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   Chapter 74 No.74

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'That's what she told us' the male officer who sat opposite him replied.

They were in a small empty room now, and it was just Kevin and the policeman.

'I….' Kevin shook his head. 'Oh my god…...'

He bowed his head, holding his head in both his hands now.

'I can't believe this is happening. This can't be happening.'

'Maybe if you told us what happened from your point of view' the man said to him, speaking firmly.

'It didn't happen' Kevin spoke loudly, louder than intended.

'There's no need to get defensive, we just want to find out what happened.'

'I…. I didn't do it' Kevin fumbled.

'Did you have sex with her?'

Kevin stared at the man, mouth dry.

'Uh' he croaked. 'Yes' he answered weakly.

'Was it consensual?'


'Were you drinking that night?'


'What she drinking that night?'


'Was she sober or not?'

Kevin stared at the man.

'Oh my god…'

'It's not consensual sex if she was not in her right state of mind.'

'No' Kevin shook his head then in agitation. 'She wanted it. I swear I would never force myself on anyone. I swear I didn't.'

'Did she give you consent?'

He felt the sickness rising in him.

Kevin swallowed the lump in his throat, before getting angry then.

'I didn't rape her!'

'Calm down or we'll be forced to restrain you.'

Kevin glanced down then, seeing handcuffs on the table.

He gritted his teeth, feeling tears in his eyes, and fear, anger and panic threatened to overwhelm him.

He grasped his head, feeling pain inside his chest.

'I can't believe this is happening…'

Kevin was released a few hours later. It wasn't over. There would be consequences, but they were not detaining him.

'As if I could run' Kevin had said. 'I've nowhere to go.'

He stood on the street corner now, having walked down the road from the station. He stopped before the traffic, hand going to his mouth, feeling physically sick.

His mobile began to ring in his pocket.

Kevin was snapped out of his trance, reaching for it.

'Christina?' he mumbled.

'Is it true?'

Kevin choked back a sob, eyes brimming with tears.

'N-no it isn't true!' he shouted down the phone. 'How can you say that! Do you think I would ever do that!?'

'Everyone is talking in school.'


'Everyone knows.'

The silence was ringing in his ears a

s Kevin stood there.

Trapped in a sudden sense of unreality.

He felt outside his own body.

Kevin approached his school, walking at a march with his fists balled.

Christina was waiting for him at the gates of the school, but he just walked past her.

'Kevin where are you going?'

But he ignored her, looking for only one person.

He found her quickly, around the front of the school. She was standing talking with her friends. She turned just as Kevin approached her.

Kevin grabbed her roughly by the shoulder, shaking her.

'What have you done?!' he shouted at her. 'What are you doing!?'

'Let go of me' she screamed back, trying to break free of him.

He pulled her back, shaking her again.

'What have you done?!' he howled at her again. 'You've ruined my life?! You've ruined my life! Do you have any idea what you've done?'

Rachel looked afraid then, eyes wide as she stared back at him.

Kevin was grabbed from behind suddenly as someone pulled him around. It was some guy that Kevin did not know.

'You fucking let go of her' the man snapped.

'Fuck off' Kevin retorted, shoving the guy away.

The guy grabbed him again, and Kevin immediately fought back.

'Stop' Christina screeched, coming between the two. 'Don't fight.'

Everyone was staring at them now, and people were beginning to gather.

'I heard what you did to Rachel' the man snapped. 'You're fucking disgusting. I'm going to fucking kill you!'

'It's not true' Kevin hissed back angrily. 'She lied.'

'Why would she lie?'

'Rachel you're going to fucking pay for this' Kevin pointed at her.

'You leave her out of this' the guy said to Kevin snarling.

'That little slut fucking lied!'

The guy was enraged then, he shoved Christina aside, charging for Kevin and grabbing his head. Kevin grabbed the man back, using his momentum to try to throw him to the ground.

Kevin was vaguely aware of people shouting around them, Christina screaming, calling for help.

The teachers broke them up, but Kevin ran away from them, breaking from the group that had gathered. He ran back out of the school, as fast as he could, feeling pain in his body. But he had not been fighting long enough to be seriously hurt.

He ran back to the only place that was of comfort to him. The bridge that Sarah had jumped from, the place she had died.

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