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He ran through the town, panting and gasping with exhaustion.

But he did not stop, not until he reached the place.

Chapter Twenty

A Way Out

Kevin stood on the bridge, on the same side Sarah had stood, when Kevin had let go of her hand three years ago.

Kevin clenched his teeth, he swallowed the lump in his throat, before bowing his head, grasping his hair.

'I'm sorry' Kevin gasped, 'I told you I would live a meaningful life. I'm sorry that I failed you.'

He relaxed his body then, leaning forwards.

He laid his hands upon the top of the wall, letting out a sigh.

'I've been living a meaningless life' Kevin mumbled. 'I should have done better. I'm sorry.'

He stood there for the longest time, just staring at the ground beneath him.

His mobile began to ring suddenly, and he answered the call.

'What do you want Christina?'

'Kevin, where are you? I'm worried.'

'I'm fine.'

'Where are you?'

'Does it matter?' Kevin gritted his teeth, balling his fists.

'Just calm down' Christina said to him. 'Everything's going to be alright.'

'I know it is' Kevin smiled.

'Where are you?'

'I'm at the last place I spoke to Sarah' Kevin answered calmly. 'This place gives me peace. It also gives me great sadness.'

Kevin heard Christina sigh on the phone.

'They can't prove anything' Christina said. 'I don't believe the allegations.'

'I didn't do it' Kevin hissed at her over the phone. 'She's lying.'

'I know.'

Kevin let out a sigh, trying to calm himself.

'I think you should stay with me' Christina told him.


'Alex's parents don't want you staying with them anymore. Oh, and you've lost your job…. again…'

Kevin stood silently, phone still held to his ear.

Kevin entered Christina's apartment, standing there with his hands in his pocket, feeling sour.

He felt his mobile begin to ring. Kevin pulled it out, looking at the screen as behind him Christina closed the door.

Justin was calling him.

'Are you fucking serious?' Kevin hissed at his phone, hanging up the call.

'What is it?' Christina asked moving around him.

'It's Justin' Kevin glowered, putting the phone back in his pocket. 'He's trying to call me again.'

'Oh waw' Christina said. 'Really? I wonder what he could possibly want.'


Yeah' Kevin mumbled. 'And I have no idea. He's probably mad I escaped. He still wants to control me. He probably wants me back.'

'Are you going to go back?'

'What are you kidding?' Kevin asked her straightening. 'He handcuffed me to a bed……'s not funny.'

'I'm sorry' Christina said sniggering. 'I um…just have this image of you chained to a bed stuck in my head now.'

Kevin stared at her flatly.

'So um…. anyway' Christina said collecting herself. 'I said that you could stay here. But it has to be only for a short time. I'm not allowed tenants. If I'm found out...'

'Yeah I know, you could get in trouble' Kevin waved her away. 'Thank you for helping me. It really means a lot to me.'

'I know' Christiana smiled. 'I would do anything I could for you, you know that.'

'Yeah' Kevin nodded.

'So, are you hungry? I got some food. We could watch a movie together?'

'What about your friend?'

'Jane's back home now' Christina replied. 'I'm seeing her again much later. This thing is still going on.... its going to take some isn't easy...' Christina finished trailing off.

'You're telling me.'

'So do you have any money?' Christina asked him.

'A little' Kevin said feeling a twinge of uncertainty. 'I still need…. ah... I still need a job. And I need a place to stay.'

'If it came down to it' Christina offered, 'you could stay with Justin again. I'm sure he would be glad to have you back.'

'Hu' Kevin laughed humorously. 'Yeah I'm sure. He just wants something to fuck. I'm beyond tired of him.'

Christina began to laugh quietly to herself at that.

'You're so funny' she said, trying to hide her smile behind her hand.

'I wasn't joking.'

'I know' she said lowering her hand again. 'Anyway. I didn't have any plans for tonight. We could snuggle on the sofa and watch a film if you like' she suggested again. 'It'll be getting dark soon, and it's going to be cold tonight, so we have to get real close under the blankets to keep warm. What do you say?'

'Sure' Kevin shrugged. 'Why not?'

Kevin slept on the sofa again that night, he was getting tired of it, but Christina would not let him sleep in her bed, because she liked to sleep like a starfish, or so she claimed.

'I don't like people in my space' she had said.

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