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   Chapter 73 No.73

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'They don't know' Kevin admitted reluctantly. 'I haven't spoken to them in ages. They moved away and….' Kevin trailed off then.

'Oh, I see.'

'I'm trying to make my own way in life now. You know I'm adopted and…. they're not my real parents. I forget sometimes though.' He smiled. 'I just don't want to be a burden on them.'

Kevin slept on the sofa now, trying to clear his head, trying to recover from his hangover.

His head hurt, and his mouth felt dry and tasted sour.

He had a single piece of toast and a drink of water before lying down, and he felt exhausted again. He fell asleep quickly, descending into his dreams fast. The house around him was silent.

What came to him now was a memory.

'Sarah' Kevin gasped, reaching the top of the stairs and finding her kneeling on the floor.

He rushed up to her, falling to his knees before her and placing his hands on her shoulders.

'Sarah what's wrong?'

'I just can't do this' she sobbed. 'I can't I'm so alone…'

'Oh Sarah' Kevin whispered, his heart tearing in his chest.

It pained him so much to see her like this, but there was nothing he could do.

'There's two of them' Sarah gasped, chest rising as falling as she breathed deeply. 'They're…. both from my past….one of them…. he always says my name over and over. I don't know what he wants.'

Kevin watched Sarah calmly, keeping silent. He waited for her to go on.

'The other voice tells me to go different places…but there are more…'

She raised her head then, eyes pleading and full of tears.

'It's hard to even put sentences together' she rasped, 'or to even explain anything… be outside my own home…my place of comfort…. I…' she gritted her teeth, swallowing the lump in her throat. 'They're all so cruel to me, so negative and always negative. Never anything good. And I cannot sleep.' She began to sob, bowing her head, her black hair falling about her face. 'It really affects me….and wears me out…and I'm afraid all the time. They keep teasing me and…I don't think…. they…. they keep telling me I'm going to die.'

'Sarah please just don't think about it.'

'I can't block them out' Sarah cried. 'I just can't they're…. always there.'

Kevin embraced her then, holding her tightly as she cried into his shoulder.

'It's going to be alright' he said to her. 'Don't give up and lose hope.'

'I'm not

going to make it' Sarah whimpered. 'I'm not going to make it….my tests results at the hospital…'

'Don't think about it' Kevin spoke to her harshly now. 'Just think about me, and the life we're going to have together…once all of this is over, and you are better. We're going to have a life together…. children…'

'I want that' Sarah shuddered. 'I…. I want that….'

It was just three weeks later, and she was dead.

Kevin didn't remember much of what happened after that. All he remembered from those early days, was the pain.

He was screaming at his parents. At home now. They tried to comfort him, to console him, but he was inconsolable.

Kevin collapsed to his knees, sobbing into his hands hysterically.

All he remembered was saying the words over and over.

'This isn't happening. This isn't happening! She was supposed to be ok! Why did this have to happen? Why did she have to die? We had our life planned out…...we had it planned out…'

Kevin opened his eyes, heart beating fast in his chest.

He sat up, head instantly hurting.

He leaned forwards with his elbows on his knees, head in his hands.

There came a knock on the door. Kevin tensed, glancing up nervously.

He sat up a little straighter then, staring towards the door.

There was movement, Alex's mother opened the door.

Kevin felt an instant twinge of nervousness as he saw a police officer at the door. They were asking for him.

Kevin's heart knotted in his chest, his stomach flipped over as he heard his name being spoken, the voice a little hard to hear from where he sat. He could partially see the door from where he sat.

He saw Alex's mother turn, staring at him in shock.

Kevin was frozen to the spot on the sofa, feeling a little afraid now.

He forced himself to stand, moving over towards the door.

'Are you Kevin?' one of the two men asked him as he moved to stand beside the mother.

'I um…yes. What's wrong?'

'I think you should come with us' the officer said.


'We just want to speak to you. If you don't mind coming with us.'

Kevin glanced past the men, seeing a police car parked before the house.

Everything suddenly seemed to wrong and out of place. Kevin didn't understand what was happening.

He went down to the station with the men.

Kevin sat in the seat, suddenly pale, frozen in horror.


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