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   Chapter 71 No.71

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Beside him on the bed Corry lay on his back, head turned to the side. Kevin looked down at his chest, admiring his naked body then.

He began to think of what more he could do to him, when the noise that had woken him in the first place sounded again.

Kevin groaned, hand going to his head, he was extremely hung over.

He heard a voice calling through the door, and he glanced over towards it as it opened.

'Ah jeez close the door' he rasped, holding up his hand to shield his eyes. 'It's too bright out there.'

'Are you fucking kidding me?' came a voice he recognised.

'Rachel is that you?' Kevin mumbled, as Corry beside him sat up gingerly, groaning.

'Who are you?' Corry grumbled, speaking to Rachel as she closed the door and approached the bed. 'What are you doing in my apartment?'

'I'm here looking for Kevin' Rachel glowered, standing by the bed now and looming over the boys. 'Several guys said they saw you come up here last night.'

'Wait…' Kevin gasped, reaching down beside the bed. 'Let me get my phone.'

'I've been texting and ringing you for ages' Rachel complained loudly. 'You didn't answer.'

'Oh yeah' Kevin said, blinking wearily at his phone before rubbing his eyes tiredly. 'Dude, I've got a ton of messages and missed calls from you. And Christina too. Aww she said she didn't want to come out last night, because of work and school and stuff. Well that's just too bad, bit late now though….' He finished in a mumble. 'Why did you want to know so badly where I was?' Kevin asked Rachel then, dropping his mobile on his lap as beside him Corry turned his eyes on her also.

'Who's this?' Corry asked. 'Is she your girlfriend?'

'Nah' Kevin replied casually. 'And no' he said speaking to Rachel before she could open her mouth. 'He's not my boyfriend either.'

'What are you doing?' Rachel demanded. 'Why are you here?'

'I was just having a good time' Kevin mumbled carelessly.

'I thought you said you weren't looking for a relationship' Rachel spat.

'Why are you so angry?' Kevin asked her calmly.

'And why are you still here' Corry asked her sourly.

'You just wanted me for my body?' Rachel complained. 'I thought we could have been something' Rachel said to him. 'You were just using me at that party when we......'

'Awww it's that what's bothering you?' Kevin laughed a

t her in amusement.

'I thought you were straight.'

'You think I'm gay?' Kevin grinned.

'You're in bed with another guy' Rachel called.

'Stop yelling' Corry hissed.

'Are you naked under there?' Rachel asked, grabbing the bedsheets suddenly.


Rachel threw she sheets back, exposing both of their naked bodies.

'Rachel stop it!' Kevin growled.

'Were you just toying with me?!' Rachel screeched at Kevin then.

'God will you shut her up!' Corry snapped.

'Rachel' Kevin said to her, his lips curling back in a snarl as he pulled the sheets back to cover himself. 'What's your problem?'

'My problem?' Rachel snapped, 'you….' she gritted her teeth in annoyance. 'You were using me!'


'You were just using me' Rachel echoed. 'Why are you with this guy?'

'Are you leaving now?' Corry grumbled then, 'I'm speaking to both of you' he said turning to Kevin.

'Yeah man' Kevin said rising to his feet. 'I'm outta here.'

'Why are you with this guy?' Rachel demanded again, as Kevin began to quickly dress. 'I thought you weren't gay.'

'I'm not gay' Kevin mumbled, 'and can you keep your voice down?'

'What do you mean you're not gay?' Rachel sneered, 'you're with another guy.'

'Nah that was just for fun' Kevin replied. 'That doesn't make me gay.'

'Is that all is it then? Just for fun?'

'Hey will you both get out of here?' Corry said to both of them angrily, 'you're being too loud. Plus I have to get to work.'

'Alright I'm going man' Kevin sighed.

'And take her with you.'

Kevin straightened, having put his trousers back on. He frowned at Rachel, still weary from the night before, still tired and hung over, he felt drained.

'How can you act this way?' Rachel demanded. 'You were just using me.'

'No more than you were using me' Kevin replied flatly. 'We were both drunk and having a good time.'

'That's not it' Rachel said, growing angrier and stomping her foot in rage.

'Oh, so you wanted something more' Kevin raised an eyebrow. 'I told you the other day didn't I? I'm not interested.'

'So, you love a dead girl more than real people?'

'Watch it' Kevin spoke dangerously then, feeling a flicker of anger coursing through him.

'What? That's why you do this isn't it? You don't care for your body. It's all physical. You're afraid to love again.'

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