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   Chapter 14 No.14

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'Oh, how sordid' Sasha gleamed cruelly, watching the performance, beside her Ben looked on calmly, but on her other side, Haru was afraid.

'All of you belongs to me…...right?'

'Yeah…'Amelia whimpered, 'please…'

'I'll cut out your heart…. keep it really close to me' Austin whispered dangerously.

'Someone help me!' Amelia screamed.

'You'll die now' Austin cried, raising his fist, holding an imaginary knife.

Amelia began to scream at the top of her lungs, struggling in his hold.

'Oh no Levy…you're bleeding out. Don't die just yet.'

Amelia began to whimper.

'Kiss me' Austin whispered, holding Amelia by the back of the head. 'I need you alive for this…'

Aubrey leaned forwards, actually kissing Amelia softly on the lips, she lay there limp in his arms.

'I love you….' Aubrey whispered into her ear, loud enough for the others to hear. 'Goodbye.'

Sasha began to clap loudly behind them, smiling at them before lowering her hands.

'Very good' she declared, as Ben beside her nodded approvingly. 'What did you think Haru?'

'I was…beautiful' Haru breathed, 'and…scary…'

Aubrey frowned at him, releasing Amelia before straightening again.

'That was really incredible' Haru said breathy now as Aubrey rose, turning to help Amelia to her feet. 'It was…. oh….' he sighed, smiling then. 'I wish I could do something like that, it was really convincing.'

'Well you can if you give it a try' Aubrey said, placing his hands upon his hips and grinning at him. 'Acting is in the heart' Aubrey said, pressing his hand upon his own chest in a genuine gesture. 'It comes from within.'

'I've never really been confident' Haru admitted. 'I don't know if I could do something like that.'

Aubrey snapped his fingers then. 'Hey I've got an idea!' he spoke to Haru then with a smile. 'Why don't you take the lead role in this play?' Aubrey suggested.

'What?' Haru gasped.

'That will help you build your confidence, right? Performing in front of a crowd?'

'I suppose' Haru trailed off. 'But I don't know if I could do that.'

'Well that's ok' Aubrey grinned. 'You can practice in front of us.'

'That sounds great' Sasha cried out. 'You could be the lead role.'

'Oh no I don't know if that's a good idea' Haru said beginning to panic a little.

'Don't be silly' Sasha waved at him. 'It will defiantly help with your confidence' she said. 'Ben used to have terribl

e stage-fright, he would freeze up and begin to sweat.'

'Is that true Ben?' Haru asked him.

'Yeah' Ben replied calmly. 'Acting on stage was difficult at first, but it made me become a better person, I grew because of it. I'm way more confident now, and it was all because of acting. Cool right?'

'Oh waw' Haru sighed longingly. 'That sounds amazing.'

'So will you do it?' Amelia asked.

'I'll give it a try' Haru replied, hiding his reluctance.

'You should answer with a bit more confidence' Aubrey told him. 'Will you do it?' Aubrey asked him again.

Haru hunched his shoulders, balling his fists on his lap before looking up towards the others again.

'I'll definitely do it' he spoke more firmly now. 'It'll be fun.'

Beside him Aubrey smiled, tilting his head playfully at him.

'That's more like it' he said.

Haru went to his next class feeling excited. Feeling nervous, and even a little scared, but happy.

Not even the teasing of the boys around him could bring him down.

Later that day after classes had finished, Haru headed back to his dorm, intending to sit quietly alone and study.

Along the way, he saw a figure a short distance away, lurking behind a tree.

Haru tensed suddenly, recognising the cloaked figure.


Aubrey raised his head then, meeting Haru's eyes briefly, before gliding backwards and hiding himself amongst the trees.

Haru ran towards him, searching for him amongst the trees. But to his disappointment after several minutes of searching, he could not find Aubrey.

Haru let out a weary sigh, bowing his head, feeling disappointed and dejected. He returned to his dormitory and sat heavily on the bed, taking out his books from his bag and placing them on his lap.

He looked out of his window towards the darkening sky. It was not that late, but it seemed that the night had deciding to come early.

He sat on the edge of his bed gazing through the window. He did not read his books, instead continued to stare at the sky, and at the stars that grew with brightness with every passing minute.

Eventually he began to feel tired, placing his books down upon the floor beside the bed, and lying down, resting on his side.

Haru blinked once, letting out a breath, he closed his eyes, quickly beginning to nod off, and was asleep in minutes.

It was less than twenty minutes later, there came a knock at his window.

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