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Kevin stared at her blankly, unable to think of a reply.

'Come out with me afterschool' Rachel offered him again. 'It won't do any harm will it?'

Chapter Eighteen


Kevin walked with Rachel through the town, heading to the outskirts with Rachel close by his side.

'Ah, it's so pretty out here' Rachel gleamed. 'I love this town so much.'

Kevin glanced over towards her, walking slowly with his hands in his pockets.

'Have you lived here long?' she asked him.

'I've lived here pretty much all my life' Kevin replied, speaking in a mumble. 'I uh…I feel kinda stuck here right now' he laughed awkwardly.

'What do you mean?'

'I want to travel the world' Kevin smiled warmly towards her. 'We live only one life, and I want to get out there…the thing is uh…. I just don't really know what exactly I want to do. I don't really have any plans in my life, no clear goal.'

'Oh, that's a shame' Rachel smiled at him. 'I want to be a photographer, but my parents don't like it.'

'Why not?'

'Well I originally told them I wanted to be a nurse' Rachel replied, holding her hands behind her back and kicking her feet playfully. 'But it was totally weird' she smiled, 'I was sad one day because well…. I was having trouble with my stepfather. I ran away one day after we fought about something. I can't even remember what we were fighting about, but I remember the day. It was raining and…' she tucked a strand of her long black hair behind her ear, Kevin watched her as she did this, and he thought then of how beautiful she was. 'I took my phone out and took some pictures' Rachel went on, 'just because I felt like it. And it's totally weird, but it made me happy. It was raining, but the clouds looked so beautiful on that day, and the water droplets on the leaves in the park were so pretty.'

Kevin reached out to her, touching her hair briefly.

'What are you doing?' she asked uncertainly.

'You had some dandelion fuzz in your hair' he smiled.

'Oh' she said blushing then. 'S-sorry.'

'It's nice that you have something that you want to do. You shouldn't let other people discourage you.'

'That's really sweet of you to say so' Rachel gleamed.

'It's nice that you know what you want to do in life' Kevin said. 'My parents encouraged me to do many different things, but I never really…. you know….' Kevin shrugged. 'I never knew what I wanted to do. Well I

did but…'

'What is it?' Rachel prompted, as they continued to walk along the quiet path in the park.

'Well, my parents moved away now so I am kinda on my own. I gotta fend for myself. I'm kinda lost right now, but there was a time a few years ago, when I knew exactly what I wanted.' He paused, frowning to himself at the memories that lingered in his mind. 'I thought I would get married. I met someone who I thought I would spend the rest of my life with.' He trailed off. 'But things were not meant to be. She suffered greatly with mental health issues, she was depressed and…um….' He swallowed the lump in his throat, scratching the back of his head. 'She had a terminal….um….' he smiled then, letting out a sigh and dropping his hand. 'It was just very difficult' he breathed, slowing to a stop at the centre of the bridge they were crossing. 'She died right here' he said, glancing to his side, looking over at the forest before him. 'Since that day, things have never been the same. I had my whole life planned out, a life with her. But that was all taken away from me.'

'That's why you don't want to commit?' Rachel asked him curiously.

'Yeah' Kevin smiled weakly, bowing his head and closing his eyes. 'Something like that.'

Rachel moved away from him, walking over towards the wall and glancing over the edge.

'It's pretty here' she mumbled, 'so sad….'

Kevin's mobile began to buzz in his pocket then, and he pulled it out, seeing he had received a text. It was from Justin.

Where are you?

Kevin's heart sunk in his chest as he stared at the screen. The text read nothing else.

'Hey' he said glancing past his phone and looking toward Rachel. 'Why don't we go out tonight?'

'What?' she said, glancing back at him curiously.

'I want to go wild. I want to forget about all the bad things. I want to live.'

Rachel straightened up, moving away from the wall. She chuckled at that, her voice and laugh were so beautiful.

'That sounds like a great idea' she beamed. 'Where do you want to go?'

Kevin tilted his head back to the canopy overhead, seeing the first stars beginning to shine in the cosmos.

The light was failing, it was getting late.

'It's going to get dark soon' Kevin mumbled. 'I'm sorry I made you walk all this way.'

'It's ok' Rachel gleamed. 'I enjoyed the walk. Plus I had great company.'

God she sounds so much like Anastasia.

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