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   Chapter 10 No.10

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'Um…' Haru began. 'Aren't you supposed to be in class right now?'

'I skipped' Aubrey replied with a wide grin. 'I'm a delinquent remember? I have to keep up appearances.'

'Oh' Haru smiled awkwardly at that. 'R-right. I forget.'

Haru began to smile then, letting out a relaxed sigh.

He felt happier now that Aubrey was with him.

'What about the others?' Haru asked. 'Shouldn't they be in class?'

'They do what I tell them to' Aubrey gleamed back.

Haru turned away with a scoff.

'Yeah right…'

They reached the drama hall, and Haru saw that the others were indeed here.

'Oh Haru' Sasha beamed, stopping her performance. 'It's you.'

'I'm here too you know' Aubrey spoke up as they moved further into the hall, but Sasha ignored him.

'It's great that we're all here now' Amelia spoke joyfully.

She and Ben were sitting before the stage, around their chairs were several opened boxes that were filled with props, several were scattered on the floor as they had tried to sort through them.

'I'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt' Haru mumbled.

'Oh, don't be silly' Sasha waved him away, crouching and slipping down from the stage, moving over to them. 'And stop apologising for everything.'

She was wearing a very wide-brimmed hat with a fabulously bright red feather pinned at the side, the hat itself was bright yellow.

'Is that an ostrich feather?' Haru asked, standing before Sasha now as the others watched them silently.

'Yeah, it's nice isn't it?' she gleamed, taking it off her head and shoving it down roughly onto Haru's head. 'What do you think?'

'Yeah is really nice' Haru said straightening up again and tipping the hat back on his head so that it didn't cover his eyes. 'I really like it, it's so pretty.'

'You can keep it if you want.'

'Oh no I couldn't' Haru fumbled. 'That would be stealing.'

'Everything here is donated' Aubrey beside him explained. 'They wouldn't even notice. Heck, half the stuff here we donated ourselves. Didn't we Amelia?' Aubrey spoke to her.

'We sure did' Amelia gleamed. 'That hat belonged to my grandmother, she really did dress fabulously. Look' she said, turning back to one of the boxes at her feet and reaching into it. 'Do you like it?' she asked pulling from the box a fox-fur scarf. 'This is the real thing' she told them, 'sadly… I don't really like fur…. But it's here already and so….

' She brought it to her face then, snuggling into it. 'It's really soft' she mumbled, 'but smells a little dusty.'

'Forget that' Ben sitting beside her scoffed. 'I like this' he said, bringing from the box at his feet a hat (that looked more like a helmet) with a rotor blade on the top.'

'Oh waw' Haru gleamed. 'I've never seen anything like that out of a cartoon.'

'Here' Ben gleamed, moving towards him and handing it over.

Haru took it from him, holding it in both his hands. He raised a hand to spin the blade, glancing back up at Ben happily.

'It's so cool' Haru breathed.

'So, do you still wanna be in the play?' Amelia offered, as Haru moved forwards to see what else was in the boxes.

'I would love to' Haru beamed excitedly, 'that is…. if you still want me to.'

'Don't be silly' Sasha told him firmly. 'We wouldn't have offered if we didn't want you to.'

'Yeah what did I say about being nervous and stuff?' Aubrey said to him.

'You never said anything like that' Haru replied quietly, a little uncertain now.

'Well I'm saying it now' Aubrey gleamed.

Haru chuckled lightly behind his hands at this.

'You're so funny' he smiled to Aubrey.

'Thanks buddy!' Aubrey gleamed back.

Haru's attention lingered on Aubrey then, he tensed suddenly, glancing away hastily, feeling a jolt in his heart.

'I um…' Haru said, taking the yellow hat off his head. 'I can't take this' he said handing it back to Sasha. 'It belongs in this drama hall.'

'Ok' Sasha frowned in amusement, 'if you say so.'

She took the hat from him, tossing it back into one of the open boxes on the floor.

'So, um…' Haru began, 'how is the show going?'

'We haven't decided still on what we're going to perform' Sasha said to him. 'We're still just messing around.'

'Oh, I see' Haru mumbled with a smile.

Beside him Aubrey frowned down at him.

'Hey I have an idea' he blurted suddenly. 'Why don't we perform Courage of the Black Nightingale?'

Haru cast a look to Aubrey, eyes wide with surprise. Sasha and Amelia both began to clap lightly with approval at the suggestion.

'I'm afraid I don't know that one' Ben voiced.

'It's a story of love, loss and betrayal' Aubrey told him dramatically.

'And…' Haru added, 'learning to trust again.'

He and Aubrey shared a glance then.

'I think it's a great idea' Aubrey continued, turning back to Ben.

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