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   Chapter 67 No.67

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A grey squirrel ran across his path, scurrying out of sight. The area here was flat, the trees grew far apart from one another, and as Kevin continued to walk onwards, the trees grew just a little denser.

And then he came to the bridge.

It was a long stone bridge, the path running along it was completely level with the ground.

Beneath the bridge itself, was a very shallow river, where the water ran slowly, and the vegetation was thick and overgrown.

The drop was very high.

Kevin stopped at the edge of the bridge, glancing up towards the sky.

It reminded him so much of that day. Kevin felt a sudden strain on his heart, his throat was tight then, and he blinked back tears.

'It's not changed here' he uttered, 'not in all this time.'

He stepped onto the bridge.

Kevin remembered the last time he had been here, it had been with her.

He had not visited this bridge again, not since that day.

'It's time I came back' Kevin said. 'I should have done this sooner.'

He stopped at the centre of the bridge, turning towards the left side, where he had stood with her last.


He extended his hand over the drop then, letting go of the flower, and letting it sail gracefully down to earth, landing in the shallow water of the river below and being carried away by the gentle current.

Kevin sat upon the wall of the bridge, swinging his legs over the drop and leaning forwards with his head bowed, elbows resting on his knees.

He sat there for the longest time, a darkness filled his heart.

'It was on this day' Kevin spoke to the air, 'exactly three years ago, that your body was found.'

He swallowed the lump in his throat, burying his head in his hands then, his breath coming in shudders.

'It just isn't fair' he whispered. 'It isn't fair. Why….? Why did this have to happen? Why did you have to die, to suffer as you did…...? It just isn't fair...'

He hugged himself, grasping his arms tightly, nails digging into his flesh.

Kevin breathed slowly through his mouth, blinking back tears.

'I was going to marry you' Kevin uttered. 'I thought you were the one…and you would have been….' He broke off sharply then, eyes becoming distant. 'It just isn't fair...'

Kevin stayed here for hours, well after it had fallen dark.

His mobile began to ring in his pocket.

Kevin took out his mobile.

It was a text from Alex.

Kevin scrolled through the message, the light from the screen illuminating his face.

Kevin closed the phone, getting u

p off the wall and straightening up.

He walked back down the path, heading through the now silent town, lit now only by the dim street lights overhead.

Kevin walked through the town for hours, heading the opposite direction, towards a housing estate.

There were not streetlights here, and Kevin used what little light shone through the clouds from the moon overhead to see his way.

All the houses here looked identical, and it took a while for Kevin to find the right place. But eventually his memory came back to him, and as he approached the driveway of the home, he saw the front door open, and Alex standing in the doorway, the light from the kitchen shining behind him.

'There you are' he said. 'I thought you wouldn't show up.'

'Its fine' Kevin answered dismissively.

'Are you hungry?' Alex asked him, standing back and allowing Kevin to enter. 'We've just started eating.'

'Yeah' Kevin mumbled, turning to look back at his friend, walking with his hands in his pockets. 'I can't remember the last time I ate a proper meal.'

He entered the kitchen, seeing Alex's parents there.

'Hello Kevin' Alex's mother said. 'It's been a long time.'

'It has' Kevin replied. 'Hello, it's nice to see you again' Kevin said, addressing both parents now.

'How have you been?' Alex's father asked him.

Kevin thought back to the last three years of his life, and how much had changed in that time. As he thought about it, he realised how little had actually changed.

'Things have been fine' Kevin replied. 'Things have been…. the same…...'

Days passed, and Kevin continued to stay with his friend in his home, but he had begun to feel trapped very quickly. He spent every moment he could outside, not wanting to stay in the home unless he had to. He stayed overnight to sleep, leaving as soon as he could in the mornings, tidying the sofa before doing so, without even having breakfast much of the time.

He had no possessions now, having left what little he owned back at Justin's apartment. All he managed to grab as he crept out of the apartment, was his phone and his wallet.

That was all he needed.

After the first night staying with his friend, he went out alone to buy some new clothes and a few other things. The next day, he attended school.

'So how's it going?' Ryan asked him as Kevin approached his group of friends. 'What's happening with you nowadays?'

'Nothing really' Kevin grumbled, dumping his bag on the ground and sitting on the wall by his friends.

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