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   Chapter 2 No.2

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'Girls…' Aubrey uttered in exaggerated pain when all of it was over, 'are so violent these days….'

They settled down quickly, having drawn attention from the rest of the revision class for their mayhem.

'I know it looks like we're all crazy' Ben waved at Haru smiling awkwardly, 'but we're actually really nice.'

'I know it's hard' Amelia was saying to him. 'Ben was really shy when he first came here.'

'He was?' Haru asked tentatively.

'Yeah' Ben replied sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

'He's really come out of his shell' Amelia said to Haru. 'Ben and I have been friends the longest. I was going through a hard time and…Ben didn't know anyone back then…we sort of connected…you know?'

'Um…yeah…' Haru laughed awkwardly at her, smiling then. 'Thank you, you're very kind.'

'Why don't you sit with us?' Amelia suggested. 'Do you want a drink from the vending machines or something? I'll get you something. What would you like?'

'Oh no I couldn't' Haru began to protest.

'Don't be silly' Amelia giggled, smacking his shoulder lightly. 'I want to get you something. Don't upset me. That's what friends do for each other, they help each other, now…'

Amelia pulled back a chair, dragged Haru over to it and forced him down into the seat.

'What would you like from the vending machine?'

Haru blinked up at Amelia in wide-eyed confusion.

'Um…' he struggled to find his voice, 'just…juice…orange…. please…'

'Great!' Amelia cried happily. 'Back in a jiffy!'

Ben leant on the table, resting his chin on his palm as he watched Amelia go.

'You can relax you know' he said to Haru. 'You're so tense.'

'Sorry' Haru mumbled.

'And stop apologising for everything.'

'So…' Haru stopped himself.

Ben smiled at him happily. 'It will get easier, trust me. You've got us now. Will you two shut up?!' he snapped at Sasha and Aubrey who had been arguing. 'I can barely hear myself think!'

Haru hunched his shoulders then, giggling into his hand.

'What's so funny?' Aubrey grumbled at him, the front of his shirt balled up in Sasha's fists as she held him there.

'It's nothing…you guys are just…so weird…'

'Well at least you're smiling now' Aubrey said, prising Sasha's hands off his shirt. 'It means you're beginning to relax.'

Amelia r

eturned a short time later with a carton of orange juice, handing it to Haru who took it from her tentatively.

'Thank you very much' Haru mumbled shyly.

'It's ok' Amelia waved merrily at him. 'If you ever want a favour, don't hesitate to ask, that's what friends do for each other, right?'

'R-right' Haru answered quickly, clutching the carton to his chest.

Amelia immediately struck up a conversation with Sasha, as Ben and Aubrey began to speak together.

Haru bowed his head smiling then, feeling a little more at ease.

'What do you think Haru?'

'Hu?' he tensed slightly, glancing back wide-eyed at Aubrey.

'Jeez you're not spacing out are you? Stay with the program will ya?'

'Oh yes' Haru fumbled, smiling awkwardly. 'I will.'

'You don't know what I was talking about do you?' Aubrey said to him, giving him a tired expression.

'I'm sorry' Haru laughed nervously, 'could you repeat that again please?'

It was a few hours later when the small group left the revision class. Sasha, Amelia and Ben went on their own way, and Aubrey stayed with Haru.

'So are you alright then?' Aubrey asked Haru out of the blue.

'Why…I mean…sure I'm fine…?'

'I just want to make sure you're ok' Aubrey tilted his head, regarding Haru closely. 'I want to make sure the others aren't too much for you…you're like a frightened little mouse you know?'

'I'm not a mouse' Haru scowled at him sullenly.

'It's alright' Aubrey replied with a smirk, strolling past him, 'I'm just teasing. So what class are you in?'

'Class C' Haru replied.

'I'm in D' Aubrey said, 'it kinda suck, all my friends are in different classes. The only time I really get to see them is in break and during our club-time, or revision class.'

'Club time?'

'Yeah, we all have a drama club together. Are you in any clubs?'

'No' Haru bowed his head glumly.

'You should stop around some time and see what we're up to' Aubrey smirked. 'It's a lot of fun.'

'It is?'

'We should both probably be getting back to our dorms now, you know what the teachers get like if they catch us wandering around too late…what room are you in?'


'And who do you share a room with?'

'I don't know right now' Haru answered, 'he's home due to a family situation…or so I heard…'

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