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   Chapter 15 No.15

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At first Haru heard it in his dream, but as the tapping continued, Haru slowly began to wake, opening his eyes and blinking.

He sat up, looking towards the window, seeing the dark shape of a head beyond the glass.

Haru let out a cry of shock, jumping back in fright. He stayed there for a moment, staring wide-eyed at the figure in the window before regaining himself.

He leant forwards, opening the window so that he could speak to the figure.

'Aubrey what are you doing?!' Haru spoke in a frantic whisper.

'Can I come in?' Aubrey asked politely, hanging by his fingertips precariously from the ledge below his window.

Haru grabbed him by the arm, pulling him inside urgently. helping Aubrey as he climbed through the window and into his room.

'What on earth are you doing here?'

'I came to see you' Aubrey said. 'I have something I'd like to tell you.'

Haru frowned down at Aubrey as he straightened up, lowering his hood.

'We're practicing in the drama hall now' Aubrey whispered to him excitedly, 'all of us are there. We're going to practice in the dark, with only candles to light our way. Isn't that going to be so…...atmospheric?'

Haru let out a slow gasp then, eyes wide with excitement.

'So you're excited?' Aubrey asked him.

'I've never…' Haru uttered, '…done anything like that before.'

Aubrey's eyes shone wildly at Haru, his grin almost predatory now.

'It's going to be so much fun' he breathed excitedly, 'but we have to be quiet' he said, bringing his finger to his lips. 'We wouldn't want anyone finding us.'

Aubrey stepped lightly across the room, moving over towards the door.

He paused before it, turning back to Haru.

'Are you coming?' he asked him.

Haru felt his heart skip a beat, eyes wide in the dark room.

He stepped over towards Aubrey as he opened the door, following him out of the room.

'I hope I didn't interrupt your studying' Aubrey spoke in a hushed voice as they made their way along the silent corridor.

'No' Haru answered. 'I wasn't…um…' he trailed off.

'Trouble studying?' Aubrey asked.

'I'm not doing well in my classes' Haru admitted glumly as they went. 'I'm behind everyone else so… I have to do some extra work.'

Haru glanced sideway at Aubrey.

'I've got a lot to learn' Haru said, 'but I just can't get anything to stick.'

'You're trying too hard' Aubrey told him.

'That's not very helpful advice….'

They descended the stairs together, walking side by side, they headed o


'The night is so cool and beautiful' Haru said pausing and gazing up at the stars.

'Hey look a bat!' Aubrey voiced. 'Did you see that just then? It's chasing moths in that light by that building.' He glanced back at Haru then. 'Come on, keep up' he hissed in a whisper to Haru who lingered behind him.

'S-sorry' Haru called after him, jogging to keep up.

'Man you're such an air-head.'

'You were just staring at bats' Haru scowled in annoyance.

They entered the building across the grounds, moving swiftly down the corridor, they entered the drama hall.

Sasha, Amelia and Ben were already there, turning towards them both as they entered.

The scene looked magical, all of them were wearing witch's hats, and were carrying burning lanterns on the ends of chains.

Amelia giggled at them, pulling her hat back so she could see them more clearly.

'Welcome' she announced. 'Welcome.'

Haru approached the three, grinning wildly, the lights from the candles shining in his eyes.

'You will be the main character' Sasha said approaching him, draping a cloth over his shoulder as she did so, part of his costume for the play.

Haru took it off his shoulders, feeling the fabric between his fingers.

'Waw' he breathed. 'It's beautiful.'

'I got one just like it' Aubrey said, opening his cloak then to reveal the shirt he wore beneath.

Haru looked at Aubrey's shirt, the fabric sparkling with every movement, the light catching in the dim hall.

'It looks like the stars in space' Haru mumbled.


'Ah' Haru breathed. 'Nothing.'

'Do you like it?' Aubrey asked him.

'I love it.'

'We match!' Aubrey sung happily, lifting the edges of his cloak like wings.

'Alright you swaggering peacock' Sasha said waving him away with an irritated expression. 'Don't forget that Haru is the lead role in this play. Don't go stealing the show now, kay?'

'I wouldn't dream of it' Aubrey chuckled, maintaining his happy demeanour and ridiculous grin.

'Alright' Ben said, speaking clearly so that he would be heard. 'Let's start.'

Chapter Five

They practiced late into the night and early hours of the morning.

By the time Haru finally went to bed he was exhausted, sleeping for only a few hours before getting up again for classes.

It was difficult that day for him, and there were a certain group of boys who had picked him out.

'Hey whacha doing?' one of them said, stepping uncomfortably close to him in a threatening manner.

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