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Alex swallowed then, glancing away.

'Yeah' he spoke quietly. 'Lets…lets go outside. It's a little too crowded in here.'

They left the home, taking with them some cans of beer.

Kevin and Alex walked away from all of the noise, coming to a stop within a small patch of trees on the edge of the park a short distance from the home. From here, the lights from the party could still be seen, the music clear through the night.

'I'm actually glad to see you again' Alex mumbled, sitting on a tree-stump as Kevin turned to him. 'I thought I wouldn't see you ever again. It's almost like fate.'

'Tonight is the night' Kevin said to him, 'isn't it. It's her anniversary.'

Alex straightened slightly, staring at Kevin with eyes wide, shining with tears.

Kevin reached out to her, extending his hand for her to take. She touched his palm lightly, stepping up onto the wall of the bridge to stand beside him, glancing down at the drop below.

'How have you been coping these last few years?' Kevin said to Alex.

'Ha' Alex breathed. 'It's um…. it's been hard.'

Alex drew a slow breath, calming himself.

'But I uh….' Alex let out a sigh. 'It's been….it has been a while now and…. I still think of her…. I still miss her.'

'I know how much it hurts' Kevin spoke quietly. 'I…I loved her.'

'I know' Alex smiled. 'She spoke about you often, all the time in fact and…. ha…' he laughed again. 'I was sick of hearing about you. She loved you. She would have done anything for you, she could have carved out her own heart for you if you asked her to.'

Kevin stared down at Alex calmly.

'It's still been….um….' Alex swallowed. 'It's still been a difficult…. it's been…' he sighed then, struggling to speak as his emotions threatened to overcome him.

'It's ok' Kevin spoke softly.

'I…. it's just so hard' Alex whispered, not trusting his voice. 'I loved her. I still do. She was my entire world and….' He let out another breath. 'I still sometimes…. I think about her so often. And uh…. sometimes I forget she is gone. I see her out of the corner of my eye sometimes, I dream of her. My parents…they have not touched her room in all this time, it's still just as she left it. I think that…it's just so unfair. I had a difficult time, tried to take my own life.' Alex closed his mouth, gritting his teeth. 'But I found that that was not the way. She would have wanted me to live. I just miss her so much, the sight of h

er face, her smile, her silly sense of humour.'

Kevin continued to watch him without reaction.

'I'm glad we met tonight' Alex said to him. 'It's given me some uh…. peace of mind.'

Kevin nodded slowly.

He approached Alex, sitting on the ground before him with his legs crossed.

'There was a time' Kevin spoke slowly, 'that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with her, despite her troubles…there was something about her that made her different from all the people I've met before. She was special.'

'She always saw the world differently' Alex whispered. 'She could never relate to any person outside her own family, save for you.'

Kevin smiled weakly, feeling a tug in his heart.

'I never blamed you' Alex said to him, 'not once. You were there for her. You saved her. And I wanted to thank you.'

'I only did what was right.'

'No one else would do what you did. That is why she loved you.'

They returned to the party sometime later, after talking for over an hour, catching up on times gone by. Alex had sunk into a deep depression, and struggled to accept what had happened, and to move on with his life. Only now, was he beginning to move forwards.

The rest of the night was a blur for Kevin, as he continued to drink. He remembered Christina again, trying to lift him to his feet as he lay back on the sofa, he remembered the dark-haired girl from earlier that night. But most of all he remembered the room spinning.

He dreamed of a still night, a bridge in a woodland park, the stars overhead shining brightly in the cloudless night. It was cold, and as Kevin walked, he walked with a young woman by his side.

Kevin opened his eyes, the dream lingering in his mind for a time.

He sat up gingerly, hand going to his head, groaning.

Around him were several people sleeping on the other sofas, and Alex on one of them.

Kevin stared at Alex groggily, blinking slowly, his mouth felt dry and tasted foul.

The dream he had woken from, quickly became a scattered memory.

Chapter Seventeen


'So, what are you going to do now?' Alex asked him.

It was later on in the day, about midday, and Kevin and Alex had left the home where the party had taken place. The aftermath had been such a contrast to the night before. It had been a great night. In the house they had recently left, everything was so empty and peaceful, compared to the noise and chaos the night before.

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