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'You look like hell man' Luke comments, drinking from his can as he stood leaning back against the wall. 'Are those new clothes and a new bag?'

'Yeah' Kevin huffed.

'Is it true you got fired from your job?' Ryan laughed at him.

'It's not funny man' Kevin scowled.

'Sorry but we heard rumours that you were hitting on a guy' Ryan sniggered at him.

'They're just rumours.'

'Was it that guy you were living with?' Luke asked him.

'What difference would that make?'

'Is it true you're gay?' Ryan asked him.

'No, it's not true, and I'm not having this conversation anymore' Kevin spoke firmly.

'So, what are you going to do for work now?' Luke asked.

'Gonna start looking for a new job' Kevin mumbled. 'I guess that what I'm going to have to do.'

'Too bad you can't get your old job back' Ryan said.

'He's still thinking about it he says' Kevin said kicking his feet. 'I don't know if he will take me back. But I can't rely on him, I need money. And I need a place to stay, I can't stay with Alex for long, it would be unfair on his parents.'

'Why don't you stay with Christina?' Luke asked him.

'She's going through some things right now.'

'You could always go back with your parents' Luke said.

'They moved away remember?'

'Oh yeah I forgot.'

'Have you got any work right now?' Ryan asked Luke.

'Nah mate' Luke shook his head. 'I'm still looking.'

Luke and Ryan began to talk together for a time, Kevin listening only half-heartedly, staring away at the grounds of the school around them, the buildings around, the students playing football in the open field, groups of friends walking together.

Kevin was brought out of his trance as his mobile began to buzz in his pocket.

'Who's that?' Ryan asked, lighting a cigarette.

'Aw man its Rachel again' Kevin groaned, staring at the screen.

'Isn't that the girl you fucked at that party?' Luke asked him.

'Yeah' Kevin said distractedly, scrolling through his phone. 'She wants to meet with me. Dam she's persistent. I gotta go you guys.'

'Good luck.'

They both sniggered in amusement at Kevin as he made his way away.

Kevin met Rachel outside the gates of his school.

'Baby!' she cried immediately upon sight of him, running through the gates and embracing him

tightly. 'I missed you.'

'Rachel what are you doing here?' Kevin replied calmly.

'Why are you talking to me like that? I wanted to see you' Rachel replied sullenly now, letting go of him. 'I missed you. Where have you been?'

'Nowhere in particular, just doing thing you know?'

She frowned at him, before stepping closer, tilting her head slightly before kissing him.

Kevin felt her soft lips upon his own. Kevin was unable to stop himself, and he reached to grasp her firmly then, holding her tightly by the hair with one hand, his other hand holding her waist as he kissed her passionately.

'Stop' he mumbled, pushing her back suddenly.

'What's wrong?'

'I just…sorry.'

Rachel hesitated.

'When do you finish school?' she asked him.

'We're not going out you know.'

Her expression darkened slightly, and she clenched her jaw.

'Why are you being so cold to me?'

'I'm not being cold.'

Rachel stepped back silently, bowing her head.

'I thought you cared about me.'

'I didn't say I didn't care about you' Kevin said.

Rachel glanced up at him again.

'I just don't want to get into a relationship.'

'Why not?'

'Because….' Kevin let out a sigh, frowning at her. 'There was someone I cared about before' he answered quietly. 'But she died…'

'Was she your girlfriend?'

'Yeah' Kevin said. 'I thought I would spend the rest of my life with her. 'I truly believed that but…...' Kevin broke off then, feeling his throat tighten.

He gave Rachel a sad smile then.

'You never know what will happen in life' he said to her. 'I just…don't feel….'


'I feel incapable of loving anyone' Kevin admitted. 'Not since the day she died. The only person I care about is my friend I grew up with. Lisa.'

Rachel frowned at him, thinking then.

'Can we go somewhere together?' she asked him.

'What for?'

'I just…like your company' she said. 'I…. I love you.'

'You shouldn't say that. You shouldn't…feel anything for me.'

'What are you afraid of?' Rachel asked him suddenly. 'Is it that you're scared you will lose someone again?'

'I guess' Kevin shrugged none committedly, shoving his hands in his pockets.

'You shouldn't focus on the past' Rachel said to him. 'How will you live then and look to the future?'

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