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   Chapter 7 No.7

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'Are you alright?' Aubrey asked.

'Yeah' Haru spoke hastily, turning back to him. 'I'm fine.'

'You don't like it here do you? Aubrey spoke quickly.

Haru groaned then, dipping his head to the ground.

'Is it that obvious?' he mumbled.

Aubrey looked away again, towards the dormitories. 'Come on' he said, 'let's keep going.'

They parted ways after that, but not before Aubrey had walked Haru all the way to his door.

Aubrey glanced up, looking at the number above the door, remembering it.

'I'll see you around then kid' Aubrey smirked turning away.

He left without another word or backwards glance, walking with his hands in his pockets, whistling a tune.

Haru watched him go nervously, feeling butterflies in his stomach. He gritted his teeth, forcing himself to look away, and opened the door to his dormitory.

Each room was shared by two people, with two beds on opposite sides and matching furniture as well, all of which was identical, two of everything.

Haru put his bag down, moving over to one side of the room to sit on the bed.

He was alone here, his roommate was away, taking some time off due to family reasons, or so he had been told, and it was lonely here. Haru wished to meet his roommate, just for the company, and at the same time was nervous for it. He knew he would meet his roommate soon, the matron who monitored the dormitories and kept an eye out for bad behaviour as well as organising the students that stayed here, had told Haru so.

He looked towards the window then, seeing the grounds beyond, seeing the steel fencing, beyond which was a small area of woodland, beyond that the town.

He felt so trapped here, it was only a short time he had been at this place, and like almost everyone one who stayed here, he did not come here by his own choice.

This was a boarding school, and their rules were strict. Most people were sent here by their parents for one reason or another, and they stayed here for months without being allowed to leave. They were not even allowed to see their friends outside the school, or their families, not without special circumstances. Not that that mattered much to Haru. He had not made any friends outside this place, and his family….

He rose to a stand, leaning forwards on the windowsill and staring outside.

'Still…' he mumbled to himself, 'it's not all that bad here…'

Chapter Three

Haru woke the next morning, rising early and quickly getting dressed.

He exited his room, expecting to see Aubrey outside waiting for him, but was disappointed to

see that he was not there.

Haru glanced one way down the corridor, then the other, but he did not see him.

Around him the other students were one by one leaving their rooms, walking away to head to their first classes.

Hoisting his bag up his shoulder, Haru made his way forwards with the others, leaving the building and heading outside.

Haru attended his first class. The boarding school Haru attended had several classes, there were the standard English, Maths and Science, and there were also other classes like History, Languages, IT (computers), Geography. Haru struggled in these subjects and didn't enjoy any of them. Worst of all was P.E. He enjoyed sports, but enjoyed it at his leisure. In school, he found it difficult and challenging. He didn't know anyone in his class, and people mostly ignored him. He had tried to speak to some of them and make friends, but people had already formed their groups and they weren't interested in him. Aubrey was the only one who had accepted him.

Aubrey… Haru thought to himself. I really miss you…I miss all of you…Amelia and Sasha and Ben…. He hung his head, staring at the books before him as he worked silently. I really look forward to seeing their show…I wonder what they're doing now….?

Haru became quickly lost in thought. He didn't enjoy his lessons in school, and though he had only seen a glimpse of the play Aubrey and his friends were about to perform, he was exited.

I've never been in a play before Haru thought to himself. It's going to be fun…and a little scary.

Much of the time, Haru's mind was far away from his studies. He performed at best only average in class and was awkward around people. But he had a creative mind. He struggled most in Maths and Science, but in other fields, he excelled.

Haru had a deep love of music, and art. He did not get an opportunity to indulge in such things while he was here, and that was part of the reason he felt sad, and at times a little lost.

He had only been at the school for a short time, and already he was beginning to stand out for all the wrong reasons. He was shy, introverted, and people began to notice. It wasn't long before certain people began to stare at him, deliberately trying to intimidate him and make him feel uncomfortable. While most ignored him, others began to tease him.

Oh no, they're here as well? Haru thought glumly to himself as a couple of the boys a short distance away continued to stare at him. I guess they're everywhere. Haru bowed his head, keeping his attention fixed on his work.

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