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   Chapter 3 No.3

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'Aww. That's too bad' Aubrey said turning and heading the other direction. 'Gotta go now. See ya!'

Haru watched him saunter away, walking with confidence. Haru felt a twinge of jealously and resentment at that.

'Sure…' he mumbled after him, speaking now to the air, '…see you…'

Chapter Two

The next day after the morning classes were finished, Haru sat upon a stone wall on the edge of the grounds. It was a raised platform built in a circle, the flower bed behind him was filled with colour, and a small tree hung over him, its branches drooping.

He sat alone in silence, staring down at his carton of juice.

In the distance he could hear other people with their friends, laughing as they enjoyed each other's company. There was another group nearby playing with a Frisbee, throwing it back and forth. They all sounded very happy.

Haru let out a sigh, bowing his head further. He squeezed the carton of juice lightly, fiddling absent mindedly with the little white straw at the top.

He heard movement then, seeing something out of the corner of his eye.

He turned, giving a start at the sight of the figure, hooded and cloaked all in black, the figure sidled up beside him.

'Haru...' the figure spoke in a foreboding and dramatic voice, face hidden completely by the low hood. 'Meet me in the drama hall in five minutes.'

Haru stared back at the figure in shock, eyes wide and mouth open.


'Don't be late' Aubrey said rising to his feet and gliding dramatically backwards, slipping around a corner and out of sight.

Haru stared after him a little confused, wondering what that was all about. He looked ahead again, straightening up and quickly finishing his carton before putting the rubbish in his bag. He made his way across the grounds, heading to the drama hall, following Aubrey's path.

'Hey you made it!' Aubrey called out happily as Haru let the doors swing gently shut behind him.

Aubrey stood there wearing the same cloak but now with the hood lowered, and he watched as Haru stood there at a distance looking nervous.

'Come child' Aubrey spoke reaching a hand out to him, 'there is nothing to be afraid of young one…you are safe with me.'

'W-what's going on?' Haru mumbled, stepping closer, seeing the others in the hall, Amelia and Sasha and Ben, they were carrying stuff around and unpacking boxes of costumes.

'We're holding a little play' Aubrey told him playfully, clutching at his own chest, balling the dark fabric up in his han

ds. 'I'm naked underneath you know.'


'Just kidding!' Aubrey gleamed, smacking Haru playfully on the shoulder a little too hard.

Haru straightened up, rubbing his shoulder and frowning nervously as Aubrey walked away from him, talking to the others.

'Will you hurry up?! Is this going to take all day?'

'Be quiet!' Sasha instantly snapped back at him. 'I don't see you helping!'

'I'm carrying this cloak' Aubrey answered curtly, indicating the cloak he was wearing, and saying so as if he were doing a wonderful thing.

'Oh, hey Haru, it's good to see you' Sasha said ignoring Aubrey now.

She put the box she was carrying down.

'Aubrey was talking so long I thought he'd never find you' Sasha said.

'Why...' Haru asked nervously, 'why do you want to find me?'

'We want to show you our play' Sasha grinned excitedly.

'We're putting on a play' Amelia said to him, sitting upon a seat a short distance away, beginning to unpack the box before her.

'And it's going to be so much fun' Ben added, sifting through his own box he had carried out from the store room. 'We did something like this last year and it was a real blast.' He straightened up, putting his hands on his hips. 'Have you been in a play before?' he asked Haru.

'Oh' Haru replied, 'um…no…I haven't.'

'Maybe you should try it' Ben suggested. 'It's really fun once you get into it. Though at first it's a little nerve wracking.'

Haru blushed slightly as he stared back at Ben, a short distance away Aubrey still wearing his cloak, glanced back at them.

'I.....' Haru began, 'I've never been in a play before…. I'm too nervous…I get awkward around people I don't know.... and I get awkward in new situations.'

Ben fell silent then as the others continued with what they were doing, rummaging through boxes unpacking props, continuing to listen to their discussion.

'Why don't you join us in the play?' Ben offered suddenly.

'Hey that's a great idea!' Sasha cried out suddenly. 'Why don't you do that?'

'Oh no' Haru fumbled. 'I'm no good at that sort of thing.'

'It would help you make friends' Aubrey spoke up, 'and build your confidence. I think it would be good for you.'

Haru stared back at Aubrey, for a moment lost for words.

'Come on' Aubrey prompted. 'We would love to have you on our team, it will be fun. We're still working on the play so we can fit you in easy.'

Haru pursed his lips, blushing slightly, he swallowed the lump in his throat.

'Ok' he breathed.

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