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   Chapter 78 No.78

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'I want you…' Justin said, 'on your knees. You look good with a chain around your neck.'

Kevin said nothing, his eyes distant as Justin continued to stare down at him. He released his hold on Kevin's throat, stepping back slightly.

'Let's go home' Justin said, 'I want....' but he never finished his sentence, only trailing off.

When Justin was done with him, he fell asleep in the bed. Kevin lay beside him, facing away, staring at the wall. He was wide awake. Beside him Justin slept peacefully.

Kevin turned back to him, his body aching all over.

He stared at Justin for a moment, before sitting up, and pulling the sheets back.

He rose to his feet, unclasping the collar and chain from around his neck and dropping them on the bed silently.

He glanced back at Justin as he moved away from the bed, picking up his clothes as silently as he could before leaving the room.

By the time Justin woke sometime later, Kevin was already gone.

It was shortly after this, that Kevin decided he had had enough.

He didn't want Justin anymore, but not only that. He decided he wanted Justin to not want him anymore.

He decided, that he would tell the whole world Justin's secret, no matter what the outcome.

He decided, that it was the only way for Justin to let him be go, to not chase him anymore.

Kevin had gotten what he wanted, and living with Justin had been an experience, but he decided, that it was time to move on, once and for all.

'So, would you like to have me?'

Justin turned to stare at Kevin.

'I'm…ready for you' Kevin said acting shy, bowing his head and weaving his fingers together before him, 'if you would like…'

Justin did not hesitate. He moved towards Kevin without pause, hand slipping around the back of his neck as he leant forwards. Kevin opened his mouth slightly as Justin kissed him, slipping his tongue into his mouth, bearing over him.

'Let's take this to my bedroom' Justin said, standing so close to him.

'Are you going to tie me up?'

'Do you want me to tie you up?'

Kevin clenched his teeth then, staring up at Justin a little flustered, a little breathless.

'I…. want you... to do what you want' he gasped.

Justin bowed his head slightly, eyes calm.

He took Kevin by the hand then, walking away and pulling him along.

Justin dragged Kevin up the stairs, Kevin stumbled at least once as he was taken. They went to the bedroom and Justin closed the door, rounding on him.

The curtains were partially open, giving them privacy and yet lighting the room enough to be comfortable enough to see.

Justin paused for a moment, half turne

d from the closed door, Kevin watched him a little nervously, simply waiting. He could never predict Justin's appetite, could never know what he was in the mood for. He could only wait to find out.

This time, it seemed that Justin was in a gentler mood, and he approached Kevin carefully.

Kevin allowed himself to be pushed back onto the bed, Justin bearing over him, pinning him there, trapping him.

Kevin glanced to the side as Justin bowed his head, kissing Kevin's neck. Kevin stared away towards the dresser as Justin continued to bite his neck tenderly, hand running down Kevin's body and caressing him between the legs before slipping beneath his trousers. Kevin saw the lens of the camera upon the dresser, the camera itself hidden by an item of clothing.

Kevin looked ahead again, facing up towards the ceiling as Justin moved back to pull his trousers down, taking off his own. He undressed quickly before taking the rest of Kevin's clothes off, the two completely naked on the bed now.

Justin paused for a moment then, reaching over to the bedside table and opening the top drawer, pulling from it a length of rope. He carefully bound Kevin's wrists together, before tying him to the head of the bed, so that he could not move.

'Stay still for me' Justin said, running his hand up and down himself as he whispered into Kevin's ear, '…. stay submissive for me…'

'Yes….' Kevin breathed, as Justin slipped first one finger, then two into him, '…. master…'

Justin leant back slightly, gazing into Kevin's face as he lay there, completely naked beneath him, chest bare, arms tied above his head.

'There's a good boy' Justin breathed, hand winding around Kevin's thigh, lifting his leg up and pushing himself in.

Kevin grimaced at first in pain, then let out a moan as he began to relax, feeling Justin's large size thrusting into him as he lay on the bed with his legs apart.

'Oh yeah' Kevin moaned in pleasure, feeling Justin deep within. 'Fuck me harder…. fuck me harder daddy!'

Justin's eyes flashed then, and he thrust more forcefully into Kevin, who cried out in pain now.

'Do I have to gag you?' Justin hissed threateningly into Kevin's ear, pausing suddenly, hand wrapped around Kevin's throat.

He bit into his shoulder then, Kevin whimpering in pain, Justin's other hand that grasped his shoulder tensed suddenly, nails digging into his flesh. Justin was becoming increasingly more savage with every thrust.

He pulled out of Kevin suddenly then, forcefully turning him over onto his front.

'I will make this last' he hissed into his ear, 'I will make you beg me to stop.'

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