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   Chapter 79 No.79

Breaking Bonds By Lady Lilium Characters: 4999

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He thrust into Kevin again, and Kevin cried out in pain, his wrists still bound together, he pawed at the bedsheets, body tense as Justin lay on top of him, thrusting hard into him again and again. But Kevin knew this would not be over soon, Justin had stamina as well as size. He was savage, a beast.

Kevin turned his head to the side, gritting his teeth as his eyes watered, looking over towards the camera again as Justin fucked him.

His breath came in short sharp gasps as he stared, before turning away, burying his face into the pillows, as Justin, having mounted him, continued to use Kevin to pleasure himself.

The next day Kevin woke very late, the events of the previous evening having thoroughly exhausted him.

It was after midday now, he had been awake for several hours, and sat now on the sofa, his body aching. He simply rested.

Justin had left early that day to tend to his own business. When he came back, he was in a rage.

'What have you done?!'

Kevin turned to glance around, Justin had just burst through the door of the apartment, slamming it behind him.

'What have you done?!' Justin repeated.

'What?' Kevin replied calmly, still feeling a little tired and worn.

Justin stormed up to him, grabbing him by the front of his shirt and pulling him towards him, their faces inches apart. He spoke in a dangerous whisper now.

'Did you secretly film us last night?'

Kevin stared up at Justin in alarm, his mind trying to work. He was a little frightened; he had never seen Justin so angry like this.

'Yes' he spoke firmly, finally gathering his thoughts. 'I filmed us secretly. Then I posted it online. Everyone knows your secret now.'

Justin's fists began to tremble in fury, his teeth bared.

'How could you do this to me?' Justin snarled, his body beginning to tremble now. 'You've ruined my life…my reputation….my career.'

'I did it for you' Kevin replied calmly. 'It's time you stopped hiding who you really are.'

Justin pulled a fist back, ready to punch Kevin in the face. Kevin stared up in shock at Justin, eyes wide in fear.

Justin remained there, frozen where he stood, fist raised. His arm began to tremble.

Kevin remained where he was, waiting to see what Justin would do, waiting to see if he would really hit him.

But he didn't.

Justin just shoved Kevin away, pushing him back onto the sofa.

'You've ruined everything!' Justin screamed at him. 'How could you do this to me?!'

Justin collapsed on the so

fa next to him. Kevin turned calmly to face him, expression level, body tense, eyes wide. He could not undo what he had done, he had to see it through.

'There's going to be a conference held at your company' Kevin spoke calmly to him. 'People will want to hear your point of view on this.'

'You want me to go to this?' Justin spoke in a dead voice.

'They want us both to go' Kevin said. 'They think we are a couple. It's something that must be cleared up.'

Justin said nothing. He leant forward on his knees, hands over his mouth, eyes wide.

'You are a public figure' Kevin told him seriously. 'You could help many people by being open about who you really are.'

Justin said nothing.

Kevin frowned then, brow furrowed.

'I think this is an opportunity for you' he spoke sincerely. 'Things will never be the same for you again…. but at least you won't be living a lie anymore.'

Kevin left the apartment, feeling light at heart, feeling free, feeling happy.

He didn't look back at he made his way through the streets, heading back to his favourite spot on the edge of the town, the bridge surrounded by trees, a place that was silent and beautiful.

This was the last time he had spoken to Sarah, the one he had thought he would spend the rest of his life with.

'For the first time in years' he spoke to the air, doing so with a smile upon his lips, 'I feel happy, I feel free. I feel opportunity, and for the first time since I lost you…. I feel hope.'

He reached into his pocket then, bringing out his mobile, and for the first time since they left, he called his parents, and after that, he called Lisa, his childhood friend.

'Hey' he said to her, 'I've got some time on my hands. How would you like to meet up again? This time, I will come to you.'


It was some days later, when Kevin and Christina were sitting at a café together drinking, that they saw something strange.

'Hey look at the TV' Christina voiced suddenly, and Kevin glanced around, watching the TV above the register in the café.

He saw a strange sight indeed, a news article about Justin, and how the public were reacting to his secret finally being revealed after all this time.

Many people were unhappy about it, but most supported him. But that wasn't the only thing.

'He's getting married?' Kevin grinned in surprise. 'I can't believe it.'

'That's so sweet' Christina cooed then, clasping her hands together. 'Don't they look so cute together in white?'

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