walk away, feeling regret at seeing him go.

He swallowed the lump in his throat, turning.

Haru headed to his next class.

At the end of the day, when his last class had finished, Haru headed back to his dormitory.

He walked slowly, raising his head to the skies.

It was getting dark early, the clouds were thick and grey above him, and Haru could feel the moisture in the air. It would rain soon for sure.

Haru entered the building across the grounds, heading up the stairs.

When he opened the room to his dormitory, he gave a start.

'Who are you?' he stammered.

The boy sitting on the other bed raised his head.

'I'm Nate' he answered simply. 'You must be Haru.'

'Oh' Haru sighed then, taking a breath to calm his racing heart. 'I…yeah' he laughed. 'I am.'

He closed the door behind him.

'Sorry you gave me a start.'

'So, you've been here longer than I have' Nate said to him as Haru made his way across the room, heading to his own bed.

Haru put his bag down on the floor and sat on his bed.

'Yeah' Haru said.

'You like it here?'

'Hmm' Haru thought for a moment. 'I do' he replied at last. 'It's um…difficult at times…I struggle in class…I'm not very good at the lessons' he laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of his head. 'I struggle to understand most of it. I feel like everyone is ahead of me is class.'

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