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   Chapter 12 No.12

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Aubrey frowned at him, before turning away towards the door he had stopped beside and knocking.

He turned to stare playfully at Haru as they waited for someone to answer the door, Haru beginning to blush quickly turned away, looking towards the floor.

The door opened seconds later.

'Oh it's you' Sasha said in a flat tone. 'Oh hey Haru' she said to him, and Haru waved awkwardly at her. 'What can I do for you?' Sasha spoke in a more welcoming tone, straightening up and letting the door open a little more.

'May we come in?' Aubrey asked.

'And since when were you so polite?' Sasha said giving him a pouty face. 'Fine, you can come in.'

She stepped back from the door, allowing them to enter, Aubrey sauntering before Haru who stepped forwards tentatively.

'Oh waw' Haru gasped glancing about the room.

All around them in many vases, were bouquets of purple tulips, several upon the desk between the beds, several on the window sill, and even some on the floor.

'It's really beautiful in here' Haru mumbled, smiling warmly, his eyes shining.

'Do you like them?' Amelia asked a little shy now, she was sitting cross-legged on her own bed.

'I love them' Haru said.

'I….' Amelia began, 'I love tulips, purple ones especially.' She straightened as Sasha closed the door after them. 'It's so nice to see you both' she told them.

'So what can we do for you?' Sasha asked, moving across the room and sitting heavily on her own bed, leaning back.

'It's about the play' Aubrey began.

'Is something wrong?' Sasha asked quickly, her expression turning into a frown.

'No its nothing like that' Aubrey said hastily. 'We were just thinking' he said glancing towards Haru as he spoke, 'we need to arrange times when we're all free so we can meet up regularly to practice the play.' Aubrey smiled at Haru. 'We don't want to get in trouble again now do we?'

'Who's getting in trouble?' Sasha asked raising an eyebrow.

'I got detention' Aubrey said flatly.

'Ha! You should have been faster' Sasha told him.

'You mean you didn't?' Aubrey whined.

'Nope' Sasha gleamed.

'Nope' Amelia winked back.

'You're kidding' Aubrey laughed with a shake of his head, placing his hands on his hips. 'Unbelievable.'

'So what days did you have in mind?' Amelia asked Aubrey.

'Hang on a mo.'

Aubrey dug around in his pockets for a moment before slumping his shoulders.

'Do you have a paper and pen?' he asked them.

Sasha reached for the draw nearby, taking out a notebook and p

en and placing it open on her lap.

'This is our opportunity to get more organised' she said. 'What days are we all free?'

'I'm free every lunch and after classes' Aubrey said in a flat voice. 'I'm a prisoner here. I'm not allowed to leave.'

Sasha said nothing, only rolled her eyes at him.

'I can't do Wednesday and Thursday lunch because of my music class' Amelia said raising a hand, and Sasha began to jot this down on the paper.

'You take music class?' Haru voiced then, blinking with surprise at Amelia.

'Yeah' she replied happily. 'Do you like music?'

'Ah' Haru breathed. 'Uh…yeah I do.'

'So is there any other time someone isn't free?' Sasha interrupted.

'No I think we're good.'

'That was a group answer' Sasha said stonily to Aubrey who stood there looking smug.

'I think that's all' Amelia smiled.

'And you Haru?' Sasha addressed him. 'Are there any days you can't come?'

'No, I'm free whenever' Haru replied.

'Great so that's only Wednesday and Thursday lunch' Sasha mumbled to herself jotting it down.

'And no one's skipping class anymore' Haru added with a laugh. 'I don't like breaking the rules.'

Aubrey glanced his way again with a comical frown, head tilted playfully at H