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   Chapter 66 No.66

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'What am I going to do now?' Kevin repeated. 'I um…. I don't know.'

'You said you have nowhere to stay now, after that thing happened with that guy.'

They continued to walk. Kevin had told Alex what had happened, but he left out all the detail. He left out who the man was, the sex, everything that mattered.

'I guess I could stay with Christina' Kevin mused to himself, mumbling under his breath. '…No, I can't…. she's got a friend staying with her.'

Kevin began to get increasingly worried now.

'My parents have moved away. I…...don't really have anywhere to stay now……. shit.'

'You can stay with me' Alex offered.

'Are you sure?' Kevin asked uncertainly.

'Yeah. I mean I still live with my parents but…. they know you. They wouldn't mind. You can sleep on the couch.'

'Aw thanks man' Kevin breathed a sigh of relief. 'You'd really be saving me. It won't be for long I swear.'

'That's ok' Alex said.

'I just….' Kevin swallowed the lump in his throat. 'Things are just a bit weird right now. I don't have any plans for anything. I'm just sorta floating right now. I need a place to stay… shit I just remembered….my job.'

'Yeah what happened with that?'

'The guy I was staying with complained about me and got me fired.'

'That's terrible.'

'I really needed that job' Kevin lamented. 'I…maybe if I talk to my boss and explain myself, I could get it back. I haven't spoken to him since my last shift.'

'It's worth a shot' Alex shrugged. 'Nothing you can lose by trying.'

'Maybe if he hears my side of the story' Kevin mumbled to himself. He cursed then. 'That fucking jerk, why did he have to do this?'

'Why did he do this?'

'I don't know…he….um…. mmmm it's hard to explain. I was living with him for not that long and…thing got a little complicated.'

Alex faced ahead again, walking slowly alongside Kevin as they made their way along the street.

'Life is so complicated.'

'Can I meet up with you later?' Kevin asked him then, slowing to a stop. 'I…. got some things I have to do.'

'Sure' Alex mumbled. 'I've got to go anyway. My parents are probably wondering where I am.'

'You didn't tell them you were staying out?'

'No' Alex turned back to him. 'I just…. they don't know where I am half the time.

I gotta go anyway' he broke off without further explanation. 'You know where I live. We'll meet up later? I'll tell my parents you're staying.'

'Yeah' Kevin nodded. 'Thanks again. I'll see you later.'

'See you.'

Kevin gave a nod, turning and walking the other way. Alex watched him go.

He met with his boss later that day, trying to explain to him. He spent a long while in the office talking, leaving sometime later.

'How did it go?' Christina asked him as he slouched by.

'Oh, it's you' Kevin mumbled. 'It went ok.'

'Did you get your job back?'

'Ah' Kevin breathed, scratching the back of his head tiredly. 'I don't know. He said he'd think about it. The thing is he knows Justin, he's sort of siding with him. I'm worried he's just going to do whatever Justin wants.'

'Why did he want you fired again?' Christina asked him.

'Are you tired?' Kevin asked her, avoiding the subject.

'Yes, I was up most of the night and so were you' Christina grumbled at him. 'Who was that girl you were with?'

'It doesn't matter' Kevin said. 'I gotta go.'

'Where are you going?' Christina asked.

'Today is a special day for me.'

'What is it?' Christina spoke quietly.

'I… you remember Sarah?'

Christina hesitated.

'Oh' she mumbled. 'Is today the day?'

'Yeah' Kevin spoke. 'I just need to be alone today.'

'I understand.'

Kevin left the restaurant, walking slowly through the town to a place far away, on the edges of the town. Along the way he made a detour, heading to a flower shop. He bought a single white rose, carrying it before him, holding it to his lips gently.

He was distant from the rest of the world, detached. His mind was far away.

It took him a long time to walk to where he was going, well over an hour.

And then he came to the place.

He reached the edge of the small section of woodland, pausing and glancing back at the streets and roads behind, before looking ahead again and walking the path.

It was a beautiful day. Not sunny and bright, but peaceful in a different way.

It was cloudy, and there was a sort of stillness in the air. Or perhaps it was that Kevin was not a part of this world right now, and as he walked forwards, he saw that the place around him, had no other people.

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