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   Chapter 9 No.9

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'It's ok' she told him. 'I understand.'

'My heart hurts' she told him.

'You get heart palpitations?'

He raised his head, eyes teary as he watched her.

'How often does this happen, when your heart feels like that I mean?

'Quite a lot' Haru mumbled to his lap. 'Mostly when I'm around other people…'

'It may just be stress' she said to him, 'I'll take a blood test just in case.'

The nurse left the room for a few moments, returning a short while later with a small plastic box. From it she took a needle, cleaning a small area of Haru's arm before lifting the needle.

He flinched as she touched him, turning his head away.

'It's ok' she spoke soothingly, 'you'll just feel a slight sting.'

Haru made a slight sound as the needle went in, tensing his body and gritting his teeth.

He waited a few seconds as the nurse drew blood, sighing with relief when she took the needle out, but he didn't look back at her, too scared of seeing the needle.

'If you have any problems' she said to him, 'please don't hesitate to come to me at any time.'

She dapped his arm with a cloth and put a small plaster on the spot the needle had gone in.

'Do you feel better now?'

He at last looked back at her, his expression breaking into a smile.

'Thank you so much' he said to her, 'I do feel better.'

'Don't let other people make you feel low' she said to him, and his expression fell, watching her with worry now. 'People who try to intimidate you or make you feel that way are not worth it.' She smiled. 'You should just ignore them, they're only words.'

'Words carry meaning' he said to her. 'Love….is just a word.'

She smiled wider at that.

'Of course it is' she said, 'but people who want to hurt you are not worth listening to, do you understand?'

He closed his mouth, blinking at her.

'Yes' he breathed. 'Th-thank you.'

She nodded. 'You can stay here if you like, I have informed the teacher you won't be attending next class.'

'Oh no you don't have to do that' Haru fumbled.

'It's alright' the nurse told him as she moved away, 'I've already let your teacher know. He's fine with it.'

Haru supressed a groan as she left the room, leaning forwards on his knees clasping his hands together. He stared at the floor beneath him.

He hated this. He didn't want special treatment.

'No doubt my father w

ill hear about this' he spoke glumly to himself, once the nurse had left the room.

He left shortly after, and sat in the grounds alone, upon a raised flowerbed in a secluded area, the tree in the centre of the flowerbed behind him casting a shadow upon him.

He was lost in thought now, and did not notice Aubrey approaching him.

'What's eating you?'

Haru glanced up, jumping slightly. He hadn't heard him coming.

'Oh, Aubrey…it's you…'

Aubrey smirked. 'You almost sound disappointed to see me.'

'Oh no' Haru spoke hastily. 'It's nothing like that!'

'Have you been crying?'

Haru stared at him, thinking for a moment about objecting. But in the end, he just let out a sigh, slumping his shoulders.

'I guess there's no point denying it' he mumbled.

'What happened?' Aubrey asked him seriously.

'Aw just some kids' Haru replied nonchalant. 'It's nothing…'

'What did they say to you?'

Haru hesitated, before glancing up at Aubrey.

'It doesn't matter' Haru said to him.

'Please tell me…'

Haru let out a reluctant sigh.

'They were calling me 'rich kid'…'


Haru kicked his feet, staring at the floor.

'I don't like to talk about it' he grumbled, 'but my family has a lot of money...and people often treat you differently because of it, either they are nice because they want something…or they hate you for having what they don't…' a sad expression crossed his face. 'I don't care about money…. truth be told I don't really want any of it…I only care about…. about…'

'About what?' Aubrey asked.

'About living' Haru replied. 'Being myself…making friends…. I have a dream that I can one day meet someone…have kids…. get a job….'

He bowed his head, putting his hands between his knees.

'It's stupid' he mumbled.

'If those guys bother you again just let me know' Aubrey told him. 'I'll sort them out.'

'Oh no I don't want any violence' Haru fumbled.

'Its only violence if they fight back.'

'Please' Haru begged.

'Alright' Aubrey relented. 'I won't do anything.'

'Thank you' Haru sighed, relaxing now.

'Do you want to come to the drama hall with us?' he offered. 'You can see what we've been up to so far.'

'Sure' Haru said rising. 'I would love to.'

They walked side by side as they headed towards the buildings, Haru glancing tentatively towards Aubrey as they went.

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