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   Chapter 11 No.11

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'Great' Ben smiled. 'Then let's do it.'

Aubrey turned back to glance at Haru with a smile. Haru stared back tentatively, before sighing, and smiling in return.

'Let's make a start then' Sasha voiced, 'we should…'

The door to the hall suddenly opened, and one of the teachers entered.

'What are you lot doing here?' she barked. 'Why are you not in class?'

Haru tensed suddenly as the others around him instantly scattered, running in all directions.

Aubrey escaped through a nearby window, and the others ran backstage, escaping through a door hidden at the back of the hall.

Only Haru remained.

He glanced back at the teacher nervously, alone now in the hall.

He swallowed the lump in his throat.

Chapter Four

'I didn't get in any trouble' Haru told Aubrey the next day. 'I was given permission to skip class so….'

'Lucky' Aubrey glowered. 'I got in trouble. I got detention for days! I'm not allowed any free time, I have to be either in class or in my dormitory.'

'Then what are you doing here?' Haru asked him. 'Shouldn't you be in detention?'

'No, I ran away' Aubrey replied sullenly, resting his chin on his knee as they sat on the bench at the edge of the grounds, 'I'm a delinquent remember?'

Haru turned away with a groan, bowing his head. 'You shouldn't do stuff like that…... and I'm not lucky for skipping class. I had to skip class because the others were picking on me… I was having chest pains…I had a panic attack.'

Aubrey glanced towards him then, listening silently.

'I got the tests back earlier today… the results for my blood test. They didn't find anything wrong….so um…. the nurse thinks it's just stress.'

Aubrey looked away then, staring towards the buildings nearby.

'School….' he began, '…can be hard…'

'We should find a time to do the play together' Haru said, placing his hands on his lap and leaning back.

'Yeah' Aubrey said distractedly. 'That would be nice.'

'But we need to do it in a way that won't get anyone in trouble' Haru said turning to Aubrey, who glanced back at him. 'Promise you won't get yourself in trouble like that again.'

'And why would I do that?' Aubrey laughed, waving him away. 'Aint nobody gonna tell me what do to.'

'Aubrey please.'

Aubrey frowned, letting out a sigh. 'Fine' he relented. 'I will try to be good. Happy?

'Yes' Haru gleamed. 'I am. It's not go

od to break the rules.'

'If you say so' Aubrey replied turning away. 'I'm just trying to keep up my reputation as a delinquent. So what do you like to do?' Aubrey asked him suddenly changing the subject.

'Me?' Haru said, tensing slightly. 'I…I don't know what you mean. I don't really do anything.'

'Your records say you play the violin.'

Haru stared at Aubrey in shock.

'How do you know that?'

'Are you any good?' Aubrey teased.

'Wait you looked at my records?' Haru asked, ignoring the question as he suddenly realised what Aubrey had said.

'Yeah I did' Aubrey gleamed cheekily. 'In the main office. The lock's easy to get around. You know why? Because I had a key. I pickpocketed off the staff. Don't worry I put it back.'

'You saw my records!' Haru spoke angrily now, raising his voice.

'Hey I didn't see anything much. Just your previous school records and stuff. You're pretty rubbish in all your subjects aren't you?' Aubrey teased. 'Well except for music.'

'And art' Haru glowered, hugging his knees to his chest.

Aubrey shuffled up closer to him on the bench they sat.

'You're not mad at me are you?'

'You're looking at my personal files' Haru told him sullenly. 'You shouldn't do that.'

'Tell me how I can make it up to you' Aubrey spoke seriously.

Haru groaned, hunching his shoulders and bowing his head as he hugged himself tighter.

'I want to do the play' he said. 'But I want to do it properly without getting in trouble.'

'Well ok' Aubrey replied. 'Let's start arranging times we can all meet. Let's go see the girls first and ask when they're free. Sasha and Amelia should be in their dorms now.'

'Are we allowed in the girl's dorms?' Haru asked nervously.

'Don't know!' Aubrey grinned merrily, rising to his feet and waving back at him as he began to saunter away. 'Are you coming?'

'Yeah' Haru replied beginning to feel very nervous. 'I'm coming.'

They walked side by side back towards the buildings, Haru's left hand twitched involuntarily as they went.

They reached the girls dorm, the corridors of which were mostly deserted.

'So um, do you know which room they're in?' Haru asked nervously as they went.

'Sure I do' Aubrey said stopping abruptly, causing Haru to bump into him.

'Careful' Aubrey said as Haru stumbled back before righting himself.

'Ha' Haru gave a laugh. 'S-sorry.'

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