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   Chapter 70 No.70

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'If you don't mind walking back' Kevin said, 'we could go out to a club together.'

'A club?'

'Only if you don't mind.'

Rachel smiled, looking ever so beautiful.

'I don't want to go home and uh…' Kevin went on, 'well it's been far too long since I've been out. I want a bit of excitement.'

'Oh, that's so cool' Rachel said clapping her hands. 'I'd love to go. I'll invite some friends.'

'That's cool. I could ask Christina if she wants to come.'

'Who's that?' Rachel asked, less enthusiastic now, a little suspicion in her voice.

'She's just a friend' Kevin replied flatly, typing away feverishly on his mobile.

'A girlfriend?'

'Nah' Kevin said clicking send. 'I could never have her as a girlfriend. She's not my type. Not in that way. She's just a friend.'


Kevin frowned at Rachel at that response.

'Come on' he said, pocketing his mobile and reaching out to take Rachel by the hand.

As he had with Anastasia, he made it clear he did not want a relationship, but still would tease girls with touches and the occasional kiss. And it always caught them off guard. He knew exactly what to do, and how to toy with them. Because it was fun.

'There's a club on the edge of the town' Kevin grinned slyly at her. 'It's not far from here. How do you feel about that one?'

'Oh, you mean the lava Lounge?'

'That's the one' Kevin winked.

'I like that one.'

'Then let's go' Kevin said playfully, pulling her along.

'Oh' she gasped, suddenly flustered, 'I don't have any money on me. You have to pay to get in.'

'It's ok' Kevin answered confidently back as they moved quickly along the path and back towards the town. 'I have money on me. What kind of a guy would I be if I didn't pay?'

Kevin didn't remember much of what happened shortly after that. He remembered reaching the club, and the music, and the drinking.

He remembered stepping outside for a time midway through, smoking a cigarette, and that is when he met Corry.

He didn't remember much of the night, but he remembered Corry.

They spoke at first what was only briefly outside the club, and Corry told him he lived in an apartment above the club.

'You live above a club?' Kevin had said, 'isn't that loud for you?'

'Yeah' Corry had shrugged, 'but the rent is cheap.'

They went around the back of the club, heading up the stairs to the small balcony above that ran along the back of the building.

Kevin waited behind Corry as he fumbled with his keys, in his tipsy state he struggled to unl

ock the door, struggled to see in the dim light. But eventually he got it open.

He turned and grabbed Kevin by the front of his shirt, pulling him into the apartment and slamming the door behind them.

Kevin glanced about the apartment briefly as Corry kissed his neck. The apartment was a single open and spacious room, a bed by a wall, a small open kitchen, and a bathroom through a door in the corner.

Kevin turned his attention back to Corry then, grinning slyly, his head feeling light.

He grabbed Corry's head, lifting his chin up and kissing him on the lips, as Corry pushed him back onto the bed, kneeling over him.

Kevin grasped him tightly as he kissed him, feeling his body, his hands moving downwards.

Kevin sat up sharply then, pushing Corry to the side and moving on top of him now. Kevin flinched, as Corry grasped him firmly between the legs. He slapped Corry's hand away, pinning him to the bed and biting his neck and shoulders and chest, his free hand fumbling to unzip Corry's trousers.

Kevin drew back quickly, grabbing the top of Corry's trousers and pulling them down.

It was dark in the apartment, the room was lit only by the faint streetlight that shone through the window from the world outside, and it was just the two of them, alone here now.

As Kevin threw his own trousers to the floor, completely naked now, his mobile fell from his pocket, landing with a light thud on the carpet.

Kevin bore over Corry, lifting his legs up. Corry laughed playfully then, trying to sit up, but Kevin pushed him down forcefully.

Kevin froze suddenly.

He lingered there for a moment, gazing into his face, inches away, before leaning closer, and kissing him again, this time tenderly.

He began to play with Corry, jerking his hand back and forth quickly, but stopping before he went too far.

He moved his hand around, slipping his fingers into him. Corry began to moan.

Kevin played with him for a time, before pushing himself into him.

He hooked his arm around the back of Corry's leg, lifting it up.

He began to thrust into him forcefully, Corry raising his hands up, hugging Kevin around the neck as Kevin had his way.

The next morning Kevin was woken early by a loud noise.

He groaned, pushing himself up, resting on his elbows.

He had been lying on his front in bed, it was warm in the room now, humid.

Kevin glanced over towards the window, the blinds were only half lowered, letting the light from the morning outside shine into the room brightly.

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