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   Chapter 13 No.13

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Needless to say, it was a great relief to finally leave for lunch, and he ran straight to the drama hall with a spring in his step, but with a tension around his heart. He felt growing trepidation with every footstep.

He felt nervous at first when he saw the hall was empty, lingering in the doorway for a moment before stepping in and moving close towards the stage.

A figure came out from behind the curtain then, hearing the sound of him enter.

'Oh good you're here' Aubrey gleamed at him.

'Um…what are you wearing?' Haru asked uncertainly, glancing down at Aubrey's body.

Aubrey wore a bright blue suit with a clean white scarf folded around his neck. Upon the suit itself were patterns depicting peacock feathers, and around his waist, almost like a skirt, was a great fan of feathers of deep green and blue. And at his wrists the fabric was long, frilly and white.

Aubrey brushed his black hair back, flicking it out of his face playfully.

'Do you like what you see?' Aubrey teased. 'I'm pretty aren't I?'

Haru pursed his lips then, eyes wide as he stared up at Aubrey on the stage.

'Are you blushing?'

'No!' Haru protested. 'I…I wasn't.'

'Whatever you say dweeb' Aubrey teased.


Aubrey looked over Haru's head as the doors to the hall opened again, and Sasha, Amelia and Ben came all came in at the same time.

'Look we found him!' Amelia called happily, hugging onto Ben's arm.

'Great we're all here' Sasha clapped. 'Shall we begin?'

They started planning together, who would play as which character, positions of the actors and costumes and the script. It was a lot of work for everyone, but at this point they were still practicing and testing things out, seeing what would work and what wouldn't. Nnothing yet was set, and as the others had fun messing around and playing with ideas, it was all Haru could do to keep a brave face.

When lunch was over, he didn't go to his next class, instead he ran to his dormitory, which he knew would be empty. He knew he would be alone here.

He fell on the bed, hugging the pillow to him and sobbing, his cries muffled as his body shook.

The next day at lunchtime, the five of them met up again.

'So where shall we start?' Sasha began as the others gathered around her. 'Let's try on some costumes.'

'Shouldn't we decide who's acting what part first?' Haru suggested tentatively.

'Nah' Aubrey

waved happily at him. 'We always do things this way. It's more fun this way.'

'Did you have an idea of who you wanted to be in the play?' Amelia asked Haru.

'No' Haru replied. 'I don't mind really.'

'That's alright' Ben said, sitting back on one of the seats. 'The truth is we spend most of the time messing around anyway. We'd get so much more done but…' he smiled then, 'it's all about the fun.'

'Oh, I want to try something 'Aubrey said suddenly, turning to Amelia beside him and grabbing her by the wrist, dragging her up onto the stage.

'Hold on' Amelia laughed, stumbling after him.

'Hey Aubrey' Sasha called, turning towards the stage then, 'what do you have there in your hand?'

Aubrey waved the papers at her briefly, before handing one of them to Amelia.

'You're Levy' Aubrey said to Amelia, she took the paper from him. 'You wouldn't lie to me…would you?' Aubrey voiced, speaking in a dramatic voice now as he read from the paper. 'Levy…. I need you.'

Amelia glanced briefly down at the paper, quickly gathering herself.

'What's wrong?' Amelia replied, acting now as the character Levy. 'Are you alright?'

'You…. love me right….?


'You love me?'

'Yes' Levy replied.

'You don't plan on leaving me do you, you won't ever…?

'I don't plan on leaving you Austin.'

'You won't. Ever leave me. Right?'

'What's gotten into you?' Levy asked. 'Why are you asking me these questions?'

'You wouldn't lie to me, would you?'


'You wouldn't lie to me?'

'No! I would never lie to you. I love you.'

'You swear.'

'Yes. I love you.'

Aubrey tensed suddenly, gripping his hair, hunched over.

'Good' Austin said. 'I love you too.'

He grabbed her then, hand grasped around her throat, Amelia did not react, but tilted her head backwards, allowing him to grasp her more easily.

'I saw you with him' Aubrey hissed, glancing briefly at his paper before looking back at her. 'I saw you with him.' He shoved her back then, and she fell to the ground. 'I saw you with him, I saw you kissing him.' He bent down to her then, grabbing her roughly by the hair and shaking her, Amelia screamed. 'You were supposed to belong to me!' Aubrey screamed over her. 'All of you' Aubrey breathed, kneeling over Amelia now, grabbing her by the face with one hand, with the other holding her roughly the hair. He spoke in a dangerous whisper now.

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