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'What are you talking about? I'm in your space all the time.'

'I like to be comfortable when I sleep' she had winked at him. 'No one in my way. Goodnight!'

And so once again, Kevin slept on the sofa, and he was uncomfortable.

He didn't sleep well that night, his night fraught with worry, for Rachel, for his life, his actions, for Sarah, of hatred and regret, but also for Justin as well.

He woke early the next morning, sitting and up and turning the TV on. He watched with tired eyes for about an hour until Christina finally appeared.

'Oh, you're awake already?' she said. 'Sleep well? Great. I gotta go.'

'Where are you going? He asked her in a tired voice.

'I have to meet someone' she said hastily, not looking at him.

'No work or school?'

'No, I'm going to meet someone, and I'm going to be late.'

'It's early isn't it?' Kevin mumbled, but she didn't reply.

She ran out the door without even having breakfast, grabbing a jumper hanging on the back of the door as she went.

Kevin stared after her, left alone once the front door had slammed shut.

Kevin felt lost in the sudden silence, though the TV was still on.

The apartment felt empty without Christina, and Kevin quickly became bored.

Several hours later, he had opened the curtains, and stood at the window now, just staring out at the streets below him at the people. He stayed here for ages, just looking, thoroughly bored.

He didn't want to go to school, he couldn't, not now with what had happened. And he had no job to go to either, thanks to Rachel. He didn't want to go outside at all and meet people. Not now.

He wandered about the apartment listlessly for a time, simply going from room to room, then he tidied a bit, watched some TV, washed the dishes, stood by the window some more.

It was boring.

He was staring out of the window when his mobile that sat on the kitchen table began to ring.

Kevin glanced over at it, seeing the number, and Justin's name appear on the screen.

'Him again?' Kevin mumbled to himself, watching the phone move across the table as it vibrated with each ring.

'What does he want?' he groaned.

The phone stopped ringing after time, and Kevin turned to look back out of the window again.

He quickly grew bored, moving to sit on the sofa again.

He began to think about things,

then he began to think about other things.

Kevin let out a sigh, his hand going to his trousers. He unbuttoned his trousers, slipping his hand into his pants.

He began to touch himself, slowly at first, resting his head back against the sofa.

Christina came home just as he finished.

'Are you fucking serious!?' she said to him, putting down her bags on the table. 'Do you have to do that here?'

Kevin ignored her, letting out a sigh, body relaxing as he slumped back.

'God that felt so good' he gasped. 'Oh, hey Christina.'

He pulled his hand away.

Christina entered the room then, throwing a clean kitchen towel at his face, Kevin pulled it off him with a frown.

'What the hell man?'

'Don't 'what the hell man' me' Christina snapped. 'Have you really been just sitting here all day?'

'So what if I have?'

'Are you sulking?'

'No' Kevin glowered back at her. 'I just…. don't feel like going out, that's all. Do I have to go out? Do I have to go out every single day?'

Kevin's mobile began to ring again, and as he leant forwards, cleaning his hand on the towel, he saw that it was Justin again.

'You should at least be going out to find a job or a place of your own' Christina suggested. 'You know you can't stay here. The longer the stay the riskier it is for me.'

'I know I'm sorry' Kevin mumbled, 'I'm sorry alright?'

'Its fine. You know I just want to help you.'

'Yeah I'm sorry. I don't mean to get upset.'

'Its fine' Christina spoke sadly. 'I just want to see you do well.'

'Yeah thanks.'

'I spoke to Rachel' Christina said to him. 'She's going to drop the charge.'

Kevin tensed slightly upon hearing Rachel's name, sitting up a little straighter then.

'It won't matter' he said. 'It will be on my record forever.'

'No' Christina said. 'Justin spoke to me. He said he can wipe your record clean, and he will.... if you go back to him.'

Kevin turned slowly to face her, staring at her silently.

'Must be nice to have money and power eh?' Christina said casually to him.

His mobile began to ring again. It was Justin. Again.

'You might want to answer that' Christina said. 'He's offering to help you.'

'At what cost?' Kevin voiced, speaking to no one in particular.

He let the mobile ring for several moments, until it fell silent.

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